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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Allort G

Sivir, Free mana? thanks!

Allort G Last updated on January 2, 2011
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First build on this site, so I thought I would go with one that has been a long time coming!

Here is a very quick champ build for Sivir as I was shocked to see no detailed builds for a champion I think has a lot of potential.

Please excuse this build not being as detailed as I hoped but I only wanted to get across a few basic points, the rest of the details are standard to most dps champions.

This build


High DPS
Tank killer
Blocks spells


Squishy if caught
Mana hound early on (use shield!)
Is focused when played right
Takes more than average player skill to get right

Key points of the build:
Use your spell shield frequently when laning for free mana, players are predictable in their attacks!

Turn ricochet off when you don’t need it, turn it on to last hit a whole minion wave after throwing boomerang blade

Use your Ulti at all possible chances, team fights, taking towers, pushing lanes. It has a short CD and your team mates benefit too

Get the blue buff whenever you can

You are squishy but don’t be afraid to attack! You have such a high burst DPS that it can make people turn and run, perfect for you or a team mate to kill


Exhaust and ghost. Why? You can escape most situations with these two and your shield. They also make fantastic ganking tools, flash is not needed I’ve found. Don’t bother with cleanse. A Sivir with Cleanse is a wasted skill, yes she is mana hungry but there are better ways round it


Standard DPS 21/0/9
Its more beneficial to have the point in Ghost then waste it somewhere else and still have flash. The choice is really between more experience or mana pool for your final points, your call, I go for mana.


armour pent, mana regen, CdR

again, standard but not to be under estimated, you will hit very hard on squishy and hard enough on any tank


get manamune ASAP for dmg and mana, after that you want your boots, berserkers give nice AS boost then getting madress bloodrazor, at this point you do a lot of dmg. Throw in starks for life steal, hp regen and AS and a team mate buff and your laughing at this point.

Use a bit of common sense though as usual. Manamune is key but if your fighting a very heavy team of tanks with armour, think about getting brutalizer first then move onto madres bloodrazor . Getting focused with too much CC? You can put in mercury’s treds if you want, but the speed from beserkers grieves is nice!


prioritise boomerang blade > ricochet > on the hunt > spell shield



Game play:

This is where I don’t think Sivir gets credit.

Get items, get mid and you will harass and cause the other team midder to have a panic attack.

Get there and start throwing boomerang blade. At level 2 with spell shield, you really shine.

Let’s use Vlad as an example.

You are both behind your caster minions.

You boomerang Vlad when you can and also make sure you hit mobs.

Vlad then runs in front of his caster minions, throws a spell at you and runs back.

this is how the mid game works.

Except when he runs forward you pop spell shield, he hits you, does no damage and you gain 125 mana and throw a boomerang in his face. Win.

This is key, use spell shield when you predict you will be hit! Another great mid to play against is karthus. You hear and see his lay waste? Pop spell shield and run into it = free mana!
WARNING: Don’t get complacent though, anyone with brains will become wise to this precaution and start feinting to make you waste your mana shield, so play sensible.
As soon as you can, go buy tear of the goddess and boots of speed and carry on until you can buy manamune.

Another tip for mobs.. throw boomerang, it may not kill all mobs but then turning on ricochet, hitting twice and turning ricochet off again, you have killed a whole mob wave and saved mana.

One you have manamune sivir can get gold very very fast, kill how mobs waves in lanes, get the gold, get mandress and you will have a lot of AS and a lot of damage.


Hit your ulti, you do amazing AS/AD and so do team mates.

Throw a boomerang to the crowd, pick a target and auto attack until they die, don’t forget to have ricochet on, and turn it off when the fight is done. Choose the squishy, but don’t be afraid to make the tanks panic with madress. Pop spell shield if it looks like you won’t wipe them, or if you are getting hit at all, one hit means another will follow so you will block one of them, gain mana, precious time and spoil a spell

Boomerang Blade > On the Hunt > Auto attack a squishy down (with ricochet on) > Spell shield > Boomerang Blade anyone escaping

Get jumped? hit spell shield and ghost out of their. Exhaust anyone you need to

I know that’s a short summary and quite simplified but I think it’s more that sivir gets so far! I’ll try to update this when I can.

Remember, this build, like a lot of champ builds for LoL is NOT a 'win' button. But with some skill and common sense, you will find that Sivir is amazingly good in nearly all situation! Fear the boomerang!

Thanks for reading, feedback welcome.