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Singed - A Mana Tank [Small Update]

Singed - A Mana Tank [Small Update]

Updated on March 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mobrebel Build Guide By mobrebel 7 2 17,027 Views 22 Comments
7 2 17,027 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mobrebel Build Guide By mobrebel Updated on March 27, 2011
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Singed, a tank like no other. He can be a AP caster or an all out tank if you really wanted him to be one, but he only really shines if you mix and match. With his passive, you can build his health to high levels, and by using a Force of Nature, his health regeneration, just by adding mana. From Mega-Adhesive, one of the best slowing skills for a chase I have seen, to Fling, the most annoying skill in his arsenel where many players will curse you for flinging them into your tower to kill them, each of his skills builds upon the others to make an unstoppable combination.

Now, when you look at my build, you will see that it really is not pure tank or AP. I have made sure to increase his mana as much as possible without tanking away key items to boost his regeneration like Force of Nature and Spirit Visage. Believe what you will, but I find this to work well.
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Pros / Cons

- Your a tank that can do decent damage
- So.... Much.... Mana....
- Almost never have to go back unless you are low health
- Poison Trail FOREVER
- You can carry a team with this build

- You technically are classified as an offtank...(sniff)
- Not as much health as some might like
- Not as much armor as some might like
- Not as much magic resist as some might like
- Not...(you get the idea)
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I find Magic resist Marks and Seals are needed for that extra survivability. These could be easily exchanged for armor if you find it needed. I get mana Glyphs and Quintessences for increased passive and manamune/archangel's abuse.
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Masteries seemed to be easy. I went with the classic 0/21/9 build going for summoner spells, more mana, regeneration, and reduced damage as the main priorities. You could also go 9/21/0 for the magic penetration.
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Summoner Spells

I go withClarity andCleanse for survivability and increased ability to spam skills for everyone near you.
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- Poison Trail - Toggle: Singed lays a poisonous trail which deals 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+30% of ability power) magic damage per second.

- This skill is amazing for finishing people off. It will decimate squishies in a matter of seconds. At max AP with the Items I put down(285 AP), the damage is equal to 155.5 damage per second. Easy way to finish someone off.
- Mega Adhesive - Singed throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75% for 5 seconds.

- One of my favorite slows ever. The range is nice and it covers a good amount of area. That and 75% slow is just ungodly. Even Teemo with 5 Phantom Dancers and Boots of Mobility will get stopped in his tracks by this. Best slow in my opinion also.
- Fling - Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and slowing the enemy when they land.

Think of this as a close range version of Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab. But, it not only positions the enemy behind you, but most likely, if you positioned yourself right, next to a turret or your team. Great for initiating and plain ownage. The damage is decent, too.

ULTIMATE -- Insanity Potion - Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him 35 / 50 / 65 enhanced damage, attack speed %, ability power, armor, movement speed, and regeneration per 5 for 25 seconds.

The perfect ultimate for a tank. Not only does it speed him up a good amount, it increases regeneration, adds AP and AD, adds armor, adds Attack Speed, and just is amazing. Run away with it, and then run back to help your team. Get to someone faster than yourself. It is just great.

PASSIVE -- Empowered Bulwark - Increases Singed's health by .25 for each mana point he has.

- A.K.A. The Abuse Machine. It spits out Health like crazy if you stack Mana. It is the whole point of this build. It gives basically 5 health for every 20 mana. That doesn't seem like much, but when you have over 5000 mana, it is a lot. 5330.22 mana you can get with the exact items above divided by 20 is 266.511. That times the 5 health you get per 20 mana is 1332.55 health that you can use to survive. That is a Warmog's basically. And, you get damage from the mana with Archangel's and Manamune. This is why this build exists.
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Skill Sequence

I start with poison trail. It gives decent damage and really controls the lane quite well. Everyone hates getting poisoned. I then go on to get a point in every skill and continue to max Poison Trail. It will end up being your biggest damage dealer until you get a manamune. Afterwards, max Fling for increased damage. Then, Mega Adhesive. Get Ultimate whenever possible. For those lovers of less than and greater than signs:

R > Q > E > W

This is because, although you are a tank, you are also a great damage dealer.
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Yea, It is EXPENSIVE!!! But, it is worth it. The Rod of Ages and Archangel's Staff give you much needed damage, health, and mana. The boots of speed are instantly after this turned into Boots of Swiftness, so you can get that later or earlier as needed. The Force of Nature gives needed regeneration and survivability. It also increases your movement speed.

If you have extra gold, you should change your boots of speed into Boots of Swiftness. I would wait, though, until the enemy gets their's. You will be fast enough otherwise. Also, at least wait until after your RoA as it is important that you start getting the time stacks on that.

Other items you can get are:

AP Items:

- Zhonya's Hourglass - Well, this could be used for AP and it gives good armor. I would only get this if my team is pubstomping the other team. Same with...
- Rabadon's Deathcap - this little pretty guy. Only for pubstomping. Any other time, tank items are better... or mana...
- Archangel's Staff - You know, if you are winning, it doesn't hurt to get it for more mana or more damage. Up to you, but again, I would not get it unless your pubstomping.
- Will of the Ancients - These items seem to have a theme.... hmmmmm..... Only if you're pubstomping, THAT'S what it was. Better if your mage gets it...(cough.... Vladimir cough....) or (cough... Fiddlesticks cough...)... You get the point...
- Abyssal Scepter - Great against a Karthus, or a Annie or a Veigar or a.... Mage... But, leave this for your mage if you can. If they are not getting it, and you need some Magic Resist, then MAYBE!!!
- Malady - NO!
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter - AMAZINGNESS POISON!!!

Tank Items:

- Thornmail - Only for those full physical DPS teams you see... or just physical teams in general...
- Spirit Visage - A good mid game item. Better for lifesteal tanks...(Hint hint, my next guide) or Dr. Mundo. Your choice, but I would sell it later for other items.
- Leviathan - Don't get this if your... Nevermind, I think you understand.
- Innervating Locket - If only it came back... PLEASE COME BACK!!! RIOT!!!!!
- Guardian Angel - If you die a lot, it is better to grab this. Enough said...
- Hexdrinker - Ummm.... Yes, this is a tank item. For that pesky Karthus Ultimate or other damage dealing things... Vladimir, too.
- Randuin's Omen - For that pesky DPS team. Only if you need that extra slow to catch or to save a teammate. VERY situational.
- Aegis - ONLY if your team needs one and if you think you will benefit from the non-aura stat boosts. Be wary of what others are building...
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Here are some tactics to help your team win.

- Fling the enemy champion into the turret to deal massive damage to them. YOu could also put Mega Adhesive down to add to the damage, as the slow will keep them closer to the turret longer.

- You are the tank... INITIATE! Fling is meant for pulling one person out of the pack to kill them off faster. Singed is one of the best initiators, other than Blitzcrank.

- Use your ultimate when you go into a fight to help chase or to run.

- Keep your eyes peeled for ganks. If someone like Warwick tries to ultimate your teammate, fling him towards your team and away from his own.

NOTE: I will try to add more as I play Singed more
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Singed is a great champion and his passive is pretty much the easiest passive to abuse. Just keep adding mana. Have fun in your next matches playing as Singed!

-mobrebel (IGN:RealistFreak)
(OIGN:IVIoB Rebel)
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Change Log

3-19-11 : Added Change Log and elaborated on when to get Boots of Swiftness.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mobrebel
mobrebel Guide
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Singed - A Mana Tank [Small Update]

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