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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jodas

Sion - Most Underrated AP Champ

Jodas Last updated on December 17, 2010
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Sion - Most Underrated AP Champ

Alright Guys. This Guide will teach you how to play AP SION successfully.
Here are some scores of mine:
This build requires patience and a good laning partner. Yeah that's right, I never go mid with this build. In the Beginning you will have about 800 life. Thats godly, compared to other tanks, since sion has a shield, that absorbs additional 120 damage. So you have 920 life on level 1. This is good for 2 things: 1. you can farm already in the beginning, 2. you are tanky and the enemy will think twice whether to gank you or not. (Most times they fail and I or my laningmate get first blood). BUT Sion can do a lot of damage in the beginning, too, and that's the awesome thing about him.
But why should you play AP sion, when he has only 2 abilities that support this? I can tell you!

- much tankier than usual AP champs thanks to his 1:1 ap ratio on his shield
- has a lot of life already
- gets more life the longer the game lasts
- can do 2 k dmg in 1 second to 1 target, and another 1 k to every enemy around you
- can survive karthus's ult easiely (since shield has better AP ratio than his ult)
- easy to learn, since you only use 2 abilities
- may steals kills of your teammates
- can't go mid or solo
- you still need a real tank in your team


Feel no Pain

The passive Ability. This makes him one of the best tanks against physical damage. This is why you can farm easiely in early game.

Cryptic Gaze

1:1 Ap ratio, 2 seconds of stun... and does a good amount of damage already. No need to tell why this is awesome.

Death's Caress

This one is the only thing you may need to learn to use right. You can let it explode only 4 seconds after you activated that shield. Watch out, enemies like to destroy your shield before you can let it explode, so always cast it before you start to initiate. You can use it, when you are being chased, too, so you can survive.


Okay we get it on level 12. That doesn't mean that it's useless, but that the other abilities are better. The additional physical damage is awesome for last hitting in end game and to push towers/kill the dragon. It's other passive is awesome, too, since you will be the one who kills a large amount of creeps. (shield does about 500-700 dmg in midgame and 1 shots any creep.


Kinda useless ult for this build? Oh no! This one is good even for an AP Sion. You only have 2 attack abilities, so you stand around there kinda useless and tank for your team. And this is when you activate the ult, to heal your team and to do at least something to kill your enemies. Very useful to do the last little amount of dmg that was needed to kill your enemy.

Summoner Spells

ExhaustThis one is good for getting first blood. Nobody can stand against stun AND slow (and a lot of damage thanks to your abilities).
FlashThis is probably the best spell paired with sion :D I just it many times to get first blood and to run away/chase enemies. You may think now, why it is useful for getting fb. I'll explain: enemies think that they cannot be stunned when they stay far away from the grass. That's when they still try to get exp, even if they have low life, so they stay near the bush on the other side. Then you flash out of the grass, run to your target and stun him. Your teammate will see this and attack, while you attack, too, and let your shield explode. Most of the times this damage is enough to get fb.
Ignite to make sure you really kill them.

Summoner spells I DO NOT RECOMMEND:
Ghost. Does not have this "surprise surprise" effect like flash, and for chasing enemies you are fast enough to stun them (if not you stil can use flash. It just has a better use)
Heal. You just dont need it. You will have about 4 k life endgame, and getting back a little bit life won't be that useful.
Smite. We are not jungling...
Cleanse. You have enough Life, you won't need it, because you won't die.
Revive. Obiously.


So this is the most important part of the guide. But you can figure it out by yourself how to play ap sion.

Early Game:

- farm by using your shield try to get 850 Gold, so you can buy the catalyst, which is most important for our mana regeneration. Buy it asap, then stay on your lane till you kill someone or someone of your team needs your help.
- as long as you are laning, farm creeps, and always have at least 100 mana so you can stun someone if they decide to gank you.


- on level 11-13 when nobody began to gank, kill the dragon
anything else is just general advice:
- push like hell
- you can towerdive to kill enemies with only 400-600 hp left.
- farm
- help mid
- defend towers all over the map.
- gank
- try not to die


Get your full equipment, try not to die and win. Always remember to activate your shield before starting the teamfight.