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Sion Build Guide by Skill My Shot 2

Sion Support: The Aggressive Bot Lane

Sion Support: The Aggressive Bot Lane

Updated on November 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skill My Shot 2 Build Guide By Skill My Shot 2 43,399 Views 0 Comments
43,399 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Skill My Shot 2 Sion Build Guide By Skill My Shot 2 Updated on November 8, 2011
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- *WARNING* This is not a AP nuke Sion build so keep that in mind

- This build shows a different way to play Sion this builds goal is to get your AD carry fed and have amazing lane control.

- Sion is a great champ who is becoming very popular lately and if u want a different way to play him that is still viable then this is a great build for you.

- This is my first guide please give me tips! :D
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Pros and Cons

- Great early game damage and harass
- When paired with a AD carry like Caitlyn or Graves u can zone a lane like its nothing.
- Very useful in team fights with his stun and AOE damage.
- Makes for a good aggressive bot lane.

- Not as much damage as full AP Sion.
- Uses a lot of mana if u are contently harassing.
- Kind of hard to utilize correctly in team fights.
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The masteries I picked for this build are basic support masteries. I max a lot of the mana regeneration masteries because of his large amount of mana usage, but when it comes to masteries it is mainly preference think of it, as if i were going into a battle what stats/bonuses would i want, or what is this character lacking.
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-The items are a work in progress (feel free to suggest anything). I start with the faerie charm for many reasons, first off it gives u that mana regen u need to establish a strong lane presence, second it builds into your first gp/5 item Philosopher stone.

-The second item i tend to get is boots of speed, which gives u movement to either chase and enemy or protect the AD carry, those boots are going to build into the second tier boots.

-Right after Boots of speed i build my Kage's lucky pick which is another gp/5 item and also gives u a little ability power and later builds into death grasp.

-Next you are going to want to get tier 2 boot, which can be a hard decision. In general you are going to want to build mercury treads for the resistance and tenacity, but if u are feeling like u wont need those two stats go ahead and build sorcerers shoes.

-After you build the core items you are going to want some more damage and what better for that then rod of ages. This item is great it gives you more health and mana and ability power all stats you are going to want on support sion.

-Now that you are into late game you are going to want to finish your death grasp, so you can deal a little more damage and also helps your carries deal with those tanky DPS champs who build Atmogs (Gangplank, Garen etc.)

-Last if somehow u make it into very late game u are going to want to still be a threat, so try to build death cap this item is not a necessity and will most likely not be build unless the game goes a long time.
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The role of a support

I want to add a section about this because people seem to never understand what a support does.

Step 1 - TAKE CLAIRVOYANCE! This is a tool that can win you games plain and simple if you know how to use it you can know exactly where their jungler is at all times. I am sick of people i want clarity or i wish i had exhaust, just no.

Step 2 - You will no be farming (leave that to your AD carry) so build GP/5 items they keep you from becoming useless.

Step 3 - Ward like their is no tomorrow. You want to make sure there is no possibility of the enemy jungler coming down bot and killing you, so make sure you have wards in appropriate locations. Also if your jungler is not doing so ward dragon it is very important and wins games.

Step 4 - Zone your opponent. Make sure that your carry is farming appropriately and if they are then try to make sure their range AD carry is not farming as well.

Step 5 - It doesn't matter if you die in team fights as long as your team comes out ahead, whether they get a tower, dragon, baron or more kills.
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Summoner Spells

Always go with clairvoyance, but for your second summoner spell you can either get flash or ghost. I prefer flash because its all around more useful, because you can use it to flash stun or flash over walls. As a support you really do not need to be running any exhausts or ignites leave that to your carries.
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This guide is for people who want to try a aggressive style support bot lane, that can still deal damage into mid/late game.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skill My Shot 2
Skill My Shot 2 Sion Guide
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Sion Support: The Aggressive Bot Lane

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