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Singed Build Guide by Sp4c31nv4d3r

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sp4c31nv4d3r

Singed: The Assisting Mail Man

Sp4c31nv4d3r Last updated on June 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction To Assisting 101

WELCOME! This is the self-proclaimed assistation guide for Singed! Yes, I know that I may not be the highest level summoner, but this is a plan that works for me. I am completely open to all of your ideas and thought about this plan.

Yes, I know that no one plan in the best and the only plan to play Singed. The items are the same way. These are just my recommendations for your game play. Please, please, please do not bash this, or anyone else's, build all we are ding is attempting to help your play style.

I would like to thank my friends TheOnyxWolf6699 and Inomi23 for letting me be a tester of this build time and time again by getting them fed (to which they never complained for some reason). You guys are the reason this was able to happen! Troll on bru's!!


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Greater Mark of Fortitude.
Health for the win. Since this is a tanky build, that will help with the in and out play in which you will be gathering assist (and kills).

Greater Seal of Resilience.
Armor is going to be key. When you start going for the big dogs at the mid/end of a match, you don't want that guy who gets two hit. You and your teammates will not be pleased.

Greater Glyph of Intellect.
Mana will not only let you poison trail for longer when you pull out enemies but it will also give you more health due to your passive. Double helper for the win.

Greater Quintessence of Knowledge.
More mana you say? Well, not just mana, health, and with 75 more mana at level 18, I don't want to hear any of you complain with these shenanigans! It is the "Double Rainbow" of two-fers by the passive.

Again, these are just suggestions and not a perfect plan of action.

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For this, you are going to want to focus on your ability to take damage by the boat load and still be able to hang in there long enough for your enemies to keep targeting you while the cavalry flies in or you do my personal favorite and fling someone to your turret or teammate. Build up on armor, resist, and health in defense. Those are going to be key in keeping you alive when you are taking a beating from every single enemy. The mana and movement speed are going to help you do more abilities and run after someone and fling them out from behind a tower and then book it right on out of there. Running away is not a bad thing in this case.

Offence Tree:

GET THAT AP POWER!!! AP, cooldown, and magic penetration are going to be your friends! This will make your abilities your friends! This will help if you need to break away from the given build.

Defense Tree:

This is where your non-item-based armor, health, resist, and regen are coming from. It may not seem like much, but it is the little things that make you are better Mail Man. Early game, that extra 30 health will be a great help to your sanity.

Utility Tree:

Mana, and my personal favorite, RUNNING AWAY! In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, "We must fight, to run away." Yes, running is a good thing if your Fling doesn't go as planned because the only thing between you and the safety of your tower is the enemy champion that you just put behind you. Normally, this isn't a bad thing because it means you can chase people down, but if worse comes to worse, book it man!

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Doran's Shield:
I know that it may seem like a dumb item sometimes but it is going to save your life in the beginning of the game. That hunk of wood has saved me more than once.
Plus for health, health regen, and armor.

Ninja Tabi:
These are a great set of boots if I do say so myself. The extra armor is always a bonus as well. You can change these out depending on what type of enemy that you are facing in the lanes. AD and AP are two separate paths.
Plus for extra armor and reduced non-turret damage.

Rod of Ages (x2):
I LOVE THIS THING! The Rod gives you the mana and health you need and some AP to go right along with it. The mana will give you even more health (thank you passive!). Plus the regen when you level up is going to help you out as well.
Plus for health and mana, especially the bonus health and mana, as well as the AP to go with it.

Force of Nature:
Where there is armor, there is magic resist and you have it right here with a Force of Nature. Not only are you going to get the magic resist, you also get even more health regen! Just what every tank wants! The movement speed bonus is always a plus.
Plus for magic resist and health regen. Movement is just a side bonus.

Sunfire Cape:
MORE ARMOR AND HEALTH!!! Notice a pattern yet? The more you have, the better off you are going to be. With the splash AoE damage that you are doing, you are weakening down the enemy even more and you teammates will like you even more.
Plus for armor and health yet again!


If need be, grab a Warmogs or a Thronmail. You have to be able to adapt with this build if you want it to be successful. There are many possibilities that you may come across. be ready to get different items!

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The Skills of Assisting

Now the skills aren't the main thing to think about when you are assisting. The thing to think about is "Hmmm...How can I get then from way over there to over here?"

My personal favorite is book it on in there and Fling them on back, but that isn't always a good idea. Personally, I don't like to use Mega Adhesive in the beginning since I can get my Fling and Poison Trail leveled up early, BUT it is good if you don't want them to get away quickly.

Plan ahead at the loading screen. Look to see who has/doesn't have flash. Try to get in a lane against them. That may require some change of items based on the opposing champion, but it will be well worth it. One thing is for sure, GET FLING TO LEVEL 5 AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Not only will you deal more damage, it will help your teammates out.

Remember, plan ahead. Get Fling leveled up. Lurk in the shadows. THROW AN UNSUSPECTING ENEMY CHAMPION!!!!

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Summoner Spells

For this build, I run Heal and Ignite. I do this for the reason of being able to heal myself and my lane buddy after I do a toss, as well as being able to get some early damage to the enemy champion right before I Fling them back.

Some good alternatives are Flash and Ghost.

Flash: If you need to get to point B from point A, there is no faster way than to just go *pop* and be right there!

Ghost: If an enemy champion has escaped your initial Fling and is attempting to book it on out of there and you can't get there in a straight line, GHOST 'EM! Pesky minions are no longer a problem for you!

Total fall back: Clarity

Since you are building mana to get health, you shouldn't need to take clarity unless you plan on laying a path of poison across the whole map (bad idea there Houdini). I am just going to say that you probably don't need this. At all.

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The Reason for the Deliveries

Now, this is the build that will 30/1/13 (all though I have gone carry with this a couple of times. I was really in the zone XD), this is the build that is going to make your team so fed that everyone you play against is going to cry a river, run and hide, and wait until they can surrender. That is what you want. Be the ultimate team player and be a BAU5!

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I hope that all who read this enjoy this. No, you don't have to use it but if you do and you like it well that is all good too! I hope that everyone will go and enjoy Singed as much as I do! Did I mention that he has a surf board? :D

GL all, and go bash some heads!