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Sion Build Guide by Fubgun

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fubgun

Sion: High elo AP sion guide

Fubgun Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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hi guys

this is going to be one of my many guides on mobafire

im going to try to make mobafire better

ATM the top sion guide is kinda out dated

don't aspect the best english to you can understand what i type...


buy atleast 1 ward every time you go back

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these are pretty standard AP caster runes

nothing much to say here

flat AP quints

magic pen marks

AP per a level blue/yellows

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pretty standard masterys for any AP casters

the other option is 21/9 going more defensive

but sion is a early game champ which you don't need the extra health

you can also go into 4/4 of movement speed sense you do get second blue

you can also go 9/21 if you think your going to be the only tanky person on your team

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my item build is pretty simple

rush BoM with 2 dorans rings

then get rabs

if you feel like your getting bursted down early get a GA after zhonya or void

if they get early MR get a void after rabs

but you always want to go rabs first before anything else in the build (besides boots ofc)

Other items i suggest

hextech gunblade works well with sion more added burst and some AD for ulty better then WoTa

DFG if they are stacking health

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Skill Sequence

Pretty standard for any AP sion

max shield first stun second and his E last

some people may argue about his ulty being useful in ap sion

i can't tell you how much towers i push with his ulty and how much times iwon 1v1 fights cus of it

it's worth the 1 point

another point in your stun is only like 50 more dmg anyway

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Summoner Spells

flash: why not get this summoner spell? it still it and always will be the best summoner spell

ignite: it's a good summoner spell one of the best even with the cleanse buffs good for early kills and for dem sorakas

others you may want

cleanse: if they have a all AOE team i recommended this

teleport: if your simple solo top

everything else don't get

clarity don't get worse summoner spell in game

Troll summoner spells


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Ranked Play

this is a rank AP sion guide

make sure to always ward always ward never over extend and call mia/SS

atm im 25-7 with AP sion in rank

thats about it all i can say here

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What to do early/mid/endgame

Early game you just want to last hit

start harrasing at lvl 3 with shield or just push the lane so he cant CS and when you push the lane make sure you go back to your tower so you don't get gank and rince and repeat

once you get Boots of mob you just want to push mid with one W and go top or bot (which ever one is more over extended)

end game you just want to always target the Ad carry as you can easily burst him or atleast 3/4 of his health as AD carrys get no magic resis besides bv or QSS

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Sion's skills

Cryptic Gaze:

Sion gazes at a foe and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Has a tad bit of range! This is Sion's main Ganking and Disabling tool. When ganking, you should be using it on the easiest kill, or disabling a lane partner who is the biggest threat to stopping you or your allys from stopping your kill. You should be using this to poke your foes in lane as well. With 90% AP ratios, this move is incredible.

Death's Caress:

Sion creates a shield around him for 10 seconds that absorbs damage. After 4 seconds, you can manually explode the shield, dealing damage in a AoE to surrounding enemies. The amount of absorbtion, and damage dealt upon manual explosion is increased by 90% of your AP. This is Sion's bread and butter technique. It absorbs an abnormal amount of damage, and then allows you to blow your load all over the enemy. You should always attempt to pop this BEFORE you engage, so it allows you to pop it, the start up another one as soon as possible.


Essentially useless for the AP Sion, other than giving its permanent health increasement whenever you kill a minion/champion. KEEP THIS ACTIVATED AT ALL TIMES. There should be no reason to turn this off. Other than that, it gives a passive AD boost as long as its active

NOTE: killing creeps with your shield will still grand you the health bounis


Steals life from enemy champ pretty simple really good skill for early 1v1 fights and pushing towers nothing really else to say about this

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Pros / Cons

Sion's Pros:
-Great Stun With Huge Nuke Potential

-Shield That Allows Incredible Lane Harass/Farming/Damage Mitigation/Nuke.

-A Permanent Health Gain Through Enrage

-Incredibly Tough For An AP Carry

Sion's Cons:
-If His Shield Is Broken, Loses A Crucial Part To His Nuke

-Is A Melee Caster Nuke

-Has No Long Range Poke

-Is Susceptible To CC

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The end

thanks for reading my guide tell me what you like/dislike

and tell me what next guide you want for the next champion as i will be doing alot of guides

i do not consider my self the best player ver

but im in 1600 elo watch alot of streams/tourneys

i know what to build on every single champ and how to use them with out looking at a guide i been playing for 1 year now with almost 2k+ games

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BTW you must go mid

mid ap sion roam is the strongest of all sions

and if you think this guide is bad then tell me why before voting as i can explain anything in my guide so you can understand if you didn't before

Also if anyone got suggestions if i should make more tabs in my guide or not

or if you want to know more stuff plz let me know