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League of Legends Build Guide Author GangplankThePirate

Singed AP/Tank

GangplankThePirate Last updated on August 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all your most valuable skill is Poison Tail! The combination of Mega Adhesive then Poison Trail and Fling is the key to kill enemies! Nearly no Champion can survive this, if you switch on your Ultimative skill and auto hit the enemy Champion! Your Ulti is also good to recover health at the tower to stay on your lane a long time. This is needful becaus you have to get many very expensive Items for example the two Rod of Ages! This is the lane phase: Starting out you should pick someone with some form of CC and preferrably burst damage ( I will discuss viable options in the Lane Partner topic soon to come )
You start out with buying Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potion you should not go for FB of any kind, because Singed is kind of a snowball champion you need to progress abit more before you can do any harm. When you can afford your first Catalyst the Protector you should head back, but keep in mind that you should always try to save up as long as you can if your lane is not that hostile you can keep there abit longer and maybe save up to your Boots of Speed. You always go for boots after your first Catalyst the Protector, but still only upgrade them after your enemies upgrade theirs, when you begin on your second Catalyst the Protector you always start with the Sapphire Crystal because of the mana aswell as the little health boost it gives (50+hp) after your second Catalyst the Protector is ready the team up should have begun, always go for 2 Blasting Wand and save these items up until you have 1700 gold to buy both of your Rod of Ages at the same time. When you start with your Rylai's Scepter you always go for the Giant's Belt as it is the most expensive item for the recipe aswell as giving us a big health boost. After the teamup phase has started you should stay with your team, only go back to your lane if a tower is about to fall or you have a good chance of taking their tower or if by some reason the other team have been pushed back abit. DO NOT EVER go alone around the map when noone of the enemy champion's pictures are showing up anywhere, that usually means they are heading for you or they are some place waiting in an ambush. Always peek down at your mini map (It's in the bottom right corner if you didn't know) for a better overview of the battlefield, pull back if you feel a gank is coming for you. Getting a hunch that the enemy is coming for you but you keep on going is not a smart idea, a hunch isn't worth nothing if your inner body parts are lying all over the ground. Normally you should try to hold back abit but run around the enemy minions with Poison Trail on getting a good amount of last hits due to the DoT, gaining you gold for your expensive items. Meeting opponents with a large amount of CC you should consider lane changing if you feel that you are getting pushed to hard, you should decide this pretty early so that you don't end up dying, and THEN lane change giving the enemies on your lane a head start. At level 4 after you get your Mega Adhesive you can do bush ganks, by standing in the bush and using your Mega Adhesive to slow while also putting on Poison Trail and using Fling them back to your lane partner for their imminent defeat. I never use Insanity Potion to push towers unless most of them are dead and I still have it ready. I usually play it carefully and see my opponents out, I never go into a situation without considering the ending possibilites. For example before I run in to Fling someone I think about what abilites the enemy and her/his lane partner has to stop me or what Summoner Spells they have to get away. Sometimes you can try hassling them into using their summoner spells by making the gank look very commited. Do not be greedy, even though they use their summoner spells to get away they might not get away the next time you meet.
All in all Singed is my favourite char but if you want to get another Singed build just copy the following link and paste it into your browser!
It costs a lot of time to get this build working so enjoy it and i hope you will get as good as me with SINGED! My name on League of Legends: Sh4dOwRiD3R