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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IrtseDirts

Sion, the Wrecking Zombie

IrtseDirts Last updated on October 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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(Edited after the remake of Malady.)

I am making this guide, as I think we are lacking a good AS/AD build.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for possibly not having set the Skill Sequence properly as I am unaware of the exact levels which you get the skills in.
But if you first go for Cryptic Gaze, and after that stack enrage until you reach the level where you cannot increase it, and go for the Death's Caress.

Sion's pros.

Strong throughout the entire game.
Can deal extremely high damage.
He is almost invulnerable in 1v1 after level 6. (Due to ulti)
Stun is very useful in teamfights.
Death's Caress will be a good way to flee, if you are getting ganged.
High HP when stacking enrage.

Sion's cons.

Complicated skill rotation.
Moves slowly early game.
Easy to kill early game, as he has low HP + low run speed.
Sion is often targeted, as he has his ulti which allows him to both heal him, and his team.


Feel No Pain: This is a great passive, which allows Sion to take on more minions than I personally believe he should be able to. This is a great fit with the Malady and Bloodthirster, as it almost compensates for the HP lost, with both the Lifesteal and "Feel No Pain".

Cryptic Gaze: This is an extremely good spell, in all levels. This is usually a way to ensure first blood, since this allows the targeted player to not flee, nor get too close to turrets, before being killed.

Death's Caress: This is a really useful spell early game, although I prefer not to use it, as it drains a whole lot of mana, which I'd rather use for stun. I prefer to only use this when either fleeing or having low HP while fleeing to your base, just as an ensurance.

Enrage: This is personally my all time favorite spell, when playing Sion, as it allows Sion to wait for quite a while with buying any damage items. If you go for my build, it will give you high attack speed fast, allowing you to do high damage, even though you don't have any actual damage items (yet). + the extra HP is extremely useful, since by the end you'll have a high amount of HP aswell as high damage, making you sort of a half tank, with extreme damage.

Cannibalism: This is another extremely useful spell. This can be used at almost every occasion, and I love to use it, to avoid having to run back and forth to the base to gain HP from minions. This is aswell a really good spell in teamfights, as the healing works on a whole team.

Summoner Spells.

Ghost I personally prefer this spell as one of my summoner spells, as it is good in any situation. This is a really great way to catch people, when they are trying to flee, and with you stun, you are able to hold them back, and most likely get a kill.

Exhaust This one is aswell a great summoner spell, since if you do not get him before your stun runs out, you will still have a chance at taking the opponent down. I don't find this very useful in fights, to blind, as when popping your ultimate, your lifesteal is most likely able to keep you alive (in 1v1, that is)

Those are my two favorite spells, but if you feel like it, I don't think Flash would be bad either, since it both allows you to remain unseen when flashing into bushes, or to generally just get a headstart when chasing someone.


I like to go for a high offense tree, as it will allow yo to deal an even higher amount of damage, which is a good match when having two high crit items (Infinity Edge/Phantom Dancer)+ you already have high HP because of Enrage.

I go for a little Defense, just for the extra possibility of surviving in team fights, and of course the increase on the ghost spell.


Quintessences. I like to go for extra HP, as that will make it much easier for you early game, and I find it useless to go for extra damage, as you will get an extra 25 damage boost at level 2 already.

Marks. I like to go for attack speed, since it will be very needed later on when needing it for increasing lifesteal proc.

Glyphs. For glyphs I like to go for lower cooldown, since I cannot stand the high cooldown on Cryptic Gaze, especially.

Seals. Dodge seals are very useful, as they will give you quite a big boost in team fights, as you will mos tlikely be the first one to be targetted, and this will allow you to get out of stun or what ever you are struck by, to pop your Death's Caress, and possibly stun someone to increase your teams chance.

I prefer to go up in 3v3, as Sion is really good 1v1. You will most likely not be going mid in a 5v5, as there are several other toons that are better there, than you.

When playing versus ranged toons, you will need a fast skills rotation, as they are more likely to flee than a melee. So when chasing a ranged, don't back out unless you are too close to a turret. When chasing, go for Death's Caress, Ghost, Cryptic Gaze, Cannibalism, Exhaust. You can aswell wait with popping Death's Caress till you are under a turret, if turret diving. Remember to ALWAYS have Enrage toggled on.

I suggest for anyone playing AD/AS Sion, to attempt to get last hits on minions (to get HP from Enrage), and aswell just gain levels really fast, as he needs his spells (Especially Enreage)as fast as possible.

My personal favorites to lane with are, Xin Zhao (Very good, as they both have interruptive spells, and Xin Zhao will be good at catching with charge.

Other than that, Pantheon is also one of my favorites, as Sion will in many cases not get the last hit, and Pantheon is extremely good at doing so, if someone fled, and Pantheon will be able to get the last hit with his Spear Shot. (You will find him a really good laning partner, as you will in early game not be able to get last hit sometimes.

Other than those, there are no specifically great partners to lane with. I'd suggest another stunner, or someone to slow opponents.

I believe many players will find succes with this build, just like I have. If you are ew to the build, or you are not very offensive, you might not get as many kills, but you will get a hell lot of assists. I myself am a very offensive player, and I made the build from an offensive player's way of playing.

If you are going to leave it a thumbs down, please tell me why, in a comment.