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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZaacTheDwarf

Singed, The Piss Off Tank

ZaacTheDwarf Last updated on May 31, 2010
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Uhh. Hey, What's up? My name is Zack and I've currently been using Singed lately, I find that his AP build can be pretty crazy damage wise for such a strong-built character. I was trying him as a tank and I've found that I loved this build more than the AP build I have been using. I wanted to share it with you all, and I'm assuming you all already know it or something relevant too it. Please leave a comment on what you think, what I could do better. Constructive criticism is alright with me ^^. This build might too much hp for your liking, I personally enjoy the Hp/Health Regen. Some armour is built in aswell, with this build you can continuesly lane and poisen your enemys.My item build is a little difficult too understand, so I'll explain what I usually do in my 3's game with Singed.
Ruby Crystal
Saphire Crystal
Giants Belt
Ruby Crystal
Warmogg's armour
Giants Belt
40+ AP thingy
Rylai's Scepter
If the game is still going on, and you have enough gold go for
Force of Nature.
When engaging in a 1v1 fight, I usually throw Poisen Trail on, Insanity Potion, Mega Adhesive behind them/on them. Fling behind, beat on them a bit and Mega Adhesive once more and fling if you have the chance. always have Poisen Trail on when fighting with full hp. If you're dieing and you have ghost activated/ or Insanity potion and you know the enemy is following, keep poisen trail on so they slowly take some nice damage. Again, this is what everyone does. but if you're new to Singed it's very useful. Singed's fling is very affective and one of my favourite spells in the game, His fling can ruin other players casts. For example, you're in a 3v3 battle and your fighting a Nunu who starts too cast his ultimate, you can then fling and ruin his cast which could save your life and your teamates. This can be used with alot of other casts, such as Fiddlesticks ultimate, Shen's Ulti, Pantheons Ulti. Etc. Be creative with Singed, he's an amazing character. I hope you enjoyed my review/guide on Singed. Again, this is how I play with Singed. Stricktly health/Health regen with him. Please comment, rate and give suggestions! thanks :) have a good day!

Now, this is what I usually do. It isn't exactly the best item build, but it works for me. You can spruce it up if you want in the comments below. Please enjoy and I hope I helped a bit.