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Sion Build Guide by jerot

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jerot

Sions Trolling Dominion...

jerot Last updated on October 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, this is my first guide for LoL so don't expect too much. I'm no High-ELO super summoner but I feel I get the job done. This isn't particularly in-depth, but you'll do better to try it out yourself and learn on your own terms rather then following my little outline here word for word. But with that said, I hope you find some usefull tips/ideas here.

Welcome to my Dominion Sion guide, Its an AP build with some survivability, so you can utilize your cooldowns as much as possible in a Hit & Run combat style. I realize you could easily build him better for AP damage, or even make him tankier with a PROPER build. But this ones tailored to my playstyle, and it has been working pretty good so far.

With that said, feel free to leave feedback and suggestions. Please at least try the build before dismissing it. I know I don't have a lot in the guide section but if you try the champ I'm sure you'll see why. It is VERY easy to do well with this build.

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Who, What, Why, How?

Depending on how you like to play, you may build Sion differently. I like to focus on AP and a little CDR to get the most out of Cryptic Gaze and Death's Carress. While Enrage and Cannibalism are great abilities, they don't really benefit from this build and are better left alone.

I also build HP to make sure I can escape dangerous situations, or to give me a few extra seconds of survivability for my shield or stun to come off cooldown and turn the tables.

Primarily your focus should be to weaken and disrupt enemies trying to capture your points, or generally being an unstoppable killing machine and rolling over towers like nothing. In a typical game I choose to head bottom with someone who can clean-up or setup kills (Morgana or similar champs do amazing), Quickly cap the first point and push onto the enemies tower. The early-game burst is suprisingly effective.

Be sure to backout and avoid unnecessary damage while your cooldowns refresh. Always try to activate your shield before you get into combat, you want to be able to detonate it as soon as possible (Before they have a chance to break it) and dont forget to pop it if you activate it and don't get a chance to use it (Enemies retreating, chased out by multiple champs, ect) so that its ready for when you need it.

Don't get me wrong, the focus of dominion IS NOT KILLS. But its very hard to capture a tower from beyond the grave :)

As for summoner spells, it really comes down to preference. Ghost/Flash are always great especially in dominion. I like to take promote, a quick shield pop to clear a minion wave and promote make for a very fast unexpected push on a tower. But in no way would I say these are the absolute best picks. Stick with what you know. Dont forget to change the points in Improved Ghost/Promote if you change your mind on summoner spells.

Like any AP sion all your damage is coming from your shield and stun.

This is probably one of the easiest builds to play. Your only focus is on targeting and movement. Stun a squishy, run in, pop your shield and they're toast. You can easily set up kills with another champion or your whole team. Just make sure you aren't wasting health sitting in damage range while your CD's are down.

You can also choose to take a point or two in enrage early so you can do more damage between cooldowns. But because your not building attack speed or damage, don't expect a whole lot from Sions melee. But I will say it helps if you don't have someone to help you clean up the more tanky champions.

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There are tons of item builds you could use from any guide, or just choose your own. But I'll explain why I chose what I did.

Prospector's Ring: The extra health at the start is awesome for when you want to initiate, and the mana regen from masteries/runes/this help make sure theres always enough mana for another shield or stun when needed.

Hextech sweeper:
AP: Win
Health: Win
Active: Check bushes, see teemos/shacos/ect before they can engage you with your shield down. Or chase them when they think stealth means a free getaway: WIN
Passive: Akali's mad her circle didn't save her: Lol
(You should probably skip this when the enemy team has no stealth though)

I don't include a full build because it varies from game to game. I stick with these basics and if we haven't won by the time I build Rabadon's, I chose whatever will benefit us most against the enemy team. Lichbane and Rylais are pretty solid choices, but go with what you know.

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Quick Dominion Tips

If this is your first time playing dominion, don't be too serious about it. I would hardly call it league of legends. There are a lot of balance issues with some champions at the moment and the games are designed to be quick and painless. Great if you don't have a full 30-60 minutes to devote to a real game of league, but are still in the mood for some LoL.

Dying/Feeding is irrelevant, unless you're 0/20/0 you haven't honestly contributed to the enemies victory in any significant way. The passive goldgain is ludicrous and worstcase scenario, you got that tryndanub his infinityedge 0.5 seconds earlier.

Dominion isn't even officially out yet as of the writing of this guide. So strategies and tactics are sporatic and chaotic at best. And mechanics will almost definately change before it is out, making this guide out of date. (Hopefully I'll remember to update it...)


5 capping, while the fastest way to victory is very hard and unreliable due to player skill differences and team comps. Its also very hard to defend and I've seen 5 caps turn around 1-4 in an instant because one team didn't know what to do. Just make sure to coordinate with your team to capture and hold at least 3 points. Once you have three captured you must make sure to defend them, while also putting pressure on the enemy towers to keep them from teaming up and easily capturing points back.

If the enemy does group up, one of the best ways to deal with them is to divide and conquer. Force them to split up by split pushing towers they aren't near and forcing some of them to fallback and defend. On the other side, its much more effective to work in smaller teams of 2-3 then to try and do everything as a 5 player group. But make sure everyone is communicating on what they are doing, and what they see the enemy doing.

The key to victory in Dominion is keeping up with the action. Its a very chaotic and fastpased mode, and its easy to get lost in the moment and do something stupid. (Chasing a carry down for a kill while their teammates capture another point) Just make sure you keep your cool and talk with your team.