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Singed Build Guide by Epelii

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Epelii

Singed The Poison Trail Solotop Guide

Epelii Last updated on November 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first guide Singed The Mad Chemist. I hope this helps even in something

I have played like 100 games with Singed and he is my favorite champion. Singed is one of the best farmers in the game too!

If yoy feel the need to say something of my guide, so i can make them better!

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Pros / Cons

+ Singed is very tanky while still having huge damage output.

+ Great escaper

+ His Mega Adhesive is a huge 75% slow at lvl 5

+ Has huge CC reduction

+ He is an all-around fun champ

+ If you build Singed full tank, you make poor damage

+ No hard CC. His Mega Adhesive is good but someone can easily walk out of it.

+ Very mana dependent early game

+ If the enemy is in front of you, you can't damage them at all.

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Summoner Spells

: Ignite is a great spell because it goes oh so well with Poison Trail.

: Ghost is Very good choice with it you can easily catch guys and escape

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Ability rewiew

Empowered Bulwark (passive): This passive is very underrated in my opinion. It gives you you .25 health for every point of mana you build. This allows you to stack mana and gain HP at the same time. Cool, right? This is why Singed is such an effective tank. He can build AP-Mana items such as a Rod of Ages and get even more tanky thanks to his passive! Poison Trail (Q): Words can not describe how awesome this skill is. This is Singed's signature ability...and it makes your enemy's rage over how over-powered you are! You can use Poison Trail to harass, kite, farm creeps, and once you get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you can slow an entire team with its passive!

How to use Poison Trail effectively

Make sure to always have this activated in ANY team fight/skirmish.
If you are being chased, activate Poison Trail and zig-zag so they will run into the trail no matter what.
To farm effectively, simply run into a creep wave with your poison on, than run back. Make sure you hit all the creeps and you should be able to kill the entire wave.
Getting dragon/baron is pretty hard as Singed, but to speed it up just activate Poison Trail and run in a small circle so it hits Dragon/Baron.
If someone attacks you in the lane phase, simply activate Poison Trail and run so they hit the trail. This is a very effective way of counter-harassing someone Early/Mid game.

Mega Adhesive (W): Singed's W ability. This is a very strong slow that can be used in multiple situations. At early levels this isn't the strongest slow, but at level 5 it's a whopping 75% slow! In team-fights, you can slow an entire team which is pretty helpful if the enemy is going for your precious AD carry.

Tips and Tricks

If you get ganked, don't immediately use it Mega Adhesive. Wait until the enemy is directly behind you and place the slow in front of you. This maximizes the slow potential greatly.
You can Mega Adhesive someone in your Poison Trail to get the max amount of damage output possible.
When that pesky Anti-Carry, such as Irelia, goes for your AD carry, Mega Adhesive right in front of them. That way they will be slowed and wont be able to reach the AD carry without taking lethal damage.
Another pretty obvious tip is to utilize the long range of Mega Adhesive by placing it in front of the enemy you are trying to slow.

Fling (E): Another awesome skill that has many different uses. First off, a lot of people don't realize how much damage this skill actually does. It has a 1.0 AP ratio which is huge. Fling can do 600+ damage once you get a Rabadon's Deathcap. You can dominate your lane Mid-game by completely zoning out an enemy. Why? Because they will be afraid of coming anywhere near you since you can just Fling them into your poison.

Tips and Tricks

A simple little combo is to activate Poison Trail and then Fling the enemy behind you so that they hit your poison. This can dish out a hefty amount of damage Mid-game.
If you have the opportunity, you can actually Fling people into your turret early game to pick up an easy kill. Although this is rare to pull off, I have done it before.
You can Fling fleeing enemy's into your team to pick up an easy kill.
It is possible to position yourself right so you can save teammates by flinging an enemy away from your low HP ally.
Make sure not to Fling any Super-Tanky champion into your team, such as Amumu or Alistar because they can disrupt your entire team. Hell, your doing their job FOR them.

Insanity Potion (R): Singed's ultimate, Insanity Potion, can be used many different ways. It can either be used defensively as a "Get out of jail free" card OR you can use it offensively to increase your AP and movement speed. It has a average cooldown so use it whenever you get into a fight. Activating this skill while fighting someone can drastically change the outcome of the fight.

Make sure to have this activated in all team-fights and since this skill lasts for a long time(An amazing 25 seconds!)you should be able to have it on the entire duration of a team-fight. Tip: Activate Insanity Potion, turn on Poison Trail, and the Fling the enemy AD carry to damage them heavily and take them out of the fight. Do this to ANY Ezreal, Ashe, Vayne, or any other fed AD carry. You should win team fights once the AD carry is out of the picture. While doing this you shouldn't die because you are so tanky and if they do focus you, your team can pick them off one by one.

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Greater Glyph of Warding: This is great to be tank

Greater Seal of Resilience: I think this is a pretty universal rune that works on anybody. It especially helps Singed though because the added armor bonus works real well with Insanity Potion making you that much harder to kill

Greater Mark of Intellect: This gives you some mana what is great at early game

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: MOVEMENT SPEED Runes are just awesome with Singed

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Skill Sequanse

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

It is best to max out Poison Trail first since it is your main damage dealer and allows you to farm, kite, and harass. Now most people will get up Mega Adhesive second and level Fling last. But I disagree with that because Fling dishes out some damage once you get a Rod of Ages. Mega Adhesive is not that important in the laning phase of the game and I mainly use it to escape ganks or slow the enemy enough to Fling them.
So in a nutshell, level Poison Trail first, than Fling, and level Mega Adhesive last.

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This Mastery page is set-up as 21/0/9. The reason why I chose this set-up is because Singed doesn't really need any points in the Defensive tree because his Insanity Potion along with my build makes you tanky enough.

The 21 points in the offensive tree helps his AP and damage output while the 9 points in the Utility Tree gives him some added bonuses such as increased movement speed thanks to Swiftness and since Singed is a natural pusher, (Yes, I'm looking at you Poison Trail) the 5% increased range on wards from Scout allows you to react quicker if someone ganks your lane.

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Starting Items

or or

Sapphire Crystal: The item I start off with most of the time. It gives you a good amount of mana and it increases your Health by 50 points because of your Empowered Bulwark. You can also build this into a Rod of Ages quicker too. But you shouldn't always start off with a Sapphire Crystal. Keep reading to find out why.

Boots of Speed: Another decent item to start with. It gives you some useful mobility and the 3x HP Potions helps you stay in lane just a little bit longer. The only problem is it doesn't give you any other stat other than movement speed. I'll take boots if I will be solo topping against a non-aggressive lane such as a Nasus who just farms early game.

Doran's Shield: I personally have began to love Doran's Shield because it gives you some great early game stats. It gives you great sustain early game and most of the time you can out sustain your opponent. I recommend taking this if you are facing an early game beast such as Jax who will be harassing you constantly. The only downside to Doran's itemss is that you have to sell them mid-late game because their usefulness falls off HARD later on.

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Recommended Item Build

Mercury's Treads: My personal favorite boots to take on Singed and the boots I suggest you buy every game. Why, you may ask? Because Mercury's Treads gives you a fair amount of magic resistance and 35 Tenacity. The 35 tenacity these boots give you combined with your Insanity Potion makes it very hard for you to be CC'ed down.

Rod of Ages: This gives you just about everything Singed needs in a single item. Not only do you get more deadly by purchasing this, but you get very tanky too. This item gives you 60 AP which is great for your Poison Trail, 450 health which makes you more tanky, and 525 mana allowing you to use your abilities more often without running out of mana. You technically get around 585 total health because of your passive, Empowered Bulwark. Get this item no matter what the situation is.

Frozen Heart: Another amazing item. It gives you a TON of armor and its passive can shutdown the AD carry in a team fight. The other great part about this item is the huge amount of mana it gives you. You can spam your abilities all day once you pick up this item. And finally, this item gives you cooldown reduction which is helpful on any champion.

Force of Nature: This is an essential item to build as Singed. Force of Nature gives you the most MR for one item and the movement speed multiplier as well as the HP regen synergizes so well with your Insanity Potion. This build lacks MR so Force of Nature is a must with this build.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Once you purchase a Rylai's, you dish out ton's of damage! But in all seriousness, this is a fantastic item to build. It gives you 500 health and 80 AP. Plus the passive allows you to slow an entire enemy team using your Poison Trail. I would put this as a core item for Singed because you can start doing a lot of damage after purchasing a Rylai's and you get more tanky because of the HP.

Rabadon's Deathcap: This is what makes Singed a late game monster. You deal INSANE damage after this purchase and you can easily out damage any other tank in the game. Rabadon's Deathcap gives you 140 AP and it increases your ability power by 30%. Pretty much anyone who runs through you Poison Trail will take critical damage.

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Rabadon's Deathcap

When to buy a Rabadon's Deathcap

I put Rabadon's Deathcap in the item build just because of the ridiculous damage you dish out late game. But in Some circumstances, you shouldn't purchase one. First I will tell you when you should buy a Rabadon's....

If you are snowballing and have a very easy match up top lane.(Basically if you are getting super fed.)
Your team is doing very well and shutting down their enemy's. That way, the enemy's wont be as much of a threat late game.
Your team is already very tanky. For example, Gragas mid lane, Olaf in the jungle, and a Taric or Nunu as support.(I didnt add AD carry because they aren't tanky.)Keep in mind that is just an example and there are other tanky characters.

When you shouldn't buy a Deathcap

The enemy team is getting fed and beating your team pretty hard.(Ex. Enemy Ezreal is 10-0 by the 25 minute mark]]
You are getting zoned hardcore in your lane and cant farm without dying. Or the enemy you are facing is killing you frequently and snowballing.
Your team isn't very tanky and you are the only tank on your team.

Read before going onto the below chapter!!!

As you can see, the chapter below explains situational items. If you feel the need to buy any of those items below, do NOT by a Rabadon's Deathcap. Instead, finish your build than replace the Rabadon's slot for the item you want. I do this often because I feel the need to be more tanky from time to time depending on the situation at hand.

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Situational Items


Most of the time, I wont take these boots because Merc's Treads are FAR better for Singed. But on some very rare occasions, the enemy team may possibly be mostly AD without any hard CC and that's when I'll take these boots.

Definitely not a bad choice to take as Singed This ensures you can out speed anyone. The only problem is that these boots only give Movement Speed. So you are giving up 25 MR and 35 tenacity for Movement speed. Your choice.

These boots are decent, but aren't the best. Most of the time you'll see AP casters take these and that simply isn't your role. Unless you go full on AP Singed. The only time I would take these is if I was trolling and going full AP.


Any hardcore tank should fit a Warmog's into their items at some point. But for Singed I usaully never buy a Warmog's. It's not a bad item or anything, but I personally feel that mana/health items such as Rylai's Crystal Scepter benefits him WAY more.

This makes any Malzahar, Mordekaiser, or Vladimir player want to cry. It provides some decent magic resit but the real awesome part about this item is its active. Upon activation, it removes any Debuffs on your Champion. But the reason I don't take this as Singed is because a Force of Nature Provides WAY better MR and if you have Insanity Potion up, you have major CC reduction. So even if you get Nether Grasped by a Malzahar, you should have enough CC reduction to escape pretty easily.

Another great item for Singed. It provides some decent armor and MR but the passive is the best part. Upon death, you are instantly revived allowing you to run around and troll even more. Take this item if you are getting focused or the enemy team is fed.

Not a bad item at all. If the team lacks AP, then you may possibly want to replace your Force of Nature. But I still firmly believe that Force of Nature is WAY better than this item.

A very situational item. If you are getting fed and firmly believe that you can snowball off you competition top lane, than by all means get this item. Singed does not have a hard time obtaining stacks and has very good survivability so he shouldn't lose his obtained stacks.

If you are looking for MR with some added AP, than take this,(Replace your D cap) It also has a nice passive that lowers the magic resist of all nearby enemy champions.

Spirit Visage doesn't help Singed all that much, but it has a nice passive that synergizes very well with your Ulti.(assuming your lane opponent is AP] A viable item, but surely not the best.

Another viable item for Singed. It provides a ton of AP and a good amount of armor. The active on it isn't too bad either. Upon activation, you become invulnerable for two whole seconds.

I always decide if I should buy this item or not every game. If the enemy has heavy AD and there carry is fed, GET THIS ITEM! It provides huge armor with a sick passive the makes and AD regret attacking you. You can either replace you deathcap for the item, or your Frozen Heart. But I suggest not buying a D cap and keeping your Frozen Heart.

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Lane Phase

Early game!
You should always go solo top as Singed because that allows you to get as much farm as possible while still being able to fight your opponent 1v1. Pretty much just farm/last hit all early game. I don't go for early aggression against my lane enemy because Singed is fairly weak early game. Once you hit level 6, you can start to harass and farm more safely. To harass your enemy, activate your Poison Trail and Fling them into it. This should do some decent damage to you enemy, but it takes a lot of mana early game.

Mid Game!
This is where Singed starts to shine. You should have your Rod of Ages by now allowing for you to spam your abilities, farm like a boss, and harass you lane opponent even harder. I mentioned this in another chapter, but the most effective way to farm at this point is to activate your poison and run through the entire creep wave, and back. This allows you to kill the entire creep wave in a short matter of time.

Don't be afraid to push to their tower either. As long as you ward and you have your Insanity Potion off CD, you most definitely will survive the most brutal of ganks. The reason why you want to push to their tower is to negate them farm. It's a whole lot harder to last hit when there is a turret shooting the creeps.

Going in for the kill!
When attempting to kill someone, make sure you are able to kill them without dying. That shouldn't be a problem as Singed though. But anyways, after a fair amount of harassment you can go right for the kill. To do so, activate Insanity Potion and Poison Trail. Then Fling the enemy into your poison and continue to run in front of them so they keep running into your poison. Make sure to Mega Adhesive in front of them so they have no escape. After that, simply Ignite and Fling them once more to ensure the kill.

Combo:-->-->-->--> -->=Easy kill.

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Late Game (Team-Fighting)

What to do late game
Late game, I will do a tactic called split-pushing. It's where you go top or bot lane by yourself and push to the tower. This can go two ways...1) You successfully push to the tower injuring it or getting it completely and taking pressure off a lane that is being pushed.....2) Your team or the enemy team decides to engage into a fight with you not there resulting in your team losing. A risky tactic that is either very rewarding or results in you losing the game.

Team fights!!!
If you start to see the entire enemy team lingering mid lane, chances are there is a team fight about to break lose. Make sure you are there at ALL COSTS! I can't stress that enough! If you aren't there to initiate the team fight, chances are your team is going to lose the fight.

Here is a list of what you should do in a fight:
1). Ask your team if they are ready to fight. If you engage without your team ready, you will most likely lose the fight.
2). You should always be the one to engage. To do so, activate Insanity Potion, turn on Poison Trail, Mega Adhesive in the middle of the enemy team, then Fling/ Ignite the highest priority target. Most of the time its the AD carry.
3). Keep yourself mobile, never stop moving. Try to inflict everyone with your poison.
4). Win the teamfight, push to victory, and laugh as the enemy rages at you because your an unkillable super tank!

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I hope u like my first guide about Singed