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Sion Build Guide by Tengs92

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tengs92

Sion The Jungler

Tengs92 Last updated on November 11, 2011
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Sion, the ultimate killer.
Someone told me a long time ago that there is no way you could jungle with Sion.
Now after so long time I finally made a guide and how to jungle with him!

Route 1
Start off with a vampiric scepter.
Choose your E.
Go to the wolfs, they spawn at 1.40, kill the biggest first and finish the two others.

After this you go on to the wrath camp, smite the biggest one, this will give you a level, take the stun and stun a target. Finish that target off first and take down the two others.

Now here is the tricky part, if the enemy has any junglers you need to be careful, start with the closest one attack it and a fast stun, this will prevent him from hitting you with the first basic attack. kill off the one you stunned, this will bring you very low on HP so always stun when you can. Relax your lifesteal saves your *** here and gives you two easy Golems.

This will give you the third level where you pick the E again. There is no need for further instructions on the skills (just look at the Guide on Sion Skills.


Now back in base grab your cloth armour and two health potions, you must not have two but its recommended for ganking.

Go to the blue and attack - stun, keep on doing this until its 600 when you use your smite. Remember to use one potion, if you use two its okay the second one should wore off just when you start on the wolfs again.

After this you are free to do what you please, look for a ganking oppertunity, if not go to jungle.

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Skill Explanation + Leveling Sequence + Your Main C-c-combo

Feel no Pain: This is Sions passive ability. It's a proc based ability with 40% chance of activating. It can help you survive in the early stages of the game, as well as the late game, but it's not considered reliable because it might not activate right when you need it & vice versa.

Tips and Tricks
When going up against AD characters in the early stage of the game, this can give you a nice advantage.
Can reduce minion damage a lot, and stop them from killing you after you've dived someone.
When playing AD, helps your jungle out a lot.

Cryptic Gaze: Straight out stun. Point and click. 1.5 sec duration at all levels, so it's pretty usefull all game. It does some heavy damage.

You're going to want to max out Cryptic Gaze after Death's Caress and before Enrage.

Tips and Tricks
Use it to initiate & run away.
Be careful when up against Nocturne, Sivir, Morgana, because their shields can block the spell, and since it's speed is 1600, even someone lesser reflexes could do it.
Use it to stop channeling enemies, like Malzahar while he's channeling Nether Grasp or Fiddlesticks while hes channeling for his Crowstorm

Death's Caress: Sions "bread and butter" skill. Puts a shield on yourself that absorbs damage, and can be detonated after 4 seconds, in not destroyed in the meantime.

You're going to want to max out Death's Caress first.

Tips and Tricks
Since it has a 4 second delay before it can be activated, you shouldnt engage or cast Cryptic Gaze at the enemy untill at least 2.5 seconds have passed.
Try to aim your shield detonation right before it has been destroyed, to maximize damage absorbed, and get the most out of your ability.
When you get rank 3 of Death's Caress, with only a chunk of AP you can 1-shot ranged creep waves. Great for farming.

Enrage: One of the best AD steroids in the game. Makes your early game melee damage stronger than your AD carries, until they get their B.F. Sword

You're going to want to max out Enrage third.

Tips and Tricks
Passive of this spell is quite amazing, so you should try to keep this on all the time, and get as much CS as possible.
Synergizes well with your Cannibalism
After you pop Death's Caress & Cryptic Gaze, makes your autoatack harass hurt quite a bit.

Cannibalism: Doesn't benefit AP Sion half as much as AD, but still an useful thing to have. Use it while your spells are on cooldown, and you're in melee range of your target.

You're going to want to max out Cannibalism last. ( While taking a point at level 6.

Tips and Tricks
This can help turn most of them 1v1 fights in your favor.
Great for gaining health back from minions & neutral creeps.
Since it's an AS steroid too, useful for bringing towers down faster.

Your C-c-combo

Your combo for best damage output should look something like this:
Your target should be about 60% health to do this, but it all depends on the target and their resistances.
Your Enrage should be on at all times.
Cast your Death's Caress, and wait about 2.5 seconds.
Get into range either by running, or suprising them with Flash, and cast Deathfire Grasp + Cryptic Gaze as soon as you're in range. ( If the target has a spell shield or Banshee's Veil, pop it using your Death's Caress, before casting the active of Deathfire Grasp to maximize your damage output )
Pop your Death's Caress, and cast Ignite if it's up.
Cast Cannibalism, and continue chasing your target and autoatacking.
If they're not dead, repeat your Death's Caress & Cryptic Gaze.

You have slain an enemy.