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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zorthax

Sion, the unstoppable hulk!

Zorthax Last updated on September 17, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my:

AD/AS Sion build!

I made this build/guide because even though the other builds are great, I felt they needed some tweaking and fixing, so here it is: The ultimate Sion build/guide!

Skill sequence

Ok, I'm pretty sure if you are reading this guide you already know what Sion's abilities do, but let me explain the skill sequence that I have chosen.

So you start off with one rank in Cryptic Gaze, this is purely to get an early kill, and if you are laning with the right champion (more on that later), it will be extremely easy.

Now that we got our stun, we want to max out our damage, meaning we want to get rank 5 Enrage asap, just put a point it whenever you can, except when you can rank up your ultimate.

So when do we get Death's Caress? The first rank you get at level four, you want it to be the same rank as your Cryptic Gaze at all times, so rank them up simoltaniously, but always Cryptic Gaze first. Seems logic? Good :)

Summoner skills

The obvious choice for Sion is Exhaust, you always want Exhaust, it's just awesome in all possible ways, it blinds, it slows, help you escape, helps you chase, the only thing it doesn't do is singing christmas carols basically.

Second one can depend a little on your playstyle, I suggest Ghost or Flash as you don't really have any good escape mechanism, Ghost over Flash so that you don't have to take a wasted talent point in the utility tree. But take whatever you like the most.

But Ignite is also a very good spell, but you know, Sion is already a killing machine so he really don't need that extra 410 dmg dot.

I suppose cleanse works good as well if you're getting disabled in a team fight, which is the only way you can really die, otherwise you will just lifesteal the **** out of anyone who dares fight you.

Note: If you do not pick Ghost, remember to change that point in the utility tree to Good Hands. Or if you take Ignite, it might be worth speccing in that instead. But that means less experience for you!

Rune build

Basic stuff, you want arm pen runes since they give the biggest dps boost, Along with the attack speed runes to give you an overall better champion (Enrage will give you damage so you need lots of attack speed)

Item purchases

So, the biggest problem with all the Sion guides out there is, Enrage will kill you, I've tried lots of builds where you don't get a lifesteal item until end game, and by then it's far too late, without the lifesteal straight from start you will lose way too much hp and be an easy target to gank. So Vampiric Scepter it is!

Okay, so now we can survive doing awesome damage, but like everyone else we need a pair of boots, attack speed is great, so Berserker's Grieves is the obvious choice.

Enrage is taking care of our damage so what we want right now is attack speed, next item to buy is Last Whisper, it's a great item, low cost, good speed, and 40% arm pen?! Godlike!

Now we're gonna use the Vampiric Scepter we bought as our first item, add two daggers to it and we get Malady, also a really great item!

We got the necessary attack speed so now it's time to build up that awesome damage even more, and what item is better for that than The Black Cleaver? Not only does it give a great amount of damage, but the on hit effect is one of the best in game, and you hit so fast that it will be up in no time, the only problem is your enemy will be dead long before it hits max stack! But how is that really a problem? :D

So we're into end game now and you will rarely buy this fifth item as the match is getting closer to the end, but if it turns out to be a long fight, it's time to get Phantom Dancer, the thing I love the most about this item is that it increases your movement speed alot! No-one will ever outrun you with this crazy movement speed + stun + exhaust, you can't run and you definitely don't have time to hide from Sion!

If you by any chance would get this far into the game, it's time to get the last item that will gaurantee you to 3-shot (less than two seconds) any enemy! Infinity's Edge boosts your crit damage by alot, gives you more crit and increases your attack damage significantly, you will end up with 57.6% crit with an insane attack speed and a huge amount of damage, use your ulti and you won't be able to die. Just go in there and make that penta kill dream come true.

Laning partnes/enemies

Wanna go solo lane? Think again and pick another char, cause you are not goind mid, son!
The only way you will ever go solo is if someone disconnects and you are 4v5, if you can survive that lane and go solo, you will be a relentless monster!

So what heroes do you want to team with? Someone with a great nuke, especially on level 1, my favorite laning partner is Garen, his dmg output is great and together with your stun, you will have first blood as good as every game. So basically anyone with a good bursting capability, use your imagination!

So what do you want to fight? Squishies of course! Stay in the grass and wait and sooner or later they will take a peak and die in a matter of seconds.

What you need to look out for: Tanks, tanks are mean, they are hard to kill and if they have a Thornmail they will eat you alive :<

Game play

Early game:

Just like any other hero, Sion becomes a beast if he's fed, early game is all about getting early kills and with the right partner it won't be too hard, if you succeed with this, you can carry your team to victory. Stand in your grass and wait for that curious enemy hero to enter, once he is on your side, stun him instantly and after that Exhaust, if you can put out enough damage you got yourself a first blood, and it will only be easier! But you should also focus on getting as many minion kills as possible to boost up your hp, I normally have over 3k hp at the end of each game so you should try to aim for that.

Mid game:

So you got your Last Whisper or maybe even Malady, help ganking on other lanes, jungle as much as you can, both the lizard and the golem buffs are awesome for Sion (Having the lizard buff is the reason why I don't get Frozen Mallet) and the golem buff allows you to spam your abilities as much as you like which is great since normally you can only use 5-6 spells and then you're oom.

End game:

Now it's all about team fights, let your tank initiate, pop Death's Car***, pop Cannibalism and score that penta kill, take out their squishies first and use exhaust on their fast hitting carrys, congratulations on winning!

That's it for me! Hope you will enjoy this build/guide and sorry for not having any pictures in it, I will add that as soon as I figure out how :D

Don't forget to rate!

Special thanks to:

Behrendtz, the awesomesauce Garen <3