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Sion Build Guide by Bhamashi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bhamashi

Sion pubstomping hybrid

Bhamashi Last updated on May 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sion hybrid

So the reason to go hybrid is that a champion should always utilize their skills to the max. Going straight ap gives lots of burst but neglects his ult and enrage. By going ad you neglect his shield and stun. The key here is guinsoo rage blade am item rarely used except on jax. It gives attack speed and ap. try it out and stomp faces.

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For me ap runes and magic penetration are the most useful. It's ur preference whether u want straight ap or leveled over time ap.

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Sion gets tacky with enrage so I get standard ap caster mysteries and up for early game survival. You can go utility for mana as he runs out quick.

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Here is the most important part to soon. Going boots allows you to lane longer with pots. Also Dorian's ring helps with farming. I usually get two but it depends on the game. Never follow a Gide exactly. Look at how you are doing when buying items. Three dorans rings can be more effective when playing poorly then waiting and saving for a big item. After that I got hex tech revolver for ap and spell vamp. This gives you spell vamp on your spells and helps you run away by shielding and stunning while you run. This lets you kite and survive. Next I go guinsoo so that now with your ult you are dealing lots of damage and getting all your health back. You get ap for every stack as well as attack speed. At 6 ap a stack and 8 stacks that gives 48 extra ap. dot to mention all the extra damage enrage gives you. After this I go for gunblade for the life steal and active. Now you have a stun and a slow and an extra 300 damage. Plus it gives ap and attack damage. Again both are for all your skills. Next is rabbadons which is obvious. Boom goes the dynamite on your shield and and stun. With 90 percent ap scale that is a almost 700 damage on two spells with not too large of a cool down. After this it is up to preference you can go more ap with void staff. More hybrid, move speed, cc, proc, and attack speed with trinity. Or more survivability with force of nature which also gives you more move speed. I tend not to get trinity force as it is expensive and at this late stage hard to finish. If you are crushing them and they have not surrendered go for it. Force of nature almost makes your life loss from enrage null and void. these are expensive items so be smart with your gold. If you struggle early get a gold item like philosophers or heart. Also while I did not put wards in the cheat sheet in order always ward river and brush if you are getting ganked.

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Skill Sequence

Go for your farming skill first. It does tons of aoe damage and helps you farm up items fast. Put one point in each other skill in between. I max stun next as it does more damage. You can max enrage first to get more hp over the course of the game. 300 hp is quite useful ase you can kill 100 creep super fast. Always leave enrage on. It helps. If you are running just shield stun kite them to a trap. Your ult should be used in every team battle so watch the map for the fights. Otherwise use it to farm up the buffs and lanes. While Simon can initiate and tank I tend to wait for the right moment after the tank goes in. Remember you are an off tank hybrid ap attack speed. As long, and stupid sat that sounds you get lots of kills and should never die. With ap your shield will get super strong. Eventually killing creeps will build your health to almost 3 k if done right. So you are tangy but not the one who should take the brunt of the figHt. You do too much damage to force yourself out by tanking. Plus no armor or a lot of mr so they will cut you down fast. By going second you take some damage but your spell vamp and life steal should keep you in the fight. Not to mention defensive shields.

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Try it out and give suggestions. This guide is not for ranked or high elo games. It is too stomp pubs.