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Singed Build Guide by Quicksilvex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quicksilvex

Singed; Chemistry of the Mad Tank

Quicksilvex Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Singed; an amazing champion that can deal an INSANE amount of damage and tank. I honestly think hes the BEST tank aside from Rammus. Although the other tanks have had their spotlight, its finally time for Singed to gain recognition as a tank. How can Singed be a tank, you ask? Well, if you've never played or studied Singed's abilities before, his passive allows JUST THIS. His passive gives him 0.25 HP for each singular value of MP he has.

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Items; Why, and why when?

Banshee's Veil - All around item. Amazing passive.

Ninja Tabi - Although Singed isn't all that great in running speed without Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness, the dodge makes up for that. Dodging a blow can be fatal to your teams victory. Even dodging a SINGLE blow can make you win a game.

Force of Nature - Like I said before, Without those speedy boots, Singed is very slow. This will kick him to atleast 400 movement speed, and give him some resistance. 421 is good enough to catch an enemy, and if you use Insanity Potion, then you will definitely catch up, although Mega Adhesive usually just ensures the catching up.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Yes, I know what you're all thinking. "Rylai's on Singed? Pfft. I'll just get Abyssal Scepter." Trust me. I WAS going to put Abyssal on this, but it would give me 2500 health. Rylai's gives me EVEN MORE AP, and kicks me up to 3500. This is a TANK Singed, not an AP.

Sunfire Cape - Hehe, this item is amazing if you activate your Poison Trail and stand near an enemy. Perfect for tanking, too. Gives me more HP, and, it even damages enemies near your champion for 35 damage per second. I don't know about you, but that is honestly AMAZING in my opinion. Its perfect for Garen, its perfect for Singed.

Guardian Angel - I LOVE THIS ITEM SO MUCH. You're a tank. Your job is to get your enemies to target you so your team can damage the enemy team as much as possible. When you get revived (Only once every 5 minutes,) pop Poison Trail, Mega Adhesive if anyone decides to chase you, AND RUN LIKE HELL. Get out of there! You did your job! It also gives you extra resistance, and we know thats always good for making those nukies go bye-bye.

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Summoner Spells

The Good - Ghost: You usually can never go wrong with any champion on this. USUALLY. Its perfect for Singed.

Exhaust: Heres how I use it. I exhaust someone, run around them (with poison trail on,) and in real life, I sing, "Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan :D."

Ignite: Even more DoT (Damage over time,) damage! This makes you INSANE with DoT, throw a Teemo in there, and the enemy will find himself taking damage like NO TOMMOROW. Its still good without Teemo, btw. Just said that because if someone offers to be Teemo, SAY YES! Unless you have like all ranges besides you.

Cleanse: You know that time when someone exhausts you and you just wanna catch up to them? Yeah, cleanse fixes that. Fixes any CC effects aside from DoT's. Not sure if thats a DoT, but still. Justa saying.

The Bad - Clarity: Meh, I've never found myself in a position where I wanted this. Atleast on Singed.

Heal: Not really that great late game. Or on a tank in particular.

Teleport: I really didn't know where to put this spell. I only use it if I'm soloing mid, which you WON'T be doing with a tank.

Flash: Meh. Again, never found myself in a position using Singed when I wanted this or needed it.

Clairivoyance: I guess this isn't good for a Singed. Let a support take it. A support should be helping their teammates out, not NEEDING kills, or complaining about KSes.

The Ugly - Smite: The ****? Why did you even read the explanation? You don't need an explanation! YOU'RE NOT JUNGLING!

Revive: ... IF you don't die, YOU DON'T NEED THIS. If you're level 6+ and you use this, switch to ignite. Mmkay? Mmkay.

Fortify: Meh. This is good to annoy people, but again, let a support take it. They SUPPORT the team, again.

Rally: This is a spell that should completely be removed from League of Legends. Honestly. Its just plain horrible. No champion is good with it. NO CHAMPION. Not as far as I've seen, atleast. If you really want this, LET A SUPPORT TAKE IT. HELLO? Boosting your teammates stats, SUPPORTING THEM TO MAKE THEM STRONGER? Still, its horrible. Don't have anybody take this one.

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The Stats Board

Not sure why, but when I go to edit it, it says 3478 health, 4000 mana, 421 movement speed, etc. So I'm not sure if its messed up. Don't be deceived! Try it out first. kthx.