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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daemonor

Sion the best carry EU

Daemonor Last updated on September 15, 2010
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1. Why AD over AP ?

Some people say that Sion is best played as AP, especially in The Twisted Treeline, but I disagree. As I've tried both builds, i can say that AD build is much more superior than AP in many aspects. As AP you depend on Mejai's Soulstealer, and depending on snowball items is never good. Secondly, all you have is your stun and shield, and after these two are blown up you're pretty much useless. Thirdly, if you get focused, your shield becomes next to useless since it get's blown up by the incoming damage before you can detonate it. Fourthly, AP is only good early to mid game, during late game it starts to suck pretty bad, since you can't stun>shield kill people anymore. You might say: omfg Lichbane makes your melee attacks useful!!! Which is, however, wrong. If you pop shield and run to your enemy, he might just run away and thus your shield and Lichbane proc is both wasted. If you shield up, stun then you already wasted 1 of your procs and you only utilize it once. However with AD, you can 1v2 or even 1v3 in certain situations with the help of your ultimate of course, which AP doesn't utilize to the fullest, and whats worse than having a wasted ultimate? It's supposed to be your strongest skill. By reaching level 6 you can already 1v2 with your ultimate on, something you can't do when you build AP. Still not convinced? Critting for 700s when you have Infinity Edge with ~70% lifesteal and 1.5 attack speed sounds worse than hitting twice for ~500 and then standing useless again for 8 seconds? I don't think so. AD provides very good early game, which sadly, AP cannot offer. And by having good early game your bound to have both mid and late game good. After you finished your Phantom Dancer you can literally kill squishies during the duration of your stun, or towerdive 1v3 because neither the tower nor the other players can outdamage your lifesteal with ultimate on. However, your main weakness is CC since you can't hit when your stunned or snared, which leads to no lifestealing, which leads to dying of course. Your biggest counter will be exhaust and ignite, because it halves your lifesteal and makes you miss all attacks for 4 seconds, which might be just enough to focus you down.

2. Justification of item choices.

Brawler's gloves - provides you with 10% crit at the beginning of the game, and if you crit once or twice, the first blood is guaranteed.

Health potions - useful for any char to stay in the lane longer.

Berserker's greaves - a lot of people diss this item, but Sion lacks attack speed early game, and this item is just fine to solve this problem.

Executioner's edge - you need the lifesteal for laning phase and to negate the loss of hp by using your Enrage skill, the active is very nice if they have a healer on their team, and this item is the cheapest one of all the lifesteal items and since we will be focusing on crit, the bonus this item provides is icing on the cake.

Zeal - Since Sion's base movement speed is a bit lower than other character's it helps you catch up, plus attack speed and crit is what we are aiming for.

Infinity edge - after your boots/EE/zeal you have enough attack speed/crit and should start focusing on damage now, and this item provides all the stats you need. Damage, crit chance, and crit damage. This item is a MUST and should never be skipped.

Phantom dancer - after finishing IE you could use more crit to utilize it's passive even more, so this item is a perfect choice, besides it grants extra movement, attack speed and dodge which makes it even easier against physical dps characters and helps your Nimbleness mastery.

Games usually don't last long enough for you to even finish Phantom Dancer, but in case you manage it, items worth mentioning are Guardian Angel, Atma's Impaler and Frozen Mallet.

3. Justification of masteries/runes/summoner spells.

3.1 Masteries

Offense :

Deadliness - because you need crit and not AP.
Cripple - because your using Exhaust as your summoner spell.
Sorcery - because CDR helps to land your stun more often.
Alacrity - because there are no better options.
Sunder - because it goes along with your runes.
Brute force - because 3 extra damage never hurts.
Lethality - because you will be critting and this makes your crits harder.
Havoc - why else would you put points in offense?


Resistance - because extra magic resistance never hurts.
Hardiness - because you need to put a point somewhere to go deeper.
Evasion - because your using dodge seals, so more never hurts.
Nimbleness - why else would you use dodge seals and put points in evasion?

3.2 Runes

Armor penetration marks - simply the best stat for any physical damage dealer, makes you hit for full damage from early to mid game and still helps you hit harder during late game.

Dodge seals - synergizes very good with your phantom dancer and defensive masteries, simply the best choice for yellow seals.

Cooldown reduction per level glyphs - always better than flat glyphs, and reduces the cooldown of your ultimate and stun, the key abilities.

3.3 Summoner spells

Ghost - the best ability for chasing/escaping i pick it no matter what char I use, you just can't live without it.

Exhaust - useful for disabling an enemy carry and chasing fleeing enemies.

Cleanse - since I pointed out that CC is Sion's major weakness, you might want to give it a try to cleanse those pesky exhausts or any cc for that matter.

4. To be continued

If you have any questions or want me to add more sections to this guide, feel free to post a comment and i will do so.