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Build Guide by Josh tramposo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Josh tramposo

Sion - The perfect build

Josh tramposo Last updated on December 17, 2010
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This build consists on making a perfect Sion, having attack power, attack speed, penetration and ability points at the same time so you can use Sion with all abilities easy.
First you start with boots of speed (350) and mana/life potion, then you get vampiric scepter so you can use your 3rd skill ALL TIME until the end of the game. Then you go straight to nashor's tooth, it gives you fast attack and ability points and you already got attack power from your third skill, then you get hextech gunblade and like you already got vampiric scepter you just need a few items, it's very useful to kill someone who wants to scape and does 300 magic damage that always helps, after that I think you might want more attack power so it's better to get the last whisper with attack speed, attack power and pentration included. At the end of the game go straight for the bloodthirster so with your ulti you can heal yourself about 200 for each strike and very fast! And at the end you can go for Frozen Mallet(You can go to Phantom instead), they can't scape and you get more health, more difficult to be killed.
Hope you like this perfect build guide.
If you can go with Ashe in the same lane it goes perfect, or anyone who slows enemy team.
Have a good game! Easy strikes! Fast attack! Power attack! Ability Points! Reduction cooldown to stun and use shield fast! ALL!.

Skill levels:
It's always important to get the firstblood so get the Cryptic gaze ALWAYS the first one, at lvl one it stuns for 2 seconds! That's amazing, then you just get enrage and start building it up as I said, as you get the vampiric scepter your attack will increase becouse you'll be able to use always enrage.
Death's caress is always important to use it before going into team battle becouse it explodes after 10 seconds or when you detonate it, so you press death's caress, you go and stun and you explode it so it takes ALL DAMAGE.
Cannibalism is not good to use it in all situations, just use it when you are in trouble as it increase in 100% lifesteal and more attack speed, you'll be inmune and you heal your allies also.

Mark runes always with attack power, at the beggining of the game is important to have more strenght than your opponents does and like you got stun and enrage you are invencible at 1 on 1 just at the starting of the game.
With the seals, they are not very important, you can put it also as strenght but is useful to have a little bit more of health points than your oponents and like Sion is one of the best life increasing per level it helps you more with that runes.
Quintessence of desolation: At the beggining of the game, as I said, you are very strong with those runes and those skills, if you have 10% armor penetration (+maestry trees penetration)it helps you more to get overpowered between you and your oponents.
Glyph of replenishment: Why? becouse Sion's mana waste is amazing and has low mana so if you get regeneration it helps you a lot, that's why I also increased some levels in utility, stuns costs 100 mana.

I'll translate it in spanish if someone wants it in spanish.

If you like it, thumbs up! ;)