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Sion Build Guide by deathis56

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deathis56

Sion -The gold mining menace

deathis56 Last updated on June 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this build i use however it is not the only build i use and should generally be put as a something you might consider doing.(please note that rabadon's deathcap is the stepping stone into whatever the hell you want ap build sion heck you might even be able to transition to a ad/crit sion with how much gold you should be getting but i probably wont even try that)

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these runes are not changeable , the more ap you have per level,the better of you are farming gold from minions and im not even kidding about this before level 20 you should probably just write this build off as something you would like to try in the future.

Why so many ap runes? Well the general weakness of this build would be not having enough ap to kill the minions as fast as possible thus building on the early game advantage you supposedly have(ie their turret hugging and not getting as much gold as you should be).

mp:well you see this is still a team game and not i want to farm as much gold as possible game.So we get the magic penetration for those heros and with your dps output or survivability with decent damage output it goes really with with your farming capabilities to have magic penetration for those team fights!!!!!

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I want to make absolutely clear that this is given ideal situation with this general build and thought process.If you die i will at least say this:get the 860 ability power rod and boots its not worth not getting something when you die and going back the same way since you will probably jsut die again the same way so try to get some sort of advantage when you die at least makeing up for the death as much as possible.....

Also i am not sure how many runes i can put on each one so i just put the runes you need and a random number which just happened to be 17 but put those runes and as many as you can into those rune slots.

i will add in different building of sion and different things you can do later in a new chapter but please do not expect it for like a few days maybe even weeks....

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hero skills

well clarity and heal.I choose clarity so i can farm gold without having to return to camp at all really and the heal its just my style really, but ir goes along with the idea, I do not want to return until it is absolutely necesary or i hit the 1950 gold cap(can return at 1600 jsut i prefer to get boots when i go back for my + 80 ability power rod for alot of minion mining ).

Now you can switch out heal for whatever skill you want BUT clarity is absolutely pivotal in this build and should not be exchanged whatsoever.Reason is that sion isn't exactly the I get mana all day hero and does not have that much to work with anyways..... so its best to make up for that with clarity and continue about your farming.

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mastery trees

Now im a bit undecided with these,and you definitely have freedom to change things.I like the added mana in utility a bit more then more experience.Althoguh either one is viable and i cannot say one is better then the other.Experience gives you levels faster which enables you to get that crucial level 4 that much quicker but...... you do not have more mana and can run dry faster when you reach that level four.

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now this build is designed for jungling,just not exactly the way you think.The idea is that you get so much ap that you walk in to the ghouls and pop the shield killing them all then going back to lane. you have to wait until that critical rabadons deathcap before going to jungle however with this idea but with your added ap ,you should be able to still farm minions as well as jungling a bit(note: do not hardcore jungle until level 11-13 depending on situation).

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I am going with ideal situation.Your didn't die,you are not getting over eager and running into the turrets trying to kill a hero,your jsut sitting back mining the minions while having the enemies turret kill their minions sot hey dont get gold

so in ideal want to get the +80,1600 gold power rod first so you can 1 shot minions without hitting them.

after opening rabadons deathcap, there are so many variations you can do its ridiculous so i will leave that to you but the general idea is get ap for your shield to be able to kill meelee minions with aoe damage.How you accomplish this is viable and i will leave freedom to you.

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How to mine minions

In the beginning of the game,we get the death's caress for a few reasons and the main one being is the aoe damage + shield damage reduction against heros.

We level death's caress as fast as possible so we can get that aoe as quickly as possible to be able to one kill the ranged dps minions and later on the meelee ones.

The technique you want to use early game is at level 4 exactly, you want to one hit the ranged minions(without going back to town to buy any ap power) and pop the shield after hitting them all,after this try and last hit as many of the meelee minions as possible.

Now the idea of this opening is this,its a 5v5,your partner is running behind you ,your going into the grassy area and you see enemy heros ,so you pop your shield absorbing damage while taking none to yoru health points during the duration fo the shield and if they run you pop the shield dealing them damage ,now you have their team turret hugging so time for some farming AWWWW YEAAAAAA.

The opening with shield is very crucial and i did that example as to show you why you open shield first as opposed to getting stun then leveling your shield in a 1-3-1 fashion.

that is how you begin the success to farming that gold from the minions.