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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Degenerate

Singed, the 3v3 king

Degenerate Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I'm not very sure about the runes, but I have been playing singed for 3v3's and I barely lose. The last 2 items are situational, you can replace it for more ap if you have another tank, or get thornmail when there is a lot of physical damage champions.

- Lane Presence -

When describing Singed's personality to novice player, the best comparison you can make is to that of a bull fighter or cattle herder. By moving Singed back and forth across the battlefield, you can control the pace of the fight and also dictate where your enemies go.

You can use gas to damage and harass your enemies by running alongside them with gas on or by running ahead of them. If you see an opportunity to get a kill, turn on gas, run up to a bad guy and toss him. Remember, by turning on your gas and walking towards the enemy, you can dictate their movement and establish a lane presence. Enemies will be reluctant to attack you since you can kite them or gas them.

Many players will be convinced they can kill you if they see that you're very low on hit points, but you will simply run in one direction and have them cough on your gas until they break away or die. You can also simply turn around, decide if you want to boost your speed, chase them down as they retreat, turn on gas before you toss them and murder them in cold blood. The hunters will become the hunted!

Enemies will also backpeddle if you walk towards them, because your goo is dangerous and your toss can be lethal with your team sitting next to you! Remember, ranged champions can't fire at you if they aren't standing still. Feint them by moving forwards or by fake targeting them.

- Tower Diving -

Remember that you can always turn on your gas, tower dive, toss the enemy behind you and into your teammates, while continuing past the enemy tower. You can end up weakening or killing tower huggers while only taking 1-2 hits from the enemy tower.

- Early Game -

During the early game tap your gas alongside minions and use your auto attack to last hit minions. Your focus during the early game and also the rest of the game is always to farm gold and out-level everyone else. Singed can be a bit of a gold hog so consider this when deciding which lane you will choose. Consider if you need to solo mid if your team is poor or if you will be starving a carry in your lane by stealing all of the gold. You won't be stealing gold from a carry if you are solo.

- Mid Game -

During the mid game, you'll want to push the lanes that the enemies have pushed back towards your base the furthest. You can do this by simply running up lanes while leaving your gas on and aggro'ing incoming minions. As they turn and chase you, they will choke on your gas and die as you continue down the lane while your minions run up behind you. This form of power push can get your minions and your teammates up against enemy towers much faster.

You can also walk past towers as your minions engage them. You can then turn on your gas and intercept minions further down the lane to farm them and cut them off from their own tower. As long as you watch your radar, use wards and anticipate ganks, you can take all of the gold and experience while your minions and allies take down the stranded towers. Enemy champions will tend to hug their tower if you use this aggressive strategy. You can also use your ultimate to auto attack towers down faster if the coast is clear and you're in a hurry to destroy the tower. Saving your ultimate for fights against enemy champions is usually a better idea though.

- Late Game -

Continue to power push lanes and join in on team fights as much as possible. It is sometimes possible to let your team go 4v5 while you push into the enemy base and use minions, your ult and elixir stacking to break down towers and inhibs. If your team plays defense, you can easily distract the enemy team towards your lane while you back out. If you stack exilirs, use your ultimate or opt to get a Lich Bane, you can actually hit enemy buildings pretty hard with your heavy AP and enhanced auto attack. You can also bait multiple enemies into or out of lanes, or from within the forest to wear them down and set up ganks for your team.


Try this build out before you rate it. Trust me. If you move Singed around the screen with grace and caution, you can and will wreck your opponents. You don't need niche items like Warmogs or multiple rods/catalysts or force tanky items on Singed. All of that is excess and unnecessary. You can achieve the same or even better results if you have a good balance and for less of an item cost. Excellent balance and synergy is what this build provides for you. Go ahead and try it for yourself!


-Very good Farmer-
-Stat increasing Ult and lasts longer than most champions-
-Lots of Damage over time-
-Good survivability-
-Great damage-
-Can easily carry the team and a must in team fight-
-Low CD skills-
-Great 1v1-


-Not very effective against magic resist items (If you are new and don't know about counters)-
-Doesn't Jungle well (kills Baron and Dragon pretty slow)-
-Slow attack speed (unless you get an Elixir of Agility... ONLY DO THIS LATE GAME!) meaning buildings take longer to go down (Unless you pop ult)-
-Mana runs out quick early game (levels 1-5) if played to aggressively (Take 1 Mana potion to help)-