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Singed Build Guide by SuperSpence

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperSpence

Singed-How to fling em(AP offtank/suppport)

SuperSpence Last updated on September 16, 2011
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What's up. I know there are a lot of different singed builds out there, but I just felt like sharing mine. I've been playing singed a while now(one of the first summoners I bought). Ive found the best way to play him for me is to be very tanky and run around and throw people. haha as everyone else does i know. anyways hope u enjoy the build.

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I chose the ruins cause they work best for me. the magic pen helps alot with ure poison because enemy champs will be building some kind of magic resist against singed no doubt. the mana ruins help at an early level not only cause everyone goes oom at singed at lvl 2 but because they give u a health boost because of singed's passive. the ability power ruins are pretty self exlantory.

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Summoner Spells

I chose exhaust because its perfect for fleeing or for chasing down an enemy champ. It also works well when u fling them into turret range, u can exhaust for maximum turret damage.
Flash is awesome with any champ but exspecially singed. U can flash in really quick and fling them back behind ure poison trail.

Ghost is also a great spell for singed i just perfer flash.

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When playing singed its important to get a good amount of health and mana right from the start because hes pretty easy to harass at low levels on account of him not having any long range abilities. so first start of with a couple of pots and go for a mana gem. then after that but boots of speed and a health gem if u have enough. after that u are gonna wanna come back and catalyst. its prett awesome at this low level. Some people like to go ahead and build out rod of ages before boots of swiftness, but i think the extra speed really helps, because most enemy champs will have their boots by this point in the game. After u buy boots the next thing u need to work on is rabadons, its pretty much essential to singed's play style. i mean who doesnt want 140ap and 30% increase? Next, I buy warmogs. Its prolly my favorite item in the game cause its just like " hey im warmogs and here's a **** ton of health". after this u are pretty much good to go on a health stand point. so lets start building abyssl septer. its awesome, plain and simple. u need the ap and it gives off this awesome aura that lowes enemy champs magic resist. POISON IS GOING TO START DRAINING HEALTH. after this the last item i get is void staff. extra ap and some more magic pen. i sually have my poison hitting for about 200 per tick at this point in the game and my fling is just wrecking people. hits for like 700. so yeah its gg after u get a full build.

IF u want u can drop void staff and go banshees for some extra defense if needed. but usually with singed's health being so high u wont need it.

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If u want to do some great damage while still being a tank. then singed is the summoner for u. this build allows u to control fights. u run in with poison trail on and will do steady damage to the enemy champs. u can fling enemy champs back away from turrets into range of ure teammates. u can take hits from turrets and the team at higher levels.
If ure looking to have someone fun to play, get atleast 10 kills and 20+ assists then singed is the summoner for u.
hope u guys enjoyed it. please vote and comment on things i could change, or if i need to add more let me know.