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Sion Build Guide by chickoly14

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chickoly14

Sion- Lifesteal Pro

chickoly14 Last updated on April 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sup guys. This is my first guide so plz be nice.

Sion is a great melee DPS and is life steal pro. His massive life steal lets you charge into battle and come back out at full health. I choose AD over AP cuz you do great amounts of damage per hit, while if your AP, all you have a stun and exploding shield with 8 second cool down. I think it's a waste of his ult since it can be so useful in getting kills or destroying turrets.

Plz read on if you still interested in playing as AD Sion.

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Pros / Cons


    Does a lot of damage mostly cuz of his E
    Massive life steal
    Great stun


    Can be screwed by ranged
    easily kited
    dependent on good early game and being fed

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Summoner Spells

Good for escaping, chasing, going into battle. You guys should know y I chose flash.

This is a must have for me cuz it lets you finish off a low health without touting them. Good for early game in the lane.

Other Optional Spells

Get this if you don't have flash or you just think the movement speed is still too slow for you.

Exhaust is good to help your team get that kill for the ace. But if they have a cleanse, o well.

Good if you're up against people with CC. Gangplank,Nunu.

If your jungling, then get this. Otherwise don't.

Clarity? You shouldn't be spamming your q and w unless your AP.

If your new with Sion and need to recall a lot, meh.

Really? R u a nub?


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Skill Usage and Sequence

Passive: Feel No Pain
Sion ignores 30/40/50 damage each time he is attacked.

Q: Cryptic Gaze
Stuns an enemy for 1.5 seconds dealing up to 300 magic damage.

W: Death's Caress
Sion has a shield which absorbs up to 300 magic damage and can be manually detonated to deal 300 magic damage.

E: Enraged
Sion gains increased attack damage up to 65 damage and if he kills a unit while it is activated, he gains up to 3 maximum health. Costs up to 12 health per hit.

R: Cannibalism
Sion gains 50% more attack speed and up to 100% more life steal for 20 seconds. Plus he heals surrounding units for up to 50% of the damage dealt.

You want to get a point in ur stun Cryptic Gaze to help you trade blows and hopefully get first blood. Then put a point in Enrage at lvl 2 and at lvl 3 death's caress. Max out Enrage first because it is what gives you that awesome damage. Then even out ur stun and shield.

Enrage: You want to last hit minions to gain that bonus health. I recommend you NVR deactivate Enrage. Losing 6 health per hit isn't a real big deal. Your dorans blade, runes, and vamp scepter fix that up.

Cryptic Gaze: Dont spam this cuz you don't have a large enough mana pool to be using this every 10 seconds. Hide in the brush at the beginning of the game and w8 at the edge nearest their tower. Right when they enter stun them ignite and hit them a couple of times and first blood.

Death's Car***: This could be the difference between life and death. You don't want to activate this at the beginning of a fight. Save it until your half-way through their health. Remember, it does 300 magic damage at lvl 18. If your not AP doesn't mean it'll do less than that. It will deal 300 magic damage exactly.

Cannibalism: O how I love this ult. It is the best skill AD Sion can have. Great for team fights and pushing turrets. Just by pressing that little key with an R on it could save your life. When ur team mates are at low health activate ur ult and hit some minions or champs and there you go, like instant recall and teleport.

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General Item Build

There are some other items u could get but this is just the usual build for me. You'll find that out in the Situational Items section. Why 2 phantom dancers? You already have 50% more from your ult right? I just think its not enough for Sion. So when its 1v5 defending base or 1v3 pushing bot, you can chop away their health in seconds without losing a lot. You wanna get ur warmogs BEFORE you get ur atmas so that you get that bonus damage. It gives you attack damage equal to 2% of ur max health.

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Early Game Build

I prefer dorans blade cuz i like the extra life steal and health. Sometimes i get boots and 3 health pots but if you're laning against ezreal or caitlyn then your going to use up the pots quickly.

When your about lvl 8 or 9 you should have enough gold to get a beserkers greaves ,zeal , and a vamperic scepter if you can.

Get some wards or an elixir if your really doing well and ward your lane.

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Mid Game Build

For your mid game build, you should get phantom dancerand a bloodthirster

If you can, get your warmogs or at least a giants belt to give a boost in health.

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Late Game Build

There's not much to say here. Just finish it and get yourwarmogs and atmas impaler.

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Situational Items

You could exchange warmogs for this. I like it cuz of the slow for each hit so you won't be chasing teemo forever and it gives a nice amount of health at the same time.

Exchange this for thorn mail if your against a team full of AP. Plus the movement speed bonus is nice for chasing.

The passive is good if your against a team of CCs and gives a bit of MR which is ok.

This is an ok alternative and the revive is pretty nice, however most of the time they camp around you after you die.

Great counter against heavy AD champs. Returns damage gives you an advantage at 1v1.

Gives a little attack damage, armor pen, crit, and attack speed which is nice. The active passive gives you a lot of attack speed.

If you want to do more damage this is the way to go. But i think the damage from enrage is enough to kill them in 7-10hits.

Other Boots

These give good amount of MR and tenacity helps against characters with a lot of CC.

I don't really prefer these cuz you can just get a thornmail. But if thats not enough, these boots would be ok.

There's really no other boot you should get so I'm not going to even explain why. You should know.

If there is anything else I should add, plz comment

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Can Sion jungle? OF course!

Start with: eithercloth armor and 5

Avamperic scepter.

You can choose. Either start with Enrageand go with vamperic scepter or go death's caress and cloth armor and 5 health pots. Basically start with either skill but the rest of the skill order is the same.

Jungle Route: Go blu or red. If you need to, get a leash. I suggest you go to red buff if you have vamperic scepter and go to blu buff if you have cloth armor and 5 hp pots.
If you went BLU: Then go wolves, wraiths, red, golems, wolves etc.
If you went RED: Then go wraiths, golems, blu, wolves, wraiths etc.
When you get to lvl 6-7 go solo dragon. Activate ur ult and chop-chop-smite-dead.


Baron respawns in 7 minutes
Dragon respawns in 6 minutes
Blu buff respawns in 5 minutes
Red buff respawns in 5 minutes
Wolves respawn in 1 minute
Wraiths respawn in 1 minute

Ganking: You want to see if anyone is overextending. It will most likely be top, but mid is favorable, too. If you don't see a lot of over extension just keep jungling. Warn the team mate in the lane your about to gank. Go in and immediately stun. Then just keep chopping away their health.

Items: Doesn't matter if you started with cloth armor or vamperic scepter they both add up to wriggles lantern. Remember it can be a ward, too! After wriggles, just get your bezerkers greaves and phantom dancer. You don't have to get a vamperic scepter to build ur bloodthirster. Just get a B.F. sword since you already have life steal from your wriggles. Then just finish the rest of the build the same.

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Thanks for reading my guide. Hope you guys like and try it out. Ive had a good game every time i use this build with Sion.

Plz comment, vote up!

If you vote down plz tell me y and Ill answer you ASAP.

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