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League of Legends Build Guide Author LDB

Singed - Farmer of Win

LDB Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Welcome to my first guide on Singed - The Mad Chemist, I would greatly appreciate help from people in the comments and if you're going to vote down then please tell me and I'll try my best to tweak it. Please note that this build is personal but I'll gloss that over. It's also a very heavily situational guide, (One tip though, never change your boots, Swiftness are the ones you will always need.) if the team is heavily caster'd up, grab a Banshee's Veil or an Abyssal Scepter faster than your Rylai's or Force of Nature. If they're raping your face with high melee DPSers like Shaco and Yi, God forbid, then buy Guardian Angel and Warmog's first but buy the Rylai's after these two because Rylai's is the centre of the build because of the slow that it'll give from your poison and Fling. Just adapt and tweak this abit to suit the people you want to own. Let's get started then shall we?

Rule 1: Always lane. This is probably common sense but never ever go away without a partner, this is doable at about 16-18 after you've maxed your Insanity but always stay with someone, preferably a melee DPS like Jax or Yi.
Rule 2: Take the Golem when you can, this will help with prolonging your Trail and is just in general, good for the cooldowns.
Rule 3: If you have trouble adapting to this guide, please change it so suit your playstyle, this is MY build not yours. If you want to change the skilling order and take Glue sooner then by all means take it, I'm just recommending my build.

What you're good at:
-You are potentially the best farmer in the game. Poison Trail is just too good for the other minions. Next to some others, your farming is amazing. But always remember IT CAN BE USED TO KILL!!

-You were made for chasing people down, 3 of your abilities will help you do this. That other one will make them cry for getting caught in your Fling.

-You are amazing at helping your team. Galio? **** him. Soraka? **** her. You're the only support a team needs. By this I don't mean always neglect a kill. You want kills. Lots of them.

-Your ultimate gives you uber stats. Utilize them. Don't sit around like a ****ing idiot wondering what to do next. Run around, sit down infront of them with poison trail and /dance.

What you shouldn't do unless you want me to be sad when I see you:
-Don't solo. Ever. You need a partner otherwise your killcount will be pathetic for a man (or woman ;D) of your stature. You can never get kills on your own, you need the strong DPS of a melee champion by your side.

-Don't run in screaming Leeroy. By this, I mean, you aren't an amazing initiator like Xin or Blitz unless you're running into the squishy to toss him over your shoulder. That's the ONLY time you should do it. I swear.

-Don't feed. You aren't Cho'Gath or Vladimir. No, you aren't a unbeatable champ like those two, but you sure as hell can wreak havoc on them. Fling into team + Team kills them = They ragequit. Congratulations, you just made an unbeatable champ, beatable. (To some degree of course ^_^)

Summoner Spells

Cleanse - Ok, first off, this is a godsend for good Singed players. Smart people will realise, "Oh lord, he'll need to come and grab us at melee range so just slow his *** off." so you need to make sure that you're not slowed for about 2 minutes, desperately trying to Fling someone into your allies. In teamfights it can work aswell, with the reduced CC after it, you'll be free to do alot.

Flash - Don't you hate it when you're that much away from getting infront of someone and poison melting their face off? Well, now you need feel that no more with FLASH! Just zap in front of them and /dance while watching their cool death animations. You'll be thanking it later.

Early Game

Item List:
-Doran's Ring
-Health Potion
-Boots of Swiftness

Ok, first things first. Grab your Ring and your pot and head with your partner that you probably chose in champ select. If you're laning with a friend this is even better! See who you are laning against. If you just got smacked with two Squishies try for First Blood otherwise do not try the first blood. The second you run into them with your poisonous fart (Which is the damage it will do at level 1) they'll own you. Simple as. Just farm the minion waves and once you hit 6, you can have some fun. Use your fling to chase down enemies for your partner and poison trail in front of them, this can do some heavy damage if your partner plays in aswell. If you got put with a ranger, all isn't lost, simply fling them whenever they get close and your ranger can proceed to own their face because they simply weren't careful.

Mid Game

Item List:
-Force of Nature
-Rod of Ages

Team fights everywhere, everyone spamming G on Xin or Vlad and you're flinging people into your team for the assist. My description of "Mid Game". By this time, if you've been farming enough (Remember, farming is the key to your success late-game), you'll have most of your required items of ownage. Now people are breaking out into combos so what you need to do is switch to disable mode and fling everyone everywhere if they're trying something funny, Nunu about to Zero your team? Fling him. Fiddle think he can set his crows on you? Fling him. Malzahar got one of your teammates in his perv lock? Fling him. You get the idea. This is the part of the game where your team are really relying on you to stop the enemy team killing them. Just be a general harraser and you should sail through the midgame deathless if you weren't stupid and flung a full health carry into your lifeless runner. *Sigh*
You'll notice that I didn't pick alot of items for Singed. That's because he is one of the least item-dependant champs around. And I simply hate people who think you should just use your gold for the sake of having it. I simply save and boast that I have 4k Gold and watch as the :O comments come in ;). Please be aware that the late game phase information is pretty bare. This is because, if you followed up to mid-game, you have your core items (Rylai's, Boots and Force of Nature) and you're doing a good job of harrasing and saving ally's arses, you've most likely won at this point.

Late Game :O

Item List:
-Warmog's Armor
-Banshee's Veil
-Abyssal Scepter
(Please note that these are for if the game hasn't already ended and you have lots of gold.)

Ok. The big one. You are more or less, a team carry with loads of health, what do you do? Kick some arse of course. You will be killing squishies in seconds and damaging tanks, hard. But you have to be careful, a team swoop with 5 on 1 will decimate you. You aren't god, as I've told many Xin Zhao players, you can tank alot but YOU ARE NOT IMMORTAL. Don't try to go Rambo bat**** and take every champ who comes running. Be sensible and composed. Farming can still work even though you may think it has passed, just run into big chunks of minions and yell "BANZAI POISON!!!!". About an extra 200G for you, if you're having trouble surviving 2 on 1s which you should be surviving. Buy a Warmog's, the regen is amazing. This is of course, situational. Also, if the game STILL hasn't ended, grab a Guardian's Angel for the armor, MR and the amazing passive. If you die during a team fight and everyone is teabagging your body waiting for your spawn, once you spawn hit R as fast as your reactions allow, fling a glue down and leg it shouting "**** YO COUCH!!!". Believe me, it's fun.

General Tips and Tricks Section (How orginal -_-):

    Staying behind your enemies is a good thing, always. If they turn to run away, simply run infront of them and poison them, chances are, they'll die if they're running to bluepill. And if they try to chase down your ally, simply toss them over your shoulder like a used toy, the damage from this and the poison if they continue to follow will make them **** their pants.

    Use Insanity Potion offensively not just defensively, with the added movement speed you can catch up to them, with the added AP which is 35/50/65, depending on rank, and an AP ratio of +1 AP on Fling (It's a measly +0.3 Damage on Poison but it can deal some damage, quite heavily infact if your runner is unaware of your abilities.), you can do some heavy damage with a Fling and Poison combo. Fling doing around 365 damage (Without items + A slow shows how un-item dependant Singed can be.) at max level plus the 70+ damage per second lasting for the poison cloud duration will deal some amazing damage.

    Mega Adhesive is a great skill, the reason I don't take it at the start is because of the mana cost and it's uselessness during laning phase, the mana cost is pretty high and your Fling is a durable enough disable for any chasers of teammates. But if you feel that you're dieing alot because of that bloody chasing Teemo then, by all means, grab a point in it. It very well may save your life.

Well, I've came to the conslusion of my first build here on Mobafire, if you guys could leave some constructive comments and not ones flaming me saying "***'S BUILD HURR." It'd be greatly appreciated. Bye.