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Not Updated For Current Season

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Skarner Build Guide by AaryonN

Skarner, The Crystal Vanguard

Skarner, The Crystal Vanguard

Updated on August 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AaryonN Build Guide By AaryonN 2 4 7,091 Views 20 Comments
2 4 7,091 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AaryonN Skarner Build Guide By AaryonN Updated on August 15, 2011
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This is a hybrid build for skarner that will make him able to deal ALOT of damage early-mid-and late game plus allow him the survivability needed to stay in the fight until the very end.


Please be nice and don't bash me because i put alot of time into trying to construct the perfect build that could make him deal damage, be able to survive a ****load of damage AND using his passive to the MAX
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Pros / Cons

can jungle
Hard to take down
Hella fast making your ult ever more usefull
Great CC

VERY slow jungler
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Basically, the core of my build is the Trinirt force, Hextech gunblade and Manamune
This is where all of the damage comes from
Most people don't get manamune which baffels me, this fixes 2 problems with skarner which is mana dependancy and damage output. At the en of this build you should have 2000+ mana which eill convery into attack damge in the long run. Another problem with othet builds is they build tear and manamune too early do its useless. Make sure you max your tear before u get manamune. This gives you time to build your trinity and maybe enuf time to get a hextech revolvet which gives damage PLUS increased survivability from the spell vamp
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Items Your Preference

You might notice in the above item selection that there are 7 items at the end instead of 6 that you are allowed to carry. I had put this there purposly depending on the game your playing. If your game is back and forth against the enemy team and there wont ebe a clear winning, grab randuins for the defence. However this isnt the only reason i grav randuins, when chasing you can also activate your randuins while using your q for the easy slow and kill.

As for guinsoos, this is for the extra attack speed and ap and ad justto finish off the last turrets abit quicker and those tanks abit faster!
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1v2 Laning

If you find your team with a jungler and your enemy without one. You should often play the solo top lane because you will be a great contribution late game with the level/gold advantage plus you will get fed up top depending on how you play.
Personall when i solo lane top from level's 1-5 i play very passivly making sure i last hit minons and not to take any damage from the opposing two laners. When i do take damage i heal with fracture and crystal slash.
At level 6 you can start getting more aggressive as you play.
let them push all the way to your turret.
As they go to attack your turret, retaliate, pop your w use your e, and mad spam your q. They might stick around and let the minions take the trret dmage. IF they retaliate and attack you. IMMEDIATELY pop your ult and drag them around to your turret, and wreck them. the turret will do 90% of the damage and 1 more enemy to deal with, push the minon wave all the way to their turret and then base for wards/items ect....

(I hope i don't sound like an idiot trying to explain this... it makes alot more sense in my head then when i type it out...)
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The reason i get these runes/masteries is because people i played with and talked to about skarner all complained about him being REALLY squishy at all parts of the game.
They only had enough time to pop theyr ult and then they were instantly dead because they were getting focused BECAUSE of their usefull ult.
These masteries and runes make you almost invincible in-lane because with your lifesteal from Fracture, you should be healing without any mana issues due to the meki pendant/ Tear of the Godess
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Skill Sequence

When ganking i like to use a special skill sequence that i'd like to call *GET OVER HERE*
Basically, hide in a bush wheather it be mid, top or bottom, and wait for an enemy champion.
When the enemy champion is within Flash-distance, quickly pop your Crystalline shield and flash into them, immediately Impaling them and pulling them into your Tower/teammates.
This is INSTA-kill because i've never let a kill slip away while doing this.

Add abunch of autoattacks in there too
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Summoner Spells

I like to take ignite and flash but there is also an alternative of taking flash and ghost.
If you'd like to jungle take Smite and flash

I like taking ignite just incase you gank using my technique above and they get away with minimal hp, the ignite will likely finish them off.

All other summoner spells in my oppinion are useless. The only other one MAYBE worth bringing is telePort for some dying turret saves since yoy can quickly demolish minion waves with youe q>e skill sequence while healing at the same time
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Thanks for taking your time to read my build
Constructive critisism is always appreciated.

All in all this was my first build for any champion on league of legends. I decided to make this build because this is byfar my favourite champion in the league and in my oppinion this is the best way to build him for in lane gameplay
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