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League of Legends Build Guide Author 14enex

Sivir is On The Hunt

14enex Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Sivir, The Battle Mistress

Hello, This is my first build I put up on the internet so bear with me. This biudl is for AD/AS sivir. This is great since the patch were Sivir's stacks in Ability Power and Attack Damage instead of just Ability Power. Her will also help out with the creep farming when pushing aswell as soling 5 other champions.

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-Great damage from Boomerang Blade
-Can outpush almost everyone
-Has great mobility
-Great for pushing lane solo versus two or just some pushing late game
-Can own Karthus so hard when he does his ulti with Spell Block
-Squishy early game
-Low many
-Needs good skill shot

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Fleet of Foot-Not too important spell, good forr escaping.

Boomerang Blade-Great in mid/late game. Sivir's blade do not do much damage in skill level 1 but drains alot of mana. Wich is a problem for sivir. So easy on the harrasing untill skill level 3 or higher. Remember that the blade comes back and on its way back moving Sivir will move the path that it's taking back too you.

Ricochet - DO NOT USE* Awesome for farming minions mid/late game and taking on champions while creeps are around. *This ability is great in late game, but only late game. It drains 6 mana per shot wich is a lot. Using it is not too smart since mana is a problem for sivir as stated above. Thats why buying Meki's Pendant is important. It can be used in early game if your lane is empty and you feel like mana is not a problem right now. If your laning partner(if you have one) has Clarity or some other way of giving you mana.
(If you have The BloodthistrerThe Bloodthistrer you will gain a lot of HP when farming from the HP Steal it gives).

On The Hunt -This is great in level 3 Sivir's Attack Speed is increasd with 90% and her movement speed is increased with 25%. So when chasing someone you will most likely beable to cath them and then shot them down. Remember that it is an Aoe attack and will help nearby freindly units. So this could be usefull helping a freindly escape an enemy or help them catch one. The amount of movement speed is not amazingly awesome and is best used for attacking since it gives 90% attack speed but only a mere 25% movement speed.

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Skill Sequence

Boomerang Blade should be maxed with Spell Shield. Boomerang is because the damage is needed untill your aouto attack is amasingly awesome. Maxing Spell Shield is for the coold down reduction it gives when leveled in. Disabeling a spell with Spell Shield in level 1 gives the same amount of mana as one with level 2, leveing in ti gives cool down reduction.
is also good but only in late game as stated above. So it is only leveled in in late game.

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Pure Attack speed is awesome since it gives 30% Attack Speed but i use hp quintessence so you recive 78 hp.
Hove ever using Armor penetrationGreater Quintessence of Desolation instead of using the hpis awesome late game. Since it will destroy the tank and those with high armor.

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Summoner Spells

- I prefrebly use Flash becouse it id great for escaping through walls and you can gank much better with the mobility you gain from it. For example you can use flash to posistionning your self in team fights.

- I use ignite to finish people off or if the enemy you are fighting has heal or alot of live steal. Great spell too use with almost every champ.

- I dont usally use exhaust but it is good too for going 1v1 or just escaping. If you choose to use it id go with exhaust and ignite.

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Skill Rotation in Team Fights

You toggle on Ricochet, use Boomerang Blade and than use On The Hunt. After this just keep on useing Boomerang blade when you can and Spell Shield when you are attack by someone. And use Summoner spells when needed. I would save flash to use it when someone is fleeing or chasing you.

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Items And Why

I start of with Meki's Pendant and 1 HP Potions and 1 Mana Potion.
The Meki wich gives mana reg is needed to get mana quick without going home. pots are fo use when low on hp or mana.
Then i go Berzeker Greraves wich is boots and that is needed, the attack speed is pure awesome for Sivir.
Then Bloodthistrer wich gives us ad and life steal. Boomerang Blade stacks with ad so thaht great and norrmal attack becomes even better.
One more Bloodthistrer
A Phantom Dancer for more attack speed
One more Phantom Dancer

Now you have 6 items but 2 more is needed.
Sell thhe Meki's Pendant because it is not needed when this high level.
And buy another Bloodthistrer
Sell Berzerker Greraves, Bererker greaves is not needed since 2 Phhantom Dancer gives as much movemen speed as a berzerker Greaves and more attack speed
Then buy your last Bloodthistrer.
Finish biuld should be

3.Phantom Dancer
4.Phantom Dancer

This is awesome because you get what you need. You have about 400-500 damage if you Bloodthistrer is fully stacked.
Loads of Hp Steal if Bloodthistrer is fully stacked
Alot of Attack Speed and even more if used with Ulti
Nomal Movement speed but even more with ulti.
So in conclusion IMORTAL.

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Soloing mid is very similar as it is to laning with teammate.
You should harras alot but not after level 2 in Boomerang blad keep in mind how much mana you have and how many boomerang you can use on the mana you have left. push is also you thing Sivir is amongst the 3 top pushers in game so use it. Taking Blue buff is not needed but if you do get it it is very useull and you can use much more abilitis. If laning with someone you can step in fron of your teammate and block an attack with spell shield. for example you are laning with Teemo and you are up against Nidalee. You can use spell block to tank her spears. This is one of the bes things about sivi she can tank spells. Use that it.

As Sivir you can solo against 2 other if someone in you team is afk or jungle.
The skill Sequence is quit diffrent now as you need to prioitize diffrently.
You should go for more in Ricochet since it can be used to push liek a godess. Whilts Boomerang is also great for pushing minions instead of just harrins enemys. And Spell Shield for gaing mana to use the other abilitis. Dont pich as much in Spell Shield coz thhe cool down reduction si not as usefull now since you should be towerhuging. So pick alot of Boomerang Blade and Ricochet and only some in Spell Shield.

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Sivir Ability Power sucks, whilst ad is awesome. Dont use Ricochhet early game. Remember you can tank other abiliys with Spell Shield and gain loads of mana. Your Boomerang Blade comes back when used moving change it's path.