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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arragoth

Sion in every role

Arragoth Last updated on December 27, 2010
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I decided to create this guide because as I browse through the many guides I never really feel they are quite right. None of them seem to capture the wide reach that Sion id capable of. Hopefully anyone reading this guide can find a play style they are comfortable with.

You will find in this guide three different builds for Sion. The first in an AP Jungle build, the second an AP laning build and the third is an AD laning build. Now I also play him as a AD Jungler but I will cover the slight change in the AD build in the that section of this guide.

Who is Sion?

Sion is a very unique champion in that he can fill almost every possible role in the League of Legends. He can be built to suitably cover the role of AP Carry, AD Carry (either as a jungle option) He can also make for a very nice tank/support champion.

There are also many ways to build his items based on his role. The items I have picked out are my personal favourites to use but I left the sixth spot open in each build for a defensive item. In many games you may require 2 defensive items. For that reason i will discuss what the core items are for each set and you may go from there depending on how the game is proceeding.

The First Sion, AP Jungle

This is my favourite way to play Sion. There isn't much I love more then bursting out of the bushes at level 2 just after getting Golem buff and getting that first blood. Most people just aren't prepared for that level 2 gank.

You enter the bushes, start your W and burst out looking to cut off the enemies retreat. Try to never run straight at them as you will of course end up at a bad angle. Hit them with your stun the moment it's in range when you are on top of them blow up that shield. Between you and the champ in that lane you should be able to kill your victim well before he gets to his tower. The nerf to Flash was a massive buff to Sion as his stun can no longer be dodged.

From that gank, work toward getting the 1275 to finish catalyst and buy basic boots.

I am a very active ganker with Sion from the jungle because his stun his such a massive force to deal with out of the jungle. You don't need the Lizard buff at all so be sure to call your mid over to take it each time you are set to take it out.

Your key items for this build are your boots, a Sheen and a Rod of Ages. From there it's up to you if you want to build a Rylai's, Zhonya's or a defensive item.

The Second Sion, AP Laner

This build is very similiar to the AP jungler but I will change around the masteries depending on how exactly I expect my role to be in the game as well the summoner skills. If I am able to get a solo lane I take Teleport otherwise I grab ignite or clarity depending on my laning partner. Because your second summoner spell isn't a huge boost to your game play be sure to use it for an extra exhaust if your team needs it.

If you are laning with somebody use your stuns to help set up kills for your partner. Hopefully the team was smart enough to duo you with a big time AD champ that can take advantage of your disable. With any decent laning partner you should be able to easily zone the enemy and dominate the lane.

When laning alone focus on farming and survival until about level 8-9. Your shield allows you to control minions pushes and also offers protection from harassment. If the enemy is dumb enough to play aggressive stun them when they poke at the tower. It's a quick reminder that you are not divable.

The Third Sion, AD

The AD build is one I only do when we have no other AD carry. It is far more offensive minded then the AP builds and has much more risk involved. It also takes much longer for you to become truly effective.

Even though I posted the laning version of AD I prefer to jungle as AD as levels and gold are so important for you and not having to share a lane is so important.

If jungling the core items are Madred's, Ghostblade and your boots. I then choose between Starks and Bloodthirster based on my opponents and what they have for defensive items.

Manamune is also a very good item for AD Sion and is a very good replacement for Sheen. I like Sheen as an early game item if it's an aggressive game. In more passive games I will go with the early Tear of the Goddess instead.


I do want to add some video coverage of my play in each build and style because visuals are so much more effect then words. For now all I have is this video of my 3's team in a dominating game. I do screw up a couple time (like a missed stun on Olaf) but all in all it's a good example game of just how Sion can play out.

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions. Please refrain from flaming. if you disagree with something please discuss it like a mature adult. If you feel something is missing that will help others don't be shy about offering your ideas and thoughts.