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Singed Build Guide by ulluqiora

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ulluqiora

(singed) - trolololol triple kills

ulluqiora Last updated on September 25, 2011
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welcome to mah build

as you know dominion beta just came out and singed is a very viable champion. To be honest i never liked singed until i started playing him on dominion, in fact hes amazing in dominion. I made this build to show how i play singed not how you should play or how i want you to play him. This is just a GUIDE not a the law.

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Pros / Cons


great tank
good damage early and late game
somewhat easy to play


can be cc'd to death
stun is your worst enemy
if you can't troll gtfo

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My rune choice is a bit...... different. But extremely effective none the less. i take mpen marks because with you marks and masteries your getting 30% automatically. (not bad eh?)

my glyphs are ap glyphs (potency) because its nice to have early game although not game changing theres not too much in glyphs for singed.


the reason i take dodge seals are because theyll save your *** sooooooo many times you wont be calling anyone noob after. with my dodge runes i get 6.8% from seals and 4.5 percent from quints. followed up by 2% from masteries. thats 11.2% dodge chance without any items. VEEEEERRRRRYYYYY HELPFUL

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Summoner Spells

MY GOD IF ONE MORE PERSON SAYS GG CAUSE I USE REVIVE IMA PUNCH A PENGUIN IN ITS CROTCH. Anyway the reason i use ghost is obvious: its dominion almost every champ needs ghost, spped is your friend, doubly so on singed.

to re-phrase what i said earlier i use revive not because i die alot but because its a game changing skill. As a good singed you will not die alot but when you do die you can A) use revive B) get massive speed boost ( coupled with ghost ult boots and speed boost pad you can get huge results)
C) you can troll more immediately after death and catch them off guard cause they thought they killed you.

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standard tank masteries with the opt for dodge mastery and nimbleness. with mpen in offence tree. (9/21/0)

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When playing dominion you get 3 skills to start. OH DEAR LORD HOW THIS MAKES ME HAPPY. if your going to be a beast troll singed you gotta get that poison up fast so take 2 points in that skill followed by 1 in throw because it has great damage. some people like to get mega adhesive but in all honesty the only thing its good for is getting away or catching up to someone. usually not a large problem in dominion as the map is small and almost everyone plays dps melee champs.

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I have had people call me stupid for not getting boots first on dominion and to that i say: trololol singed has over 1k hp already so stfu. because of singed's passive your getting an extra 170 hp off catalyst from the MANA BOOST not counting the hp boost itself. with this much hp you can run in and not worry about getting 2 hit from trynd or dying from some noob with cc. ಠ_ಠ. after this i get my boots of swiftness why not mobility you say? well because in these bad boys you cant lose speed from getting hit by a champ and with singed your in pretty close courters. After that i get my RoA for hp/mana and ap plus the passive just makes you beefier throughout the game. After this i get rylai's if you cant see where im going with this build just uninstall your game kthxbai. for those of you people who realize that im going for HP/MANA/AP and maximizing damage movement speed while minimizing death toll(i know none of you were thinking that lol) these are why you take these items.

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Team Work

As singed you should try to troll the other team as much as possible. If you dont know what i mean then read this NOW. When playing as singed you must run into the fight to get hits with poison, fling or even your basic attack. So you must know when to engage, this build is very survivable at the start as you have over 1k hp and can tank most champs and lure them to follow you with poison.

In TEAM FIGHTS Singed's role is completely different. Some people might think that you wont be able to do much in a team fight as singed but those people are what i like to call: wrong. As singed you may trolololol the entire fight. Run straight through the middle (unless they have a hard stun like sion, i.e one you cant dodge) and run out the other side. with your ult/ghost and maybe a speed pad you can get some serious speed. In less favorable situations like of theyre defending a point that you want to take. lure them out with troll tactics ( run around alot and look like an easy kill) then toss them ova your shoulder and poison em'. this usually by itself will NOT get you a kill especially not late game so you do this to
A) stall for your carry's
B) harass until he needs to recall
C) make the other team ask for help and distract opposing team by being a troll.

when the other person comes to gank you, just pop your ult and run around poisoning them.
Most people think that the poison damage is negligible and just run on through but in reality your going to be hitting around 60 dmg a sec from poison(with deductions on average) and you can use the reverse direction fling skill and run the other way. Usaully the other champ is frustrated and will just run you down and this is where the bueaty starts: theyre so determined to get you that they dont care if they die. just run towards your tower or team(preferably team so you can help your carries) and fling them into it. 1 assist and sometimes a kill.

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dominion strategy and teamwork

The main reason I made this guide was so that people were not trying to cap all five positions in the first five minutes of this game mode ಠ_ಠ.

As i understand it so far there are 3 effective roles in dominion: Staller's, capper's, and defender's. and everything in between.

singed is a staller.

your job is to hold a position and make sure they dont weaken it. because of your poison it makes it hard for the enemy team to get enough time to cap and because of your throw theyre scared to come near the turret, especially if its 1v1.

an easy way to accomplish this is to make the minions do most of the work. When the enemy minion wave spawns you run towards it then click on the poison and run back. By the time the wave gets to your wave they'll be half dead. this makes that other champion want to engage you which is a good thing :). when they run for you just click on the poison and run away screaming trololololol and watch them gradually poison themselves to death. If they chase you all the way to your turret there 2 things you need to know:

A) theyre a noob
B) fling them into the turret then chase them and proceed to kill them

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dominion flags

Both teams want the same thing: 3 or more flags. therefore you MUST establish which flags you team will capture and when to defend those flags. As a starting route you team should have 1 bot
4 top. OMG YOU SAY, THATS LIKE TOTALLY WRONG, well guess what ughhh no its not. when you have four top the majority pf teams send three (you) and you have automatic advantage in the most important flag on the map. BUT THE LITTLE GUY DOWN BOTTOM IS 2V1ING HELP HIM????!!!!!. well guess what again, if your playing singed that's you SURPRISE anyway singed can easily 2v1 as long as you not up against another singed (unless your better) or someone with heavy stuns (sion, lux, taric etc.....). after you establish the early top dominance one champ comes bot. preferably one with a grab/pull (orianna,blitzcrank even amumu sometimes) if there is none on your team then get a defender.(heimer,rammus,gp,pretty much any good harraser and can do some dmg).

After this, contrary to popular belief DO NOT JUST SIT STILL. When you have the 3 main points the key to winning is the dominion version of backdooring and for that you need capper's a capper's job is to get a capping item (items with 15% cap speed buff) and then build gtfo items. particularly good champs for this is twisted fate, pantheon, rammus, master yi. As i was saying when you have your 3 points your enemy has 2. The one by their bottom steps and the one by their top steps. What you want to do is get a capper to speed in weaken and/or cap that point and run away and leave it undefended. You want to repeat this cycle again and again while defending. WHY? YOU MAY ASK

well interestingly enough i'll tell you why: it keeps them occupied long enough for thier points to gradually tick down and you to get prepared for your defence and if your quick you can go shop.

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Thanks for reading my build and hopefully your not a downvote troll.

this is my first build so any and all constructive criticism is welcome.