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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Achilliz

Sion the mage - comprehensive guide

Achilliz Last updated on August 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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You are Sion the mage, Sion the nuker, Sion the assassin ... you don't have real sustainable damage, if you want to keep doing damage, go for AS/LS Sion, there are plenty of good guides out there.
Now that we got this out of the way ... what makes you special is your ability to cause ALOT of damage in a very short time without even giving your target a chance to respond.
With only 400 AP and Lich Bane you can do 1820 dmg (see below) before your target even know what's going on, that's alot ! Your job it to look for the 0%-70% hp squishy champs and make them cry !
Your combo's burst is: Gaze (300+1*AP) + Death's Caress (320+1*AP) + Auto Attack with Lich Bane (AD + 1*AP) = 620+AD+3*AP

- Great Nuker
- Very hard to kill with shield
- Very strong early game
- Great farmer (whole creep waves in 0.1 sec)
- Stunner (for team fights)
- They won't know what to do since few people expect mage sion

- Not effective against high HP builds
- Low sustainable damage
- Like any nuker mage, the enemy team will focus you at some point
- Not as squishy as other mages but still squishy

Summoner's spells:
Ghost is great both aggressive and defensive. I use it since many many times it will save me from death and since I'm buying the soulstealer, dying is a very big penalty for me.
This is great early game for kills and late game to prevent healing. the AP bonus from masteries is nice at the start for more kills.

I really like this spell and it is quite similar to ghost since you can use it offensively or defensibly. The problem is that if you are chased by more then one champ, ghost might save you but exhaust won't.
Sion the mage is very mana hungry and we don't have alot of mana regen. This spell can give you that extra mana for a kill if you need it.

I went with 10/0/20 to get both 15% magic pen and 10AP after ignite. The reason I didn't go for the normal 9/0/21 build is because I think 10 AP can be alot at the start and you really need to have a great early game to make sion the mage work.
If you don't feel conformable with 10/0/20 feel free to go with 9/0/21.


There are 2 items left, I suggest taking either Mp5 or MagicPen for 5th and a defensive item for 6th.
this item adds another ability to your nuke plus a nice chunk of AP and some Mp5, it can be very powerful but I haven't tried it out yet.
lots of mana will keep you out in the field longer plus a nice chunk Mp5 and AP.
This is a must if the enemy team have tanks with high MR.

The unique ability can help you alot to keep your SS stacks up which is crucial for end game.
This item works great with your 3rd ability. once your can clear creep wave with one shield blast, this item will stack to max very fast making it appear like you are a tank, which will make ppl less likely to attack you. Don't be fooled yourself, you have very little armor and MR so you are not a tank.
Good magic resist items:
Good armor items:

It's a big decision to go or don't go for the soulstealer. If you can stack it up, it's one of the most powerful items in game with 200 AP and cooldown reduction. If you can't stack it above 5 it's a waste of money.
It boils down to how well you know your Sion and if you know how to get kills and avoid risks (Like pushing a tower when you can't see the enemy team on the map ... I hate when ppl do that), I usually take the item
unless the enemy team is fed and are just running from lane to lane killing your team (at which point it doesn't really matter what you buy xD)

Playing mage sion:
Start with Mana Sheppire, 1 hp pot and 1 mana pot. I used to take 2 hp pots but found I never use them but I am mana starved. Equit with your shield only, your job is to harass
the enemy champ while hitting the creeps as well. Don't push them too close to their tower, it's not where you want to be. Your second ability is your stun, don't use it yet, you want your first stun to be a kill (it also takes ALOT of mana).
When you reach level 3, you pick out an enemy champ with about 50% hp or less (you and your parnter should have harassed him to that point). Mark him up so your partner will know
and activate your shield. The enemy should be used to that at this point so he won't flee too far. Once you have 1 sec to blow the shield stun him, blow up shield, ignite and melee.
Even without your partner doing anything you should get that first kill. Now he should be scared of your shield since he knows stun comes next. Wait until you have 200 mana, go into
brush, use shield, wait 2 sec, run out with stun + shield + melee for hopefully another kill (you are not even level 6 yet). Once you get back to base you should be able to complete Sheen and either Sorcorer's boots
or just boots of speed. Go back to lane and get more kills, now your combo is a bit stronger with Sheen proc but not a big diff. Keep leveling Shield then Stun even at and after lvl 6.

Hopefully you got Sheen, Boots and 2-4 stack on your soulstealer (if you bought it). Make sure your lane if good, if it isn't, go to it pop shield and kill the entire creep wave to buy time. If your lane is doing good,
go get some kills. Make sure ppl don't see you creep up on enemies, if they see you they will pull back and you don't like to fight at towers. Go into a brush close to the enemy and mark the one you are killing. Your
combo alone will take about 50% off a non-tank and your stun will allow your team and you to finish him off.
I'm not sure if it's the fact that ppl aren't used to see mage sion, if it's because you finish them with full hp or what, but ppl hate it when you kill them like that, they get angry and the start making mistakes, feed on those mistakes.

I must admit I didn't get to late game so much, If you dominate the battle they will surrender or you push to nexus. If the fight goes on start to think defensive so you won't drop to enemy carries.
I really like guardian angel since it can save your soulstealer stacks which is a huge deal. Your combo is as stated above: Shield (wait 2 sec), stun, melee, explode, ignite and melee until death.
Don't initiate team fights even with your shield, you can take 320+AP which is really not alot for late game, they will kill you before you know it.

Sion's Ult:
Sion's ultimate is under utilized in this build, the reason being it does not scale in any way with AP. It's still a nice lifesteal and attack speed so use it for one of 3 things:
1. Taking down a turret or inhibitor (that's my main use)
2. Get a little AoE heals for your team in team fight.
3. Use it with your nuke if it will make sure you get the kill.

All feedback is welcome, I'm willing to make adjustment if needed.