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League of Legends Build Guide Author bingbingsuto

Sion: rapetacular ap !!!!!! run and cry to your mommies !!!!

bingbingsuto Last updated on July 26, 2010
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Alright, my first build i am putting up for my main hero Sion. Hopefully it serves you as well as it serves me.

Masteries: i go 9/21/0 for the simple fact that it gives ap while tanking Sion up a bit. and serves well for when no one else wants to tank on your team then i just go for my tank build with out havein to change up my masteries. you can change these how ever you feel but i prefer to have sion with some more survivability.

Skill sequence & skill description: for my skill sequence i find that Sion is not one to be running around going all dps thinking he should be able to kill anyone with his amazing damage so i build my skills around that. getting death's caress first to check the bushes in my lane when i get there, putting it on before i enter and haveing it ready to explode apon entering. it deals more damage and aoe so i find it better for first min FB. then build on cryptic gaze and death's caress till mastered because the damage on them goes up quickly. Enrage waits till lvl ten when you can clean an entire mob with one sheild blast, it gives you your damage and gives you more health and at this point you don t really notice the health loss that comes with each attack. Now for your ult, you get this at the end and not at first chance for the simple fact that you need ability power not attack speed and life drain, you will never need that if you play properly. At this point haveing cannabilism means that team fights are going on, and now you can help out some more. after your tank initiates you can pop on your sheild stun your target and pop your ult and auto attack your teams health back, try stayin as far back as you can. because by now your enemy knows your a big threat and you ll likley be targeted first.

Runes: they can be adjusted however you like but i prefer full ability power at 18 for my runes, for that devastateing power end game. I use this for both tank and ap sion, infact i use pure ap for all my tanks it just makes you a little more scary to mess with.

meki pendent- sions base mp is horrible so you need this to stay in lane and get your kills, and it later turns into your deathfire.
mejai's soulstealer- for the strict ap you get, when done right you will have 20 stacks atleast once a game, or close to it. i find no point in getting the RoA instead of this because your almost garentead at least 5 stacks a game.
sorcerer shoes- for the magic pen a must for most casters
void staff- gives a good chunk of ap and magic pen
now zhonya's ring, lich bane, and deathfire grasp can all be gotten out of order depending on the following...
if their team has a hp washed tanked i.e another sion, a cho, or a firecape tank then..
deathfire grasp
zhonya's ring
if their team has mainly squishy heros and their tank has decided not to get and magic resistence then..
zhonya's ring
deathfire grasp
if your struggleing for kills..
zhonya's ring
deathfire grasp
Heres why...
Deathfire grasp- is ideal for use against tanks who have gone the hp route. its like for dps champions a bloodrazor. you click it to activate once a minute, deals 30% of their current health + 3% per 100 ap i beleive. so before you use any other abilities hit them with this, it s got about the same range as your stun so if their not on the move then deathfire, sheild, stun sheild, ult, auto attack. you won t even have to get to the auto attack part and you ll have any champion dead.
zhonya's ring- get this for when you believe you just arn't doing enough damage it gives 120 ap + a bonus 25% of your total ap (getting more then one zhonya's ring does not stack) allowing you to take off a big chunk of any champs hp. aim for last hits as well to bring up your stacks which will be mad ap after this iteam and help pay for this slightly costly build. which can t be to expensive because iv e finished it multipule times.
lichbane- is great for sion because before you engage any where you should be putting on your sheild first, which activates lichbanes ability, then you stun your target for double the damage it would of originally which for stun is 300+your ap at the time * in damage thats 600 garentead damage right there, and at this point you will have AT LEAST 300 ap.

early game(lvls 1-6): when going ap sion you have to know what your getting into. his base mp at lvl 1 is 200 (which is only two stuns, or three sheilds) which is why you have the meki pendent. I suggest laneing with someone rather then solo, but you can solo and it could turn out well but it s tough. early game sion doesn t have alot of damage so play deffensively or depending on your partner/opponents stick ahead of your minions a little scareing away your opponents with your sheild and stun. As soon as you hit lvl 2 ping a target (the squishiest in your lane) pop on your sheild and start heading toward them if they run don t chase just turn around and blow up on the minions. keep doing this until someone stays close enough for you to stun, stun him exhaust him and ignite him then blow up your sheild, if you have a good lane mate then this should be FB. Repeat once Exhaust and ignite are back up. Caution: always keep enough mana to use atleast one of your abilities at this lvl because sion can be rather squishie early on. headback when you can, first buy mejai's, second when you can buy your shoes. if you don t have your shoes by lvl 6 your doing something wrong.

mid game(lvl 7-15): now that you have your mejai's and shoes you should be makeing easy kills with your lane mate and your enemies should be on the defensive if not your lane is neutral. you should have a little more mana by now and it should be easy to harrass, keeping in mind your squishyness and have enough for an escape mechanism at all times. once you start getting enrage you should be dealing close on 500 damage per hit with your sheild and stun, if your not quite 500 don t worry you ll get there, you should atleast be able to one sheild most mobs now, with enrage on sky rockets your health. ganks should be happening now and lanes should become free, so take that opportunity when ever you can to clean a lane by yourself.the benefit of ap sion is you get the health bonus from enrage when you kill with a spell and using spells doesn t drain your health. keep up the habit of sheilding before you run in stunning then exhaust and ignite, the person you focus on should just about always die with this combo especially if you have your team with you. If you find your self running dry and being stuck on cd everytime your about to kill someone and they end up getting away, invest in the next step up for meki pendent, you get the cd reduc and a little bit of ability power to boot. Note: if no one on your team is getting golem then it's a wise investment to go grab it, try and lane bot if you can so your close to the golem on your side. if you lane top then make sure your opponents are push overs before you attempt getting it. the golem gives you a big bonus on your mana gen and gives cd reduc makeing your abilities almost spamable. personaly i should go get golem buff way more it helps alot keeps your mana topped up which is always benificial, i usualy only pick it up off of enemies who stray towards me with it on.

late game(lvl 16-18): by now you should know whos going to win, have at least three iteams compleated, around 10 stack or more on your mejai's and around 300-400 ap. it s now time to start getting your ulti, and with that it you should grab a well fed member of your team and you and him should be able to take out baron by your selves. pop you ulti when you both get around half health and you will go right back up to full. this ability will also allow you and your team to prolong pushes, after a team fight and every one is injured pop on your ult and tell your team to stay by you while you attack minions, regaining everyone left standing to full health and extending your push a little further. keep this up and with good support beside you your team should win.

role in team fights: just like any other caster you should be in the back and last one in, but unlike the rest your last one in but you will slowly make your way to the center, stunning their main dps guys and explodeing your sheild in the eye of the fight to maximize damage amongst their team. Your stun should be used on who ever is causeing the most problem, your sheild on the team or for finishing blows its some times better to leave your sheild run for a while in a team fight. a well fed sion can absorb over 1k damage in his sheild so this will prolong your life, and allow you to take the finishing blows when your main dps is dead. using your ult when you arn t the one being focused on is the best time to use it, it keep your dps and tanks alive while you heal and keep every one alive.

tricks and knacks:
1. always have enough for one saving spell, don t waste it all on minions. this can allow you to bd and when someone shows up to gank you you can stun and run.
2. pick up golem when ever you can. mana gen gotta love it.
3. your not tank sion SO DON T ENGAGE wait for your tank.
4. early game if your lane is being harrassed hard get one point in canabalism to maintain your lane. personally i never find that a problem.
5. if someone on your team is jungleing, LANE WITH HIM. sure you won t have a good chance at FB but it's relly good because you level up faster and with that your skills get more damage faster, be sure to play the defence when vs two people, and they will be sure to slip up and you will stun them at turret and it s over 2 more stack on your mejai's.
6. don t be afraid to call for help :D
7. ganking is your freind P:

Hopefully this guide helped you out a bit, posative reviews and such would be great on my first attempt at a guide. it works for me and it should for you if you play right, many games i go in i get around 15 or so kills with very few deaths. and with the damage i do with this build it always leaves kills open for my teamates, IN EVERY GAME i have more assists then kills lol. so do your part and i hope to see this build around one time, cause ever since i started playing sion iv e never see one do as much as me. by end game i have around 500-600 ap depending on how things go. one game i was at 800 ap there and still lost because the team was a fail, so your almost garentead a GG on your part, the rest is up to your team mates.