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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BK Retribution

Singed-Aged to Perfection

BK Retribution Last updated on March 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide and for that reason I'm sure it will contain errors. Please feel free to comment on it-Actually it would be greatly appreciated. Also, the key to this guide is using Ability Power to support Flings damage and to utilize Singed's passive, Empowered Bulwark. This combination of Ability Power, mana regen, and Mana gain works well because it not only gives you beast attack damage but it also provides you with the HP neccesary to gain an edge and stay in your lane or a team fight longer.

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One acronym, RoA. Yes i know, the Rod of Ages is very expensive for your first item. that why i broke it up into segments. But it HAS to be your first item thus the guide being called "Aged to Perfection." The Rod of Ages gives you incresing stats every minute which is crutial to team fights, turret take downs, and when it comes down to it, yes Baron too. The next item is less expensive and is where you really start to take advantage of Singed's passive, the Archangel Staff. In case you haven't realized yet, my build is pretty expensive, but i got all these items within the first 30 minutes of the game and the first two of which while in the laning phase. This item will help you crush your opponents mercilessly as you throw them in the air and leave them to dies at the hands of your Fling. Fling does 100% of Singed's AP so this guide is partly built off of that advantage and also the skillset is primarily focused on maxing it first. The next item on our Beverly Hills status shopping list is Meiji's Soulstealer. By now you should be done with the laning phase and start pushing one of the three lanes with your whole team, I personally recommend mid as it it the easiest path to there nexus, is good for ganks, and also has many paths to escape from a gank on yourself. You should be around the level 7-12 range and be able to hold your own very easily. It is important that you get last hits to get max stacks on Meiji's. If you have barely any health, dont be greedy and go for the kill, chances are that you will be killed and lose a third of your stacks. If it comes down to that, then just take an assist, afterall it's better to still have stacks than to lose them all. Since the items get pricy, if you have barely any gold or almost have your next item, jungle. Don't be afraid, yea like anyone would be, but make sure if your team needs you that you are close enough to reach them in time. Your next item is the Manamune. I know it gives attack damage not Ability Power but if you remember back to the intro, Singed's ability Empowered Bulwark gives you 2.5 HP for every 10 mana you have. The second to last item is Rabudin's Deathcap. This item is one of the most expensive items in the game and you can also replace it. If you need more speed than Ghost can provide then go to the shop and pick up some sorcerer's shoes. The last item of this adventure will be the Deathfire Grasp. This items help by an anormous ammount because of its' magic penetration. Now that you are all tanked out, your ready unleash your arsenal upon the enemy champions and remember, show NO mercy!!!!!!

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ignite and Ghost each for their own reasons. While Ignite isn't too helpful late game, it's a great way to get in that last hit before they flee to their nearest turret. It's perk that allows it to reduce healing by 50% is great against opponents like Renekton and Soraka. It also help you get fed early game so you can stack items and level to give you an edge against other champions. I also chose Ghost because, well it's Ghost. It can be used for almost anything, from fleeing a gank to making one. You can use it to last hit players when Ignite is on cooldown or when laning gets rough.

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Pros / Cons


Good damage with skills like fling and poison trail
Laning is easier because of your mana and mana regen
Great farming capabillity


Not much movement speed(which is why I use Ghost)
Expensive items(if you farm you can make it happen)
Not much armor

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Team Work

This build doesnt do much teamwork-wise other than having Fling early game but it becomes easier when you get Mega Adhesive. I chose to max that late game because it's more of a Ganking-phase type skill than a Laning -phase one. Once you get to level 10, you'll be able to pick off the strugglers that cant keep up with their team. Once you Fling someone back into your team, it becomes a carnage fest. Don't forget to slow escaping targets and Fling them behind you while your Poison Trail is active.

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For you to become successful when using this guide you can't be one of those people that just has to have the kill even at their own expense. Now many people who have played Singed will probably be saying wtf, why dosen't he work on maxing Poison Trail first? Well, because it doesn't do great damage except when fleeing or attacking minions. In the early game phase it just becomes a huge mana waster if you forget it is active. The reason why I focused on Fling is because recenetly I played a Cho'Gath who was fed by an Evelyn. He was 24/0/6 when i attacked him and he haad max Feast. I used Fling and using this build it did half his hp at lvl 18. I quickly caught up with him using Ghost, Ignited him, and used Fling again. The purpose for this build is max damage when using Singed's abilities. My best score after using this guide in 3 different games was 27/3/17. As you can see my survivability was high but I also had assists. Partly because of Fiddle sticks last-hitting a couple champs but also because this guide is meant for team play. Afterall, who would watch your back while you destroyed a nexus if you didnt have any teammates?