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Sion Build Guide by kRizpo

Sionize dominion <not realy indept>

Sionize dominion <not realy indept>

Updated on October 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kRizpo Build Guide By kRizpo 1,582 Views 0 Comments
1,582 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kRizpo Sion Build Guide By kRizpo Updated on October 7, 2011
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This build is what i've made out of my tries with sion on dominion, i am not the best player there is on LoL but this build has worked out fairly nice for me in my tries on dominion.

I would love some feed back if you try this build, there is possible ways to make it better. i think.

**NOTE: as this is a build still in progress it's not realy that indept as it should be.**
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Pros / Cons

    Effective stun
    Life steal
    Awesome mid/late game
    Hard to play early game
    Many champions can counter him
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Summoner Spells

I choose Ghost for the speed roaming effect. if u see someone trying to capture one of ur points u can easily take him down fast with jungle buff and ghost + boots of mobility makes u go way fast. Good for escaping lost causes aswell.

Ignite is kinda a personal choise, you could go with what ever u want on this one. I just personaly like ignite cus its easy to pick off runners with it. Stun + ignite and shield does do quite a good amount of dmg on enemies.
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Im not good with runes, so i left it open for suggestions. Input is welcomed with open arms:p
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Masteries are chosen to get more dmg output on the shield explosion and gaze, aswell as your melee hits.

went a bit into defense tree to get the nimblenes + armor, magic res and dodge chance.

not to much survivability, but better than nothing.
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Items are mainly focused on Ability power and attack speed.

I build like this to be able to kill people off quickly. early game u may struggle if u dont know the play style, but mid game u start feeling the power of dominion sion.

The build order may change from game to game, if u cant afford an item when u are at base buy a later item that is cheaper, going to base without buying is a waste of time if u ask me..
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Skill Sequence

Before i initiate in combat i pop the shield spell so when i arrive at the scene it is ready to blow. i normaly throw out my stun explode the shield and beat them senseless. I stun when ever i can and put my shield up when ever i can while in combat.. the ultimate i use when ever it is off cd early game.

Later on in the game u might want to save your ult for some harder captures since u should be able to take out single targets fairly easy without it. But if u see it's going bad in a 1v1, u either run or pop your ult early on so it doesnt just waste ur cd and u die.
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This is a work in progress.

Feedback Would be great :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author kRizpo
kRizpo Sion Guide
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Sionize dominion <not realy indept>

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