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Singed Build Guide by shadyassassin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadyassassin

singed powerhouse solo top

shadyassassin Last updated on April 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Singed is a very aggressive and durable tank adapt to farming and he can over extend and single out a enemy with his fling so he can be focused by singed's team. I only have about 50 games with singed under my belt but I have never ad a -k/d score never been below 3rd place in cs and below 4th place for damage

I do also have a few things to say about tanks. If you are a tank, you are there for nothing other then to initiate fights, disrupt the other team, single out a target, take dmg for the team, keep your team mates alive and try to do as much dmg as you can. If you arn't willing to die for the greater good of the team don't even bother picking a tank and go try to be a carry because you have no place amongst true tanks and shoulde'nt even bother trying

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the magic pen marks help do ur poison and fling do dmg the reason i picked this over def marks is at lvl 6 those marks become useless

you can get armor or mr seals it douse'nt make much difference they come in handy for early game bot ganks (I'll explain that later)

mana glyphs solve early game mana issues and give you a 25 hp boost because of his passive

movement quins are self explanatory if singed is'nt the fastest person in game he might as well not be there because if he cant catch a champ to fling them into your team singed is useless

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this mastery tree is set to how I like it you can change it to your needs and how you enjoy it but you do need to get initiator in the def tree expanded mind and swiftness in the support tree to support singed being the fastest champ on the field

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sapphire crystal to help with health and mana issues early game and mana and health pots just in case you get in trouble

boots of swiftness is a MUST on singed I'v played against a bunch of singed's that use merchtreds and ninja tabi and I beat them every time early game simply because they are to slow to initiate a fight on our team and we end up separateing him from his team and focusing him down with ease and the argument that always come up is "you don't have any tenacity" apparently they cant read or are to lazzy to read his ult "Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, enhancing his stats with increased ability power, armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health and mana regeneration per 5 seconds and crowd control reduction for 25 seconds." his ult's cd is so low you should b able to use it in every fight and I have yet to see any team fight last for over 25 sec so merc treads are a waste of space on an item that could make you faster :)

rod of ages helps you be extremely tanky with just having alot of hp and gives you a offencive edge because of the ap and this is a must item on singed other wise he wont be tanky enough or wont be able to do enough dmg to support your team

FoN is a great item on singed because with RoA you have a lot of hp that the unique passive works with and the movement speed is amazing on singed plus your mr should be taken care of (note that if you're having trouble with ad carries you can grab glacial shroud before you build FoN and unless your just getting pounded by physical dmg by some one like trying or gp I would recomend not getting frozen heart before FoN

frozen heart works great on singed because it gives you health cd reduction for your ult mana/hp and all the armor you would ever need (if your fighting an especially strong ap team and arn't having trouble with physical dmg you might be able to skip this item

Crystal Scepter another perfect match for singed a decent amount of ap and a good amount of hp note: this douse work with your poison trail and MEGA ADHESIVE I know that most people want to get this before they make singed tanky but you cant have the aggression you need if you don't have armor or mr to initiate a fight when you need to to have your team get or keep and advantage

I chose deathcap to do some extra dmg (note a game has never lasted long enough for me to fully build this item) if you are having issues with survivability i would recommend tanky ap items more then likely an abyssal scepter or zhonya's hourglass depending on what kind of dmg you are taking

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Skill Sequence

q- poison trail- this is your main source of dmg and kiting this is what makes singed such a unique champ he is the only champ that dmgs people behind him by leaveing a trail behind him as he runs this also plays into his speed hes poison trail will linger for a set time and the faster he moves the more poison he lets out. you can use this early game to scare the enemy in your lane (it dousent do much dmg untill about it's 3rd lvl) as soon as you get your boots of swiftness you should be able to harass with this fairly hard if you can get a fling on them there are two things you can do depending on how close to their tower you are if your close to your tower you can take advantage of your massive speed advantage and walk directly in front of them stoping at every chance to force them to walk around you (if your tanky enough to take their dmg) if you do this long enough (and they don't die) you can fling them behind you again for a almost guaranteed kill. option 2 if their close to their tower you can fling them and make a U shape around them making them either 1.walk through the poison 2. walk around the poison giving you enough time for another fling to do this again or 3. they sit and wait for it to go away while u run to them poison them and fling them again. also if your being out matched by anyone remember singed dosue'nt retreat he simply advances in the opposite direction because we've all heard the very important rule about singed NEVER CHASE A SINGED!!! VERY INPORTANT this is a very strong farming tool and singed MUST HAVE FARM or he is useless late game, if you have less then 100 cs at 13 mins you arn't farming enough singed needs farm to get his very very expensive build

w- MEGA ADHESIVE- I only take one level in this because it isn't a big enough scaling to make it a bigger priority over fling's dmg and CD reductions this can be a great tool when chasing running or saving a member of your team and works well if you put it into the middle of a team fight

e- fling- this is one of the best initiate moves in lol. the reason I pick this first is most pep get cocky early game when laning against singed because hes fairly squishy early game and think they can poke at singed close to the tower show them their wrong and fling their stupidity under the tower and watch them die, also i have seen lvl 2 jungle ganks and junlgers usaly hit lvl 2 before anyone else do so if you like it up just right and their stupid enough to tower dive u can get first blood and a double kill right off the bat causeing you to get tanky very quickly. this is also great for singling out opponents if the enemy team is falling back or regrouping its easy to single out a person by just throwing them into the middle of your group and watching them melt away to nothing while you continue your chase for your next target (note that the tank of the other team is usaly in the back during regrouping or falling back do grab him because just like any one else they usaly cant stand a 5v1 for more then a few secs and with him out of the way your free to initiate fights with out much resistance making your job as a tank that much easier) this is also a great saving tool if you see a team mate almost dead put your w in front of your teammate run past the attacker with poison trail on and fling them away from your team mate most people run at this point but if they don't follow directly behind your team mate with poison trail still on causing them to either die during the chase or for them to have to fall back a tactical retreat is better then a teammate's death

r- INSANITY POTION- ult- self explanatory use in every fight you feel you need to be a little tankyer or faster, always use in team fights and if necessary you can use it to get to a team fight or a teammate to save the day

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Summoner Spells

ghost- is a far from debatable summoner spell this is a must if you stack this on top of your ult and no one can out run you and you pass through minions

teleport- is not a required summoner spell but I like it simply because it gives you a few guaranteed ganks if you play like usaly with a pre-made team this is a easy stunt to pull off around lvl 6 1/2 - 7 your jungler should head to outside of the dragon's pit if your lane is pushed simply tele to the bot bush ward ulti and ghost and do a 4 man gank with you being able to tower dive and fling team back into the middle of 3 teammates I have yet to have this fail to get the team at least one kill then with bot lane cleared you have an opening to tank a free dragon (watch that top lane douse'nt get pushed down tho it has happened to me due to my carelessness

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Pros / Cons

- awsome in every stage of the game except lvls 1-about 4
- great initiater
- fastest champ in the game if you build him right
- one of the top 3 tanks imho (galio and shen being the other 2(support tanks are usaly better tanks))
- one of the best tower divers in game with his ult up

- can be shut down with alot of cc
- weak against constant slows exp. Ashe's q nasus's slow (not his ult it douse'nt do anything to singed) frozen mallet is also a pain when your singed
- madred's bloodrazor is very strong agenst singed because of the massive amount of hp you should have