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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fizz Build Guide by IRJoshKim

Sippin on some FIZZurp (AP Lane)

Sippin on some FIZZurp (AP Lane)

Updated on November 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IRJoshKim Build Guide By IRJoshKim 2,297 Views 0 Comments
2,297 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IRJoshKim Fizz Build Guide By IRJoshKim Updated on November 16, 2011
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This is a basic Fizz build that i came up with. it works extremely well in bursting damage quick and being able to escape with hardly any damage taken. Fizz in my opinion has got to be one of the most op champs that have come out recently. His mobility is amazing, Damage is superior, Jungling is great, what could go wrong with him? I use Fizz as a laning AP champ that does quite a bit of ganking due to his mobility of E and Q. Ganking results into being quite fed mid/early game. Once you get your ultimate you can start dominating
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Proof of Fizz's kill/death

These are some of my recent games with Fizz.These were all with standard players solo, no friends included.
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Pros / Cons

1. Extremely powerful if fed
2. Very easy escapes (ie Q, E, Flash
3. Pretty much 2 ignites. (Stack them together and it drains super quick)
4. Ulti is very powerful (Ulti > W > Q > Ignite will almost drop anyone in seconds)
5. Good damage early game, Easy harass
6. Still strong even if not fed
7. Can jump over walls with E
8. Able to dodge turret shots, skill shots, all shots, every shots

1. Very squishy early game
2. Targeted first often because of bursting
3. If you go into a teamfight with E on cooldown, it will be very easy to die..quick
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My rune build is pretty much all AP and M.Penetration. Pumping up ap as much as possible, reason being because the AP will only help Fizz more than he already needs (Who doesn't like getting stronger every level?)
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Summoner Spells

Offensive Summoner SpellIgnite... With Fizz is just godly. Fizz's W and Ignite stack therefore draining the enemies hp like CRAZY. That's all i pretty much need to say

Defensive Summoner SpellFlash is a great skill escape with or even initiate with. If you ever get into a sticky situation where your E is on cooldown and you always flash out to stall time until your E is back and then use that to escape even more.

Exhaust, Now you could choose exhaust judging on your play style. Exhaust can be used easily to catch up to charge your opponent with the W > Q combo. Now Exhaust and Ghost summoner spells would be good to group up in a game (Poke your opponent to death? :D)
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Skill Sequence

1. Seastone Trident
Seastone trident is probably fizz's biggest damage dealer (not including ulti) i pick this first because it is very easy to harass with this skill, as it deals damage even after the hit. When you combo this skill with your Q you will take down atleast 40% hp hands down with decent equips. Max this skill first

This skill if anything is probably Fizz's only 'aoe' skill other than ulti. With this skill you can pretty much dodge every attack coming your way. It can also be used as an Escape/Initiator. You can jump over walls to catch up to someone or to escape when youre about to die. Max this skill second

3.Urchin Strike
Urchin Strike is a can also be a great Escape/Initiator. This skill makes you charge to your enemy. If you charge when your opponent when he is right next to you, you will charge past your enemy, which could be used to juke easily. Max this skill third

4.Chum the Waters (Aka. Shark of death, Bruce (Finding Nemo reference))
What to even say about this skill... It is EXTREMELY powerful and on top of it being strong, is sends them airborne AND slows what could be any better than that. Initiate battles starting with this skill as is slows the enemy it binds to and all enemies in the area of the water. it will deal an insane amount of damage to start with and then do the W > Q Combo and the opponent is most likely dead. Then you can decide to fight more or jump away with E. This skill does NOT bind to creep so you can shoot through the creep onto the enemy. What makes this skill EVEN better is the low cooldown it has. Max this skill asap. (LVL 6, 11, 16
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Farming for Fizz could be difficult if you are not good at timing your hits. Whenever im lacking minion kills i always jungle for a bit because Fizz even though hes is AP, is a GREAT jungler as well.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IRJoshKim
IRJoshKim Fizz Guide
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Sippin on some FIZZurp (AP Lane)

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