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Singed General Guide by NeverGoesAway

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeverGoesAway

Singed,The Mad tanky top(guide)

NeverGoesAway Last updated on June 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Singed.The mad Chemist

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Singed is a mobile tank who excels at farming and teamfighting. Your goal is to farm up, become super tanky, apply constant lane pressure, and crush your enemies in team fights. If your team gets off to a bad start, you can keep farming to catch up, then look for opportunities to engage in favorable fights.

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Move speed quints because you want to run everywhere and farm, catch up to people, run away from people, and spread a huge poison cloud everywhere.
MPen reds because you deal magic damage.
Flat armor yellows so you can take some hurt in lane. Dodge is still a VERY good stat, but its much less appealing after nimbleness has been removed.
Flat MR because you're a tank and because dragon fights can start before level 10. You're mid-late game is strong already, so might as well give your early game some extra padding.

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upgrading Summoner's Wrath for buffed ghost,getting tank masteries,and finally you need the movement speed masteries to chase enemies easier

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Skill Sequence

Always max Poison Trail as you will be farming minions, rather than flinging your prey into the jaws of your lanemate.After,you need to max Mega Adhesive

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Singed's passive grants him some bonus HP for his mana, giving you extra incentive to build mana items like Rod of Ages n' Frozen Heart


Singed's main source of damage. Use it to farm everywhere.
During laning phase, you can conserve mana by toggling it on and off for one second and letting out a small puff of poison. Your small cloud will persist for ~3 seconds, long enough to poison a minion wave that walks in a straight line through it.
Combined with Rylai's slow, chasing Singed becomes very painful. During team fights, the slow also helps your squishies kite enemies who get past you.


Maxed out, a long-range 75% AOE slow that can block off entire pathways in the jungle is just annoying. Nobody wants to walk through this ****.
You should toss it early to catch enemies or protect your squishy teammates


Its amusing just how threatening your fling is to enemy squishies. Positioning is very important in team fights, and you're exactly one of those champions who tries to force enemies into a position they don't want to be in (ooh la la). Whoever you fling will be further CCed when they land in your poison cloud with Rylai's slow.
Volibear + Singed duo lane can lead to some hilarious ganks by your jungle.


This is basically a steroid that transforms you from Dr. Jeckyll into a frickin' monster like Mr. Hyde mid game, especially if you've already completed part of your build and have a level advantage from farming top's gold and experience.

Pop it if you need it to get out of a gank, or run faster so you can catch someone.
Pop it at the beginning of team fights.
Its okay to pop it during laning phase for a tiny bit of HP regen if you need to stay in a lane for a bit longer, since its on a short CD.

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Early Game

As Singed, you want to solo top because you want to farm and teleport down to dragon during mid game. However, Singed has a lot of bad lane match ups since he is so easily harassed. Thus, you should choose your match ups carefully so you won't get destroyed in CS while your opponent free farms. If top is a bad match up for you, you should consider duo laning bot.

As solo top, you should start off by just last hitting minions. If you are against a melee champion, you can fling your opponent into the middle of your minions/poison when they come up to last hit. Only do this if trading hits like this actually puts you ahead. You can also let out a puff of poison in front of a minion they are about to last hit. That way, they are forced to walk through it in order to get that last hit

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Mid Game

Singed can farm top lane even after the enemy's first top turret is gone. Sure, any champion can, with proper warding. But few can do it as well as Singed.
After warding properly (usually at top's red or blue buff), Singed can overextend as much as he wants. To fully push out his lane, all he has to is run past a couple of minion waves with his poison on and fling the cannon minions. Then, while an enemy has to come top and repush the lane, he has all this FREE TIME to run and ward throughout their jungle, farm their double golems and wraiths if he's on blue side (on purple side, the wolves are too risky), or he can run down to push or gank mid before returning top.
If he knows the enemy jungler's location, he can even farm behind the first top turret WHILE ITS STILL UP, along with the double golems if he's on blue side.
After he's farmed and tanky enough, 2-3 people may not be enough to catch and kill him. Even if he somehow gets caught by 3 people despite having warded properly, he can waste enough of their time for his teammates to take dragon or one of mid/bot's turrets safely.

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Late Game

If the game manages to drag into late game, you should know that even if you are ridiculously strong after having had a successful early-mid game or having farmed all game, you should really try to end the game with your teammates as soon as possible.
You can still split push mid or bot if both teams are dancing around baron (you're so tanky that people won't even want to chase you out from mid), but you should generally be roaming as 5 with your team so you can clear wards safely or be right there if someone is caught out of position. Each team fight could possibly end the game now, so lose some of the crazy that you've been penting up so far. Play smart, take advantage of the utility that Singed brings to his team, and!

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Final Comments

Singed needs farming before mid-game arrives,so he cant die easily from 2 or more enemies.Also,singed is one of the best champions who can give kills in his team and destroy the enemy.He can also gives a destroyable damage while they chasing him,and take some frags for his own.I dont recommend him on begginers.


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