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Sion Build Guide by Maxxem

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maxxem

Sion -The Hybrid

Maxxem Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ok so I wanted to try and make a build and see what people think of it.
Now I know Sion is not really meant for hybrid but my build seems to work fine for me.
Test the build and see what you think. I have not seen any Sion hybrid build.
Most chose ap nuke for Sion. Few pick dps Sion. I chose both.

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I start off with abecause matched with the ap runes it can do about 100 and something damage straight away with . This really helps secure that elusive FIRST BLOOD!
I graboften just as a back up, incase you get bursted down a bit early game you just turret hug and pot burn then jumpback in with a lovely stun.
Next I go for daggers for attack speed then grabfor some move speed. By now you shouldnt really need to buy any more pots so start working on , after that grab .
By now you shouldnt really be using pots because you should be about lv 5 or so. pots only seem good very early game. shortly after codex you grab a, this gives nice ap and attack speed also a big chunk of cdr.
Next head for bf sword and make it a thirster, this stacks so well with Sion's ult.

Nextly I go for ato maximize the stun and shield damage, use the shield to eat a wave of minions for nice farm and nice hp from enrage.

After getting deathcap and perhaps grabbing a few more kills, build aand get as your final item.

Once you have that no one should be able to escape you anymore; if they flash or use escape skills of any sort you just re-stun them and finish them off with autoattacks while the mallet ensures they cannot escape from melee range.

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Ok so here is what i think should work best. I got me some attack speed runes Greater mark of alacrity.
This gives a total of 15.3% attack speed. Now matched with his ult Cannibalism and the Cleaver and nashor's tooth, it's almost caps attack speed very nicely.
now for Seals i take flat ap runes, Greater seal of potency,
the reason for this is his stun and shield scale off ap its nice to have a fair chunck of ap so these skills do alot more damage as you plough through the rest with the DPS.
For Glyps i take lv up ap runes, Greater glyph of force, I take these because lv up glyphs give 3 times as much as the flat one's do,
thus further increasing his magic damage for Cryptic gaze and Death's caress.
If you wish it you could also take ad marks such as Greater mark of strength or even classic armor pen Greater mark of desolation.
The attack speed isnt a must it just helps reach the cap. ad runes would buff up the enrage effect to give him a higher damage output.
This is your choice for marks. However for seals, glyphs, quints I strongly recommend the ap runes i have selected. You could also change up the quints for magic pen quints, Greater quintessence of insight.
However if you wish you could always go for armor flat seals, Greater seal of resilience, or even some hp seals if you wish Sion to be tankier.
As for Glyphs, the best types of glyphs are magic therefor I suggest either the ap ones I mentioned or magic resist flat,
Greater glyph of warding, or maybe try magic pen runes, Greater glyph of insight.
Again this is your choice, i would try and test them all and see which suits you best.

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Ah masteries. The new mastery system leaves everything up in the air for Sion.
He benefits from full defence, full offence also mix and match. I tried to give it my best go with these as they are still in testing phase. yet it seems to work well i found.
I go 12 / 18 / 0 before Sion was defence based and that was great. Now they changed eveything and added some tower desturction recipe's in mastery tree's.
So I grabbed all the cdr because at max cdr stun is every 5 seconds and at lv 18 with all items and runes he hits about 600 or so per stun, on a squishy thats about 50% hp more or less.
I added into minion damage to make last hitting easier for Sion thus feeding his rage to gain hp, it's win win.

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Summoner Spells

I suggest ghost and surge. Ghost is your gtfo skill,surge easily caps off the attack speed with all items and ult. Other possible choices are flash, exhaust, ignite also cleanse wouldnt hurt now they buffed it. Still try every combo you wish.

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And thus we come to an end of my first guide. Well enjoy and i hope this helps all the Sion user's that are few and far between. Please comment and help me make this better and more of a complete guide.