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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pyrogenic

Sion AP S.O.B

Pyrogenic Last updated on December 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build so give constuctive criticism and some feedback.

After playing Sion you realize how many differnt ways to build him. I believe AP sion is most overlooked from what I have seen. Sion is very dangerous to begin with, he has a stun, a shield and an ability to give himself heaps more attack damage for a tiny amount of health. The only real downer with sion is his passive which does the equivelant to nothing.

Pros and Cons

He's a pretty dam tough cc
He's got a stun
He's got a shield
He is a ganking machine
Good for getting first blood kill with the stun

Will be targeted in teamfights
Absolute Mana ***** at the beginning of the game
Pretty slow in general


His passive blocks has the chance to block 40 incoming damage. Well... as far as passives go Sion drew one of the short straws. It blocks some minion damage maybe a small amount of dps harrasment. So it is really pointless in general i think. They couldn't have thought up a cool passive like he infects minions and they eat eachother like a real zombie movie.

Let's start with his First ability Cryptic Gaze. This ability is quite a mana ***** at the start of a game but it has good damage output and it has a 2 second stun which doesn't increase but it should be used wisely not as a harass. The stun is extremely useful and you will find you will be relying on it for chasing and intiating ganks and general fights.It also can provide some cool kills near turrets like all snares.

His second ability Death's Caress is one of the best shields in game and as a added bonus you get to blow it up when youve soaked up enough damage. Always turn this on when about to go into a fight because three reasons. The first reason is that nearly all nukers use the main damage burst at the start of a fight. The second reason is that if its one on one you can have a quick detonate so as to kill the person before they run away. The third reason is enemies might flee instead of fighting when they see your shield up if they know what it is.

Third ability is Enrage which provides more attack damage at the cost of a tiny amount of health. This is affected by ap at all so you only need to get it once at the start of a match if you want.

His Ultimate Cannabalism is alright but isn't affected by ap. You might not even bother getting at lvl 6 if you want to quickly lvl up your first two abilities. It just gives you attack speed and lots of lifesteal for a short time. Sometimes in a game I won't bother to lvl this up at all because it just isn't useful in this build.


The first item you need to get is a sapphire crystal you will not survive without it you might like to take a health and mana pot as well. You need to build your sapphire crystal into a catalyst the protector which is an awesome laning item. One time had half health and a panth with 3/4 health came at me while i was laning he did his burst damage and i leveled up as he did it got me first blood. So as soon as you have got enough g's go back and buy that item. Until you get enough gold to finish rod of ages i would suggest ganking mid or farming as much as possible because hes quite useless until you get it. People will say get boots but i have tried getting boots first many times you will fall behind in mid game if you do this besides thats one of the reasons you should take ghost. Then after getting the Rod you need to get boots straight after. You do have a good choice with boots i usually go with merc treads because you are generally targeted in fights, if the cc are not giving you problems then go with boots of swiftness and if they are stacking resist or you think they will because your raping them hard get sorc boots. If you are playing an incredible game or the other team sucks don't be afraid to get mejais soulstealer. Personally i would never get one of these because its just too risky and you need to get so many kills to max it out, sure one game out of thirty you will max it so i dont believe its worth it most of the time. Anyway the next item after boots is a sheen which does great damage and creates a great combo to use. Shield up, Stun, hit them once or twice then explode and they will die. Once you get more gold from killing entire creep waves with your shield explosion you need to get a lichbane which is just icicng on the cake. Then after you get those items which are your core items for this build you need to buy on how the battle is going. Like getting a banshees veil if your having cc trouble or a guardians angel for more survivability or getting a zhonyas if you think you need to be called OP by the opposing team.


The main strategy with Sion in combat is to shield up, stun, hit a few times then detonate your shield which will kill almost anyone late game but that is your general combat strategy with a 1v1 or 1v2 sometimes. In team fights you want to disable the dangerous people like the fed ryze so you can gang rape him do this with your cryptic gaze. Do not initiate fights because you are not a tank let the tank do that, if you dont have a tank you can shield and provide a distraction for a short amount of time but then you get out. With Sion always target the overextender and stun and rape. You can also do that when they are attacking turrets, stun then watch the pain.


Well they are a very personal choice and considering i havent bought any i can't judge what you chose. Thats right I'm not Lvl 20 yet only 19.

Summoner Spells

Ghost is pretty handy in this build considering we don't get boots till later than normal so its good for escaping and chasing.

Ignite is great for the extra damage early game and gives some AP while its recharging if you chose it in the masteries.

Other good summoner spells would be Exhaust too add that extra immobilization guaranteed to piss opponents off. Teleport is always handy, Cleanse is alright and Clarity. Heal is terrible past the first few minutes with Sion. Flash would be alright as well.
It is your choice the summoner spells in this build are my own opinion of what works best, please feel free to toss that aside like everyone else.

As i said this is my first build so give some feedback on how it works for you.

Thankyou for reading.