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Build Guide by Papacheese

Singed the underestimated tank:

By Papacheese | Updated on April 17, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Fortify


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Introduction to Singed the underestimated tank:

I have played around with this style of playing Singed for the past month and have come to the conclusion that a well played Singed can be a huge carry and almost unstoppable tank.

On average I do not get the chance to complete my full build when I tank Singed in a full party of five or solo ranked or unranked. I usually get about 4 kills 6 deaths and 20 assists.

This is not a high damage AP build for Singed so if you are looking for that then find another guide. This guide is how to piss off the other team, make them want to focus you and never kill you. After all that is what a tank is supposed to do.
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Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

For runes I run the obvious and wont go in to explanation of why I choose what I do as it is the obvious, if you do not understand why I choose these runes then please stop reading this guide and go play W.O.W. or something.

I do a 0/21/9 mastery setup, however I like to take Fortify so I do pick the upgrade for it in my defense tree "more on this latter" in the Utility tree I take my one point in improved Ghost, three in Perseverance, four in God Hands and one in Expanded Mind. I take the one point in Expanded Mind because it adds a little bit of both health and mana and for Singed that works well in to his passive to give him more health.

Summoner Spells I like Ghost for obvious reason, so no explanation there. I also like Fortify for many reasons, it is a good distraction and can cause enemies to flee from a turret when they chose to gank, it can give you a free kill or assist if you activate it and an enemy champ gets killed by any one of your teams turrets, if an enemy dives on you at your turret you can toss down your slow and hit Fortify for some extra damage then dance around the turret with some poison and pop them back before they run off so this is my main reason for Fortify. I find that it is a Summoner Spell that is overlooked simply because many people do not see the many different uses for it.

With Singed you do not need to take Fortify and for this build you do not need to take it either, you could just take Exhaust or Ignite or even Cleanse. Those all have there uses and work very well too.
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Early Mid and Late Game/ Map awareness/ Farming

Early Game:

When I lane with Singed I usually take bot preferably with a higher damage champ to help do damage and get me some early assists. Early game I start with my flip and try to use it twice on the same champ before I hit level two, it does pretty good damage and only using it twice is not a hard hit on mana. Also you never know if you mite get a early first blood in your lane if you get a good flip on a enemy champ and land them by your turret.

Level 2 I take one point in Poison Trail so I can add another bit of damage to my arsenal and get that one champ that has taken two hits from flip even lower before I hit level three. At level three I take my first point in Mega Adhesive. I coordinate with the person I'm in the lane with now a this point that I want to kill that person I have been harassing. I use Ghost at this point to get up close and personal to the unlucky champ, Poison/Flip and Slow always get me my kill as long as the person you are in lane with can get in his shots to drop the enemy down.

This usually gets me first blood or the assist on it and being one up in my lane against the other champ I usually get the second assist on killing him as well, sending both enemy champs in my lane back dead and hopefully pissed off.

I always want the other team to see me as a huge threat mainly because I do not have Taunt. So getting at least two people pissed enough to always focus me in a team fight is a great thing being that I am the tank and can take it. So use your ult from time to time just to run to mid and gank there or even just help push creep, try to piss off mid too. Wile not in your lane that gives time for your lane buddy to get some extra XP and last hits and that is also a good thing for yourself in a tanking position.

Approaching Mid Game:

Around the 20 minute mark in every game I like to have my Rod of Ages complete as well as my Boots of Swiftness. Getting the ROA early helps get it's stacks up sooner, the main reason I take it first, the second reason I take it first is because it gives a good damage boost and HP boost early to mid game. Doing more damage and having more health early to mid game means that you can hopefully get a few more assists and piss off another person or two before lane phase truly ends and its on to team fights towards the end.

Late Game:

For my third Item I like to get what I need most for defense. My third Item of choice depends on the enemy team, either Force of Nature if the other team is heavily AP oriented or a Thornmail if there is a lot of AD, makes sense rite? After I make either one of those items I go rite for my Guardian Angel, it has good armor, MR and a kick *** revive that at this point in the game is going to be overkill.


With Singed from level one to five I don't last hit at all. I leave that to my partner in my lane for one reason, I can push the **** out of a creep wave with poison later on and I know I will. It is very easy to get money with Singed just by turning on your Poison for creeping a couple of waves here and there. So let your buddy in the lane with you get a good feed early game.

Map Awareness:

Yes I put this in my guide, so many tanks I see play this game have no clue there is a little box down in the bottom right corner that shows where everyone is from time to time. If you are reading this far in to my guide then obviously you find some part of it interesting and if it is this part alone that you can take with you and learn from then by all means this guide works.

Watch the mini map and think from time to time, if I was that person and I was here who would I want to kill? Where would I go and what way would I go there? After you watch people play for a wile you will learn who likes to be with who and what part of the map they find to be there comfort zone, when you figure this out it is time to go take that away from them or you will have the knowledge that they mite be around that area so do not be reckless in spots like that and you wont be getting ganked for over extending all the time.

Another thing you can do is ward, do not be the person who says "hey can somebody ward dragon or what ever" just go and ward it your self and toss some wards in the other teams jungle or in your lane near the river and always ward your lane if there is a Twitch or Eve that likes to pop out of invisible and try for a easy kill. Wards are cheap and go a ****ing long way so don't be stupid and cheap, use them.
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Team Work/ Team Work and Team WORK!

Simple but very important and this will cost you the game if you don't do your part. Your part is to take damage and live for as long as you can so your team can do a ton of damage and kill the other team. Pretty simple rite? Well unfortunately in a lot of cases people think other wise but really it is simple and follow some of these tips and you will see just how easy tanking in LOL can be.

-be with your team when you need to be, if you don't know when that is then don't tank until you figure it out for your self. Watch tanks in your games and see why they are tanking and when you figure that out you should hopefully understand what I am not willing to explain.

-when stuck in the situation of both teams in mid and the enemy team wants to hug their turret just waiting for somebody squishy to come to close, do not let that happen. You have flip, a slow and a good defense for a reason and this is one of those times to use all this. Go to the turret pop out the other teams highest damage if you can get to them if not anybody squishy and let your team **** them up.

-in less words some times you have to initiate and Singed has the tools to do so effectively.

Singed is also good for pushing creep to a tower and with his ult he can do half decent damage to a tower so some times you mite want to look and see if this can be done, you mite as well get some free last hits wile your at it. If no creep are available and your team wants to push down a turret go tank the damn thing if you have enough people there to kill it in time before you die that is. If you have some wards up and have been paying attention to the mini map you should know if you can pull such a push or not, if you think that you can't do it then you are probably rite so go with your gut instinct on this one.
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Pros / Cons

Pros and Cons in comparison to other tanks in the game taking on the tanking role:

Pros: Solid reliability and survivability, Singed can take a ****ing hit and kill a lot of champs before they can kill him. This makes a good Singed a huge threat. Singed has great crowd control with his flip and slow you can get in to and out of any type of situation as well as set up some awfully devastating ganks and secure a team fight with ease. Singed is underestimated, really I currently play LOL and a lot of people don't like to see Singed tank just because they do not understand how well it can be done. You do not need taunt to be a good tank, taunt is only one tool a tank uses and it alone doesn't make a tank a tank.

Cons: No taunt, taunt would be sickly overpowered on Singed and some times if you are not being focused in a team fight not having taunt is going to ****ing suck for your team. Singed is under rated so some times you wont be focused in a team fight simply because the other team doesn't see you as a threat, when this happens show them otherwise and if you can not then your going to have a hard time taking the tank role for that game.
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Little tips and shit that I do that mite be helpful:

- say the enemy dives you at your turret, hit fort, hit your slow and poison and walk them around as much as possible wile avoiding getting hit and you will probably get the kill. Most people don't pay attention to the fact that you mite have fort. Exhaust works just as well in this case too.

- fling out a squishy target from their turret and then hit slow to keep them in your poison for a second or two, this will lower their health enough to either get them killed or lower them to be killed later. You have your ult and probably a H Pot to bring your health back up afterwards.

-slow and fling enemy's wile your being chased, use your ult and ghost too if they are up. You should almost never die if you can run away from the enemy, Singed is hard to gank and has many tricks to use to get away from enemy's.

-help your team mates when they are being chased, toss down slow in front of the chasing enemy and fling them back off of the person being chased. Stand behind that champ so you take the hits wile your both getting away, this mite save your team mate from a death.

-running from enemy's either to avoid a death or set up a gank or team fight, turn your damn poison on, I have seen so many people play Singed and run from enemy's with full mana and not turn on their poison. That is just stupid.

-toss down your slow in the middle of a team fight, it mite prevent somebody from escaping, get you a assist or distract a enemy and make them move off of it and during that time they are doing no damage. Its free crowd control so use it. Also toss your slow on a enemy who is about to die and pick up a assist for free that way to, you can use your poison in both of these ways and a lot of time your poison will land you a free kill too:p

-if you have under 50 gold left but a HP Pot regardless to what gear you have and what point in the game it mite be. Even if you just get a health pot for that extra ten life it mite give you it could be life and death so it could be worth it. If you have 75 gold or so left after you have gone B, get a site ward and toss it on Baron, Dragon, enemy Blue Buff, a bush in the river next to a lane or in one of the side bushes near mid. Site wards save my *** all the time, I think every player should buy at least two each game and use them. Inviability wards for people like Twitch and Eve work wonders and so do Oracles.

-don't neglect the mini map or site wards, knowing where the enemy is at all times alone will help you get wins.
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This guide is not shiny, I have no posted links of pictures or any other ******** to make this look nice. This guide is not written in stone either, so don't be pissed at me if you do something my way and it doesn't work for you the way it works for me. You still have to find your own way to play the game and this guide wont teach you that.

If you follow some of the **** I took the time to put in this guide then sure you will probably increase your wins with tank Singed, but I think most importantly people need to learn how to play the game more then just what items to get and masteries runes etc. If you don't know what to do and when to do it then all the best gear you can get and runes are a total waste. So rather or not you follow my items or runes, at least pick up a couple pointers in my tips section.

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