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Singed Build Guide by Bowserkins

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bowserkins

Singed, The Turret Diver!

Bowserkins Last updated on May 12, 2012
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This is my first guide, but do not mistake that for inexperience. I have played LoL since beta came out, and it is without question that Singed is my favorite champion. Over time I have noticed there really isn't a decent build for Singed on this website. So here is my guide that will have you turret diving and scoring 20+ assists for your carries. All you'll need is this build, and a brain. Sorry to all you noobs/scarecrows out there.

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Pretty straight forward with the runes. You want immediate boosts to your defense at the beginning of the game so you'll be hard to take down early. Don't worry about having higher defense from your runes in the later part of the game. I don't buy into lvl 18 runes for tanks. If you follow the build (adding in any adaptations based on your opponent's strengths) and use patience and restraint when necessary, then you'll be close to impossible to kill late game.

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Defense, Defense, Defense. A lot of people who play Singed prefer Utility over Defense because of the mp5 and decreased summoner cooldown. Yes, a faster uptime for your ghost and teleport is nice, but I cannot stress the importance of reducing slows and disables against you anymore than I do now...over vent...with my rage voice...while crying. So, it's juggernaut or bust in my humble opinion.

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Have I mentioned defense yet? I know, I know. You are probably thinking by now: "Ummm, with all this defense, what reason does anybody have for targeting me? Well, just like that zit faced chick at work who wouldn't leave you the frack alone, Singed too will not stop harassing you if you don't stab her...erm the FACE!!! Constant poison trail and a fling while all the while having your insanity potion up for what seems like a life time will always be enough to show the opponents that allowing you to roam around in their gank pile spreading more disease than an 80's hair metal band is probably a horrible idea. So, in turn, they will start blowing those cooldowns. The item build is simple. Defense, defense, can't say it. It's against my tanking religion. Just know this: By the time you have finished this build, you will be a wrecking machine that will literally make every single player on the opposing team think about rage quitting. Unkillable? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Oh, hey, look, you're a tank.

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Skill Sequence

To be honest, this is the most relaxed area of this guide. If you prefer to build up your slow pool quicker than I do, by all means go right ahead. There are plenty of points to be made on your side of the argument, so there is no wrong choice. Unless of course you build your slow pool before you build your fling. I may have to rage on your face at that point. Just make sure to build that ult so your insanity potion makes you seem...well...insane? Sorry.

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Summoner Spells

There are 3 great choices for singed. Now, as tank, you will probably be thinking "Oh, I should get heal and flash so my life seems safe." WRONG!!! YOU FAIL!!! You have Teleport which is a must. Why wouldn't you? Unless you're a map hopper like Skarner or Noctourne, you should have teleport. The other two you can play with are Ghost or Ignite. Ghost if you want to be insane at map hopping, or Ignite if you want to steal a kill or two from your carry. Just remember, Ghost will get you out of trouble, Ignite will not.

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Pros / Cons

Some of you may wonder what the pros and cons of Singed are. Maybe you are new to the game and think Singed looks cool. Trust me, if you are new, you don't want to start the game playing this Champion. However, for those of you just looking for a little insight, here you go!

-Singed cannot die. Unless you try (really hard), he will not kneel!
-Kiting is always fun. Lets face it, nothing gets in the head of your lane opponents more than anger. With constant poison trails and slow traps keeping him/her at bay, the rage will build...and build...and build...AND BUILD...JXBHSBSVJSFNEWFWE.
-Low pressure. That's right, I said it. Low pressure! You're not expected to bash the brains of the enemy every encounter. Your job is simple with Singed. You push "Q" then run into a mob of champions screaming "TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL" until they all die. It's a blast!
-Fun. Nuff said!

-If there is one bane of the average Singed, it is his lack of range. In fact, he has none. As much as we like to brag about spewing out our slow cream all over the enemy's face, the comedy of that act loses it's zeal (no pun intended) and frustration sets in. So, pop that ult and run into the mob or you'll end up being that loser kid in school who failed your whole group because he was too stupid to help with the group project.
-Beast mode. is that a Con? Well, because that was sarcasm my friend. Riot's idea of beast mode for Singed was insanity potion. Well, f you too, Riot! Bottom line is getting a triple kill with singed is as rare as farting gold. In fact, just let that idea go right now. Accept the fact that you are there to annoy, not dominate. Leave the domination to a Fiora or an Olaf.

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Overall, Singed can be a very fun Champion. Now, you may have noticed that my build doesn't leave much wiggle room. That is because any pro knows that rarely will a tanks build look the same from game to game. You are there to counter damage. So, in turn, build to mitigate their damage. If they have 4 ap's, building some magic resist seems like a good idea doesn't it? Remember, not only is this build for Singed, it also preaches the important rules of tanking. Once you pump out a few games you'll start to get the hang of things. Good luck on your quest to be invincible!