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Singed Build Guide by yoyomobb

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yoyomobb

Singed Can't touch this

yoyomobb Last updated on August 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This singed is build aoe dps offtank, not based or the armor / mr. You will have a great hp / mana pool.

The point is to become beefy, but you need to get focused in team fights. That is the point that you wont buy to much armor / mr. You might not see why at this moment but as you read this build you will understand why.

The way to play is with your poisen which will deal a good amount of aoe dmg + slow. This is combination will make you untouchable to get hits. Because of this your carries will have an easier job to finish, since your slow will be the worst harrasment on your enemies.

NOTE. (will edit later on MY stats!) but i have played about 40 ranked games with this build. and over 70% win rate! This build is very safe to go and not so hard to play.

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Marks, magic pen
Siels, def to lv18
Glyphs, def to lv18
Quintessence, speed. cant get anything else speed is the way to go!

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there are 2 ways to go here.

Personaly i like 9 21 0 as described above.
you need the magic pen 15%. and the extra def and dodge speed is awesome!

however, if they have a ap team. you could go 9 0 21. Which is also superb since you get the extra speed and cd! in this case you also dont need ninja tabis but you could go mercs. (if you still need armor you could get zyonas)

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The Core build is about ROA and Rylais. When you have these items your nearly unkillable.

start with boots and hp mp pots and finish boots asap! rush to ROA and Rylais directly after.

so you have boots + roa + rylais.

now your options are open. you could get mr if you need, if you dont just go for rabadons.

After rabadons you can get whatever you like. will of the ancients is great especially in teamfights, you could go any ap item so feel free to do what you want. i recommend to get either LB or FON, extra speed is just awesome!

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Skill Sequence

Just build up your Q and E, upgrade R everytime you can. get W atleast to lv 1.

doesnt matter if you start with Q or E. but make sure your Q is lv5 before E.

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Summoner Spells

ahh this is an interesting chapter.

most of you might want to get flash or ghost. ill start by explaining why exaust and ignite.

Exaust, the most underestimated skill in the game. Exaust is THE skill to disable any carry of the enemy team. -60% AD dmg and -35% dmg ap dmg, do not forget the 35% slow and the decrease of armor / mr. All this for 3 secs! Although you wont need this everytime you gank or get ganked. If you do need to kill an OP enemy this is the skill which makes you succeed.

Ignite, extra dmg, -50% healing for 5 secs. And if you just didnt do enough dmg you have this extra dmg to finish it. As this shaco needs gold to build items, it is important to make sure the enemy wont get away. After the 2shiv poisen, and the hextech active, and the enemy still might get away, Ignite never fails and always finishes what you started.

now why not ghost.
In this build your point is to slow enemies, so that you are always faster! if youd have ghost you would just outrun them and they will give up the chase much faster! when they get your poisen you will always be faster.. always!

why not flash.
somewhat the same as ghost, and peronaly i think flash is a waste of a spell. you wont need outs as you play with singed.

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so your hp / mana pool is high! defenses are average, speed relativly high and with rylais you have great cc movement reduction on enemies!

by building ap your poisen does awesome aoe dmg and your E is a nuke (great for iniating a kill towards an enemy carry)

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Pros / Cons

- solid offtank
- outspeed every chaser!
- massive aoe dmg (Q will do 130 + 150 mag dmg ps) nearly 300 mag dps
- extremely fast pushing
- extremely fast (as not the fastest!!) farming!!
- like a kameleon > item build after boots + roa + rylais + rabadons, you can go whatever you like is best

- weak until lv6
- not a massive tank
- harder to iniate than a massive tank
- ???

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Creeping / Jungling

serieusly, with this build your poisen will do all the work for you. as you only need to walk past by the waves of minions to get all the gold! since your high movement speed you can push super fast and run through jungle te clear.

i can not remember a game that i wasnt the 1st to get lv18. Singed farming is just awesome.

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Ranked Play

The way to play with singed.

> 20mins early game

rush boots and ROA (can be completed within 15mins, easily! if your on a solo lane, make sure to get all the cs, if possible try to make the kill (will explain in tactics, for solo and duo lane)

20mins ~ 35 mid game

You will be able to roam freely to make some ganks, make sure to get rylais asap.

after 35mins endgame

your style of play in clashes is to use your poisen to dmg / slow. E to fling the carry and disable.

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Tactics / playstyle

Poisen game, use your poisen. Walk past by enemies instead of hitting them. ive seen so many singed players fail at this. it is of the utmost importance to do so!

Early game

Solo lane;
Make sure you get boots and 1 or 2 hp pots and the rest mp pots. Take it easy as you lvl up to lv3/ 4 this is when you can start harrasing. until this point let your lane get pushed.
To haras simply walk by with poisen if he hits /atks you near minions he gets minion hits, use your minions to haras! if your minion group has grown to a large flock, start pushing a bit and when the last minions are nearly gone fling him into your minion group and exaust him, kill the remaining minions and all your minions will focus the enemy, resulting in a kill (if neccesray use ignite) of course this isnt as simple as it looks like.

Duo lane:
Dont like Duo lane BUT you can get easy kills if you lane partner deals good dmg. make sure you get your W at atleast lv4. a fling a slow and a good focus of both of you should get you an easy kill! you also have exaust. use this on the enemy carry!!!! so you wont get harrased. but just try to fling kill the carry ( so dont focus the enemy support!! ) If he flashes out your exaust will slow him enough to get you a kill. this way you dont need to worry about the support harrassing you. Its almost waterproof!

mid / endgame

your rylais will do you work! use your ult everytime you iniate and let the poisen do the work. not much of an tactic but just DO NOT HIT the enemies directly, just let them chase you and the poisen will do its work. this way you can NOT be touched by enemies. it is hard to explain the tactic so you will just have to feel it out. Fling will do mega dmg, as will your poisen, with your rylais slow and your W you can even run circels around the enemy :P its fun and very effective. but you must be aware of enemy stuns and other CC.

The Bush tactic.
If your running low on hp and your getting chased by a crazy yi with his ult and ghost on. you just run like crazy towards the closest bush. if you need to wait for your E cd, walk in and out the bush repeatedly. at a point when your E is up, simply walk in the bush wait for the enemy and toss him behind you. not only will you deal massive E dmg, you might get away or even get a kill!

E + ignite + your poisen in an andgame situation will do ruffly about 800 + 550 + 600 / 900 dmg!!!!!!! that is nearly 2k dmg!!!!!!!

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- I just cant explain how important it is to let your poisen do all the work!