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Singed Build Guide by jeneotnxs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jeneotnxs

Singed: USAIN BOLT [11/21/11]

jeneotnxs Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my first build/guide on Mobafire - Singed. Singed was one of the first champions I tried in League of Legends and he is still my main. I build him as a mage-tank. I find him extremely fun to play, and he is without a doubt in one of the upper tiers. He contributes a ton to a team, and although you won't succeed without a good supporting cast, I honestly don't lose very often with him. If queue hates you, or you rage over bad teams a lot, Singed may not be the champion for you.

I'm not going to waste too much time here; this whole guide is meant to be short and concise. After all, you'll only get good from lots of practice. So, without further ado, my Singed guide:

2/13/11 - Realized skill order was invalid; fixed that up. Added some basic info.
2/13/11 - Added some more pictures to make guide more eye-catching. Shout-out to Dotter for suggestion. I knew I should probably put some soon anyway :P
2/14/11 - Added a lot more info including some situational items, "Things to keep in mind" in the summary, and a section about Mejai's Soulstealer.
3/24/11 - Expanded Mejai's section into a general AP items section. Added a video into the summary section.
4/1/11 - After a few grueling calculations, realized that the Nimbleness mastery is overrated. Switched them over to Strength of Spirit, which provides a ton of health per 5 thanks to mass mana items. Changed dodge seals into armor.
4/24/11 - The latest patch made Heart of Gold almost useless, so took that out. Added "Why Rylai's" and a little on Spirit Visage + Force of Nature combo.
5/11/11 - Most recent patch makes RoA contain Catalyst's passive, so I now suggest rushing it.
6/5/11 - Added a small paragraph on Philosopher's Stone and Eleisa's Miracle (shoutout to Cyris's comment).

HUGE UPS to Isleykun and his guide, "Poison, Fling, Legendary!"
This helped get my Singed experience off the ground, and although I disagree with him on many aspects, I would still like to say that his guide is also a great read and is very helpful.

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Can chase down ANYONE with Movement Speed quints + Ghost + ultimate + W slow + poison slow from Rylai's
Amazing tower diver once you hit level 6
Great utility and damage for an offtank
Great tankiness for a support/mage
Good early game farming with poison
Can completely screw up a team's positioning with fling
With Rod of Ages, can almost constantly have poison on, and it deals heavy damage
With Rylai's, that poison becomes a consta-slow, in addition to your W slow

Can be harassed early with no harassment in return due to no range whatsoever
As mentioned above, you will usually not win if your team is terrible

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Abilities/Leveling sequence

In case you're not familiar with Singed's skills:

Passive (empowered bulwark) - You gain .25 maximum health for every 1 maximum mana you have. So, if you have 1000 mana, you will get 250 additional health from your passive. This is why most of the items I have here have plenty of mana - besides letting you spam skills, it contributes to your tanking.

Q (poison) - You leave a trail of poison behind you that deals a fair amount of damage over time. A nice farming tool, and towards late game, your main source of damage. I max this first for efficient farming early.

W (mega adhesive) - You lay down an AoE circle of goo which significantly slows any enemies who pass over it. This is a big part of what makes Singed one of the best chasers in the game.

E (fling) - The bread and butter of Singed - you throw an enemy over your shoulder, dealing a healthy amount of damage. Fling is his most important and his defining ability. However, I max this last - the only thing that increases with leveling this is the damage, which you don't need; the throwback is what matters.

Tips with fling:
- Best used with teammates standing behind you, ready for some tasty champions to be thrown at them.
- Make sure you are in a good position so that you don't fling the enemy away from your team.
- Also, watch for what your team is doing so you don't break your ally Malzahar's, Morgana's, etc. ultimates.
- Fling is not a hard CC, but it can disable someone for a short time as well as stopping the channeling of an enemy. Use it to break Nunu's, Katarina's, Fiddlesticks's, etc. ultimates.

R (insantity potion) - Your ultimate. Nothing game-changing or flashy, but it's very handy - basically, every one of your stats is increased, and you become Super-Singed for a huge duration (25 seconds). The biggest thing here is the movement speed bonus, but note that armor and health regeneration are also massively increased, which makes it ideal for tower diving. Also, the damage, attack speed, and ability power bonuses make it awesome for pushing. Use this often; the cooldown is relatively short.

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My runes are pretty straightforward.

Magic Penetration reds because you have no other offensive options, and because most of your damage will come from abilities.

Armor seals allow you to tank a bit more harassment during your weak early game.
Health per level is viable.

Glyphs of Focus because you want to be slowing and flinging as much as possible.
Magic resist per level is viable.

Movement Speed for quints (again, for your ridiculous chasing ability), but you can take flat health or health per level if you like.

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My masteries focus on movement (of course), cooldowns, and regeneration.

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Summoner Spells

I've already mentioned all the information in this section:

Teleport for getting back to lane and ganks

Ghost for USAIN BOLT

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Personally, I hate having to pick six items and a skill sequence at the top of the build. Any decent LoL player will ALWAYS adapt his or her items and skills based his team's composition, as well as the enemies'. With that said, there are some things that you should do the same every game.

Start with a Sapphire Crystal, and a couple Health Potions.

Singed can do well in any lane, even middle. I like to put my first point in fling in case of a level 1 fight, or if some dumb enemy decides to run into me early on, so I can fling over and perhaps into the tower. However, if you know you won't win any early game skirmishes, put it into poison instead.

Early game is definitely Singed's weakness due to zero range; try to play passive and get some harassing and farming off with poison. Don't run into the enemies to fling during levels 1-6 unless you know you can get a kill; in this case, pop poison first so they will be flung into the poison. BE SURE not to die early on, and conserve mana.

During levels 1-6 you should be working on a Catalyst the Protector. If you have just enough cash on recall for Boots of Speed, you can get those, but otherwise rush the Catalyst. It will allow you to never have to leave your lane for mana, as well as providing ample early health. After this, get the starting boots (if you haven't already).

Then, as you head into mid-game, complete Rod of Ages as fast as possible before upgrading your boots into Boots of Swiftness. Previously, I waited a while before upgrading into RoA for the Catalyst passive, but in the most recent patch they made RoA contain the passive as well, so a nice buff was given to an already awesome item.

Philosopher's Stone is an extremely controversial item on Singed. I get it situationally, and when I do pick it up, I build it into Eleisa's Miracle. CC reduction is core on him, and because I don't go for Mercury's, it fits in nicely. You be the judge on this one. Get it here, or even before upgrading Catalyst if you feel like you want regeneration.

From here you should get Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It gives everything you need for this stage of the game - ample health, ability power, and that dreaded poison slow. These three items are what I would call Singed's "core" - although many times, games will end just as you complete this.

If the game hasn't ended yet (the usual case), you should use the remaining item slots to get some true hardcore tanking items based on the enemy team. The three I put up top are Banshee's Veil (for magical, CC based teams), Frozen Heart (for physical DPS teams), and Force of Nature (for generally magical kiting/harassing teams).

The Veil gives even more health, even more mana which equals still more health, magic resistance, and of course, the bubble. Frozen Heart is one of the most underrated items in the game and especially for Singed. It grants armor and attack speed reduction to shut down carries. Then, it has a ton of mana, which again triggers your passive to gain more health. As an added bonus, you get massive cooldown reduction. All good stuff. Finally, FoN is for those annoying kiting and healing teams. If that pesky Ezreal or annoying Ashe is harassing the hell out of you and kiting you really hard, you can just sit back and your huge regeneration will just pop your health right back up.

If the enemy team is very magical, one of my all-time favorite item combinations is Force of Nature in addition to Spirit Visage.

They give ridiculous magic resistance and some health, but the best parts are the passives, which both increase healing. When stacked, your health regeneration is unbelievable.

Other viable late game items include Sunfire Cape, Quicksilver Sash, Thornmail, Randuin's Omen, and Abyssal Scepter. Switch it up based on the situation. The cape adds a lot because when you are walking around poisoning people, you will also be dealing damage with its passive. Quicksilver Sash is nice as well because it serves as another cleanse.

In teamfights, the main idea is to turn poison on, get a good fling in there, and run around poisoning people. Try not to autoattack at all; your poison can and will do more damage. When your Rod of Ages is fully charged with the bonus mana and you have a Banshee's or a Frozen Heart, you could potentially leave poison on for extremely long periods of time. When cleanup chasing, pop your ultimate and Ghost, turn poison on, and fling back into your teammates. Try to hit a W right where they land so they can't get away.


This is the question so many people ask when they see me buying Rylai's. I try to break it down clearly:

1. The stats. It goes without question that health and ability power are useful on Singed.
2. The AOE slow from poison. How many champions can have a constant AOE slow that they leave in a trail behind them? None, other than Singed - but ONLY if you get this item.

"But why would you want your poison to slow? The point is to encourage people to chase you and damage them while running away, which can't be done if it slows!"

There are 2 huge problems with this logic. First of all, no good players will actually chase you through your poison. I mean, seriously, you see a huge purple cloud left behind this dude who is running away super-fast, and you walk into it? Nah. Second, there are way more situations in which you want it to slow than in which you don't. If you are turning your back and running, you and some of your team probably just lost a fight. Your slow is most likely on cooldown. If you choose to skip Rylai's, you will regret it every time this happens. Besides, kills from luring enemies into your poison come almost never.


This build focuses mainly on tanky items with a bit of ability power for increased damage. However, there is no doubt that even more ability power would do well. In fact, I actually recommend additional AP on 3v3s, and also if your team has another very tanky champion. Here I talk about a couple items if you go for the AP.

Again, because of Singed's passive, items with large amounts of mana are great on him. Well, there's an easy way to make mana even more valuable and convert it to damage; the answer is Archangel's Staff.

If you get Archangel's, I recommend it in the third slot, after your RoA and boots. This is soon enough so that you will usually reach the full bonus mana cap (+1000), but not too soon, so you don't sacrifice too much tankiness in early game.

Another very unconventional but viable item on Singed is Mejai's Soulstealer. (Thanks to Isleykun for making me realize this.)

Stacking and snowballing is not important on Singed, but more often than not a Mejai's after your RoA will help immensely, because you are not likely to die. As a tanky character you want the enemy to focus you. If they see you have a Mejai's, they might turn all their damage and CC's onto you, and although you will probably die, that's not a bad thing considering you just correctly tanked their whole team, and your team will win the ensuing teamfight. If they decide not to focus you, well then more stacks for you :) So either way, it's a win-win. I don't usually take Mejai's, though, because it's a bit risky, and if you're wrecking the other champions with Mejai's, you could just as easily be wrecking them without it.

Last but not least is Rabadon's Deathcap.

This is pretty self explanatory - if you have the gold and want the AP, go for it. It will instantly make your damage output incredible.

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Things to keep in mind:
- I can't stress this enough - YOU MUST ADAPT. Even though I suggested some ways to change the build, you still need to decide on your own part based on the game you are in.
- Don't be afraid to chase - after all, you are USAIN BOLT! But seriously, you can chase down anyone. I don't know how many times I've said this in the guide but it's true, and important.
- You are a support tank; it is your job to ward if no one else on your team wants to spend money on it.
- Don't take kills if you don't have to, and let your carry killsteal you, because again, you are the support tank.
- You are not invincible - don't run headfirst into a fight and try to fling someone back unless you are really fed (which you shouldn't be). Let someone else initiate with some CC or knockbacks.
- This is standard on all champions - buy elixirs when you need to, and get Oracle's if your team needs it.

That pretty much concludes my Singed guide. I know for a fact it works; practice, practice, practice will make you better. If you have suggestions or other feedback feel free to comment and rate below, but if you vote down please shoot me a message why. Thanks for reading!