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Build Guide by Tyrone Thadius

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tyrone Thadius

Singed - Can't run from me

Tyrone Thadius Last updated on October 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my Singed - the mad chemist build. Singed is a great tank/support hero. Every one of his abilities can be used offensively or defensively, and with flash and ghost, you can use these abilities more effectively. In this guide I will explain how to use each one of them offensively and defensively. I will explain my choices in skills, items, runes, and masteries.

Passive: Empowered Bulwark: For every 1 mana Singed has he gains .25 max health. So stacking mana also adds health.

Poison Trail: You release a poisonous gas behind you that does magic damage to anyone who walks through it. This is your farming ability.
Offensively: Easy to see. It does damage. Just make sure you get in front of where they are running so they are poisoned.
Defensively: While running away and people see the big trail of purple poison, they try to avoid it, so they might run at an awkward angle and give you an easy run away.

Mega Adhesive: You throw down a sticky goo which slows the enemies a whole lot.
Offensively: You can either use this to slow them so catching them is easier, or after you fling them to your turret/allies you can throw it on them so you can get more hits off. (I usually try to use it after I fling if possible.)
Defensively: Makes it extremely easy to run away. It's a slow.. don't need to say more.

Fling: This ability throws an enemy directly behind where you are facing. This also does a decent amount of magic damage.
Offensively: Use this to throw enemies to your team or to your turrets. It can also be used to keep your enemies from running away.
Defensively: If one of your teammates (or you) are almost dead, simply position yourself behind them, and throw them away from your partner/ behind you giving your team a little neck room for running.

Insanity Potion: This just gives you a really nice buff increasing movement speed, health regen, attack speed, attack damage. (just about everything.
Offensively: Use this to gain movement speed so you can quickly run in and fling the enemy you want, and punch them with your bonus attach speed/damage.
Defensively: If an enemy is coming to gank you or you are almost dead, you can use this to gain health and run away faster.

Summoner Spells: With your abilities, flash and ghost can also be both Offensive and Defensive.
Flash: You can teleport a short distance. (My favorite ability with Singed.)
Offensively: Lets you catch your enemy completely off guard and gets you right next to them to fling to your teammates/turret.
Defensively: Obvious... you can get away from enemies quickly.

Ghost: Increases your speed and can run through minions.
Offensively: Similar to flash, but the enemy has a little time to react this time.
Defensively: Obvious... you can get away from enemies quickly.

Mana: I stack all mana runes because they add to my mana, letting me get more flings in early game, but also as I said before, Singed's passive ability gives him health based on mana. Although you don't get as much health as just plain health runes, you get more for your money cause you get a bonus on the mana runes. With all mana runes, you get 328.95 extra mana at start, so his passive will grant you 82.2375 health at the start. Yeah that is a small amount compared to just health runes... but it's that health in addition to 328.95 mana which is a bunch.

Masteries: 9/0/21
Although singed is a tank, I don't go defensive in masteries. I figure the defense bonuses from them don't really do too much, you get most of your tanking ability from items. It is also nice to have the reduced cool down and armor pen from the offensive branch. And from utility, it is nice to have 15% reduced cool down of flash and ghost, and the mana, movement speed, and experience bonuses are nice too.

Gameplay: Now for the tactics.
Early game: (lvl 1-9ish) Level fling first!Although many singed players like to push the lane and farm with poison trail, I like to let the other team push to my tower as I only take last hits on minions for the gold. Once they have pushed forward, when their minions are just out of range of your turret, this is when you flash right next to one of the enemies and fling them to your turret and force them to eat those turret shots at low levels. (usually I get at least one kill/assist from this) If possible let your carries get last hits on them. Although it's nice to have kills, a fed carry is so much better than a fed tank. Once you are level 4 you have Mega Adhesive and after throwing them to your turret, you can slow them so your turret can have more shots. The only time I use poison trail early game is after I fling an enemy so get that damage in. By level 6 hopefully you have about 1000 gold to go buy your Swift boots. Now you are almost guaranteed faster than them and you have your ult and flash to run super fast!

Mid game: Hopefully you have done well in your lane and gotten their tower. Now you go around ganking. Hide in bushes where your partners are fighting in lane, come out as fast as possible with your ult, ghost, flash, or a mixture. and fling them to your team. and use Mega Adhesive to allow your team to finish them off.

Late game: Now you should have Force of Nature so you are even faster! (there have been several times when I outran Master Yi) You should also have at least some sort of armor to counter physicals, if they have physical damage. This is when team fights go on, and you are a tank! So, you tank! But, keep in mind you also can support your carries during the team fights by slowing their team down, and flinging them away from your carries (if your carries are in danger) if everyone on your team is fine, turn on your ult, toggle on your poison trail, and head straight to their carries to fling them! Team fights are all about targeting. If you throw their tanks to your carries, instinct will make your team target the tank. Which is terrible! Throw your enemies carries to kill them first. Usually if there is an Ashe, I go straight toward her. Use Mega Adhesive to keep the enemies from getting away. In a team fight late game, there is no reason to turn off poison trail, you should have plenty of mana to not even get close to running out. Now if things are going bad and you guys need to retreat, use your slow! Mega Adhesive is great for getting head starts! Also if one of your teammates is going to die, but like half a second from being out of range Mega Adhesive will give them that half a second plus plenty more time.

1. Start out with regrowth pendant. It will allow you to survive in lane longer and you don't need any damage or armor yet. And it will help build Force of Nature later in your game.
2. As I said earlier by level 6 you should be able to straight up buy Boots of Swiftness. Now you are one of the fastest champions in the game at the time.
3. Go straight for Rod of Ages work toward Catalyst the Protector first, then the rest. This item gives your poison more damage, and gives you health and mana (and the mana turns into more health).
4. Now you go for Force of Nature. You already have one regrowth pendant so get the Negatron Cloak first.

Now you have your first three items, which I always get no matter what. The rest of the build you have to adapt to the other team. here are your cases:
a) If the other team has a balanced amount of magic and physical, go for the 2 Sunfire capes (these give health and armor plus a little AoE damage, then the Abyssal Septer for more damage and magic resist.
b) If your opponents have one heavy physical DPS (Twitch, Yi, etc.) your 4th item should be Thornmail followed by one sunfire cape and an Abyssal Septer.
c) Now if the other team has one very light physical damage hero or none, follow with Abyssal Septer, a sunfire cape, then Aegis of Legion (buffs your whole team).