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Sion Build Guide by GrahamTWLF

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrahamTWLF


GrahamTWLF Last updated on August 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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There are 2 distinct ways to play Sion you can either go the ****ty less effective slow tanky AP Sion or you can play a fast moving, fast-hitting, unstoppable, life leeching DPS tank. Sion was obviously made to tank his damage and hit hard due to the toggled E skill "Enrage" it grants Sion with 15/25/35/45/55/65 damage at the cost of miniscule HP it also gives Sion 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 permanent HP every time he kills a minion. In Sions arsenal he also carries a 1.5/sec stun skill and an absorbing shield, these skills if used effectively can help accent your playing and help you destroy.

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Alright so as you already know there are alot of people who prefer to play AP Sion due to the beneficial 100% AP scaling skills Cryptic Gaze and Death's Caress But here are some reasons why an AD Sion is much more beneficial

Cons of AP:
1.You will have much less damage and Cannibalism wont be near as effective to yourself or teammates
2.Even though you can deal huge amounts of damage with Cryptic Gaze(100%AP) you can only do it once every 8 seconds
3. You can have an absurd Death's Caress(100%AP) but once you explode the shield to use the damage factor you cant use it again for about another 10 seconds leaving you vulnerable and unable to do any useful attacking since Sion would have about 165-180 attack, **** attack speed and no critical chance
4.I find it hard to farm creeps and increase hp because Sions attack speed isn't as high and doesn't deal as much damage.

Pros for AD Sion
1. Much better in team fights if you Heal your allies for lots of HP rather than doing basically nothing with your attacks and spamming Q and W when you can.
2. Cannibalism is there for a reason that 100% life steal factor at lvl 3 makes Sion unstoppable as a Crit/Damage tank healing himself and allies around. Use his other abilities to accent Cannibalism they cant get away(run in Cryptic gaze and focus the squishy mage, right before you kill the mage exhaust his buddy and use Death's Caress) and if you miss a crit popping Death's Caress will take another enemy spell or a few hits while you get all your hp back from the 2 hits you could get in while deaths caress absorbed some dmg.
3.Huge Dmg output and easy to use skills to keep enemies from retreating make for deadly combo.
4.Doesn't rely on long cooldowns to do dmg

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Item Build

At lvl 18 Sion does 175 damage with Enrage turned on and no damage giving items this is a huge amount of damage if you critical you double that damage (keep in mind lifesteal counts on criticals too). Add the items Trinity Force and Black Cleaver and damage goes to 260. However, the first thing and the most important thing you want to buy is Phantom Dancer starting with your first item the dagger. It will eventually give you everything you need to survive movement speed bonus of 15%, 55% attack speed and 30% critical chance. Next get Trinity Force starting with Zeal for the extra attack speed and crit chance this will give you 42% crit chance if you have your masteries in the offensive tree. Next get Sheen, lifesteal also applies to this item so it saves any mages from nuking you when you run in starting with Cryptic Gaze will proc your Sheen or in some cases you might want to run in with the Death's Caress on instead(later sheen will be Trinity Force) and allow Sion to get a huge first hit healing for huge hp plus if Sion physical attack (around 340 at lvl 18) that damage is doubled from Sheen(1.5 from Trinity Force) and doubled again from the critical. By the time you get Trinity Force Sions attack speed will be sufficiently high especially when running Cannibalism that has a generously short cooldown. At this point in the game I usually like to get Black Cleaver it gives decent amount of damage (55) and an extra 30% attack speed ( I also kinda think the passive is pretty useful especially against some armor tanks) this will bring Sion to about 2 attacks a second helping you farm the creeps before your minions can touch them and bring you to about 3k hp near end game not squishy and without a single hp item bought.
The next three items can really differentiate from whats going on in the battle if its necessary for Sion to be able to move a bit faster than pick up some boots, Ionian boots of lucidity I recommend because your movement speed is already 400 from Phantom Dancer and Trinity Force, getting movement speed 2 is a good enough increase and reducing the ult cooldown is a pretty important. I recommend getting Infinity Edge so you have about 67% Critical chance and 340 damage at lvl 18(plus the added unique passive on Infinity Edge is really useful). By this time its gunna be really hard to kill Sion with a 300dmg 1.5 second stun on a 8sec cooldown a sheild that absorbs 300dmg and any fight you get into the more you attack them the more chance you have to heal for about (1000 damage a crit, 340 if not 2 attacks a second plus trinity force hit you do the math lol). Last item get what is going to make Sion unstoppable if Sion is in a fight against a bunch of melee enemies pick up Thornmail, against magic something like guardian angel or even force of nature will help out big time.

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Order that I put my skills in are you want to always start with whats going to stop the opponent (stuns,slows,silences etc) in this case its Cryptic Gaze as the first point for the stun then I focus all my points on Enrage for the damage bonus and go back to cryptic gaze when i cant put points on Enrage or Cannibalism. I think Death's Caress is pretty much useless unless your using AP Sion ( i also think pretty useless) so grab that at the end for the extra 300 dmg absorb. Put the points in as you need them if your low hp just leveled up and need to stay in lane longer get Death's Caress instead. Sions pretty stacked as far as abilities go so everything will help you but Death's Caress is **** for the most part.

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Now for Summoner Spells Runes and Masteries. You want to have all Marks of Malice and the rest dmg runes. In my opinion you get enough critical, enough attack speed from the items its unnecessary to have more but damage is always a big plus heals your more and kills them faster. Put your masteries in offense and I take the summoner spells Exhaust and Flash. I pick Exhaust because early game or late game it makes it impossible for them to get away and will allow you to get a bunch of attacks in before they run away, reducing their armor and damage at the same time. I take flash because early game Sion is pretty squishy and light so don't go treading into battle until you reach level 6 and get the life-steal benefit.

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Im pretty sure I've got enough reasoning and backing to support the reason why its far more beneficial to play as a DPS Sion then an AP Sion if anybody has any recommendations, inquiries or want to tell me Im wrong with some reasons to back it up then I want to hear it.