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Orianna Build Guide by KBSpitfire

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KBSpitfire

Skirt tossing (AS/AP)

KBSpitfire Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Hello, This is my first Mobafire build so go easy on me. Orianna is the only champion that i have ever bought outright from day 1. She had a wonderful design and a very interesting new gimmick: The Ball. The ball itself is what seperates Orianna from the rest of the champions. it is something you need to keep track of, and micro manage. if the ball is too far away or in the wrong spot, it could very well lead to a death. but it is also one of her strongest points.

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Clockwork Windup(passive): This is what makes Orianna such a powerhouse with this build. her basic attacks gain power with your AP. granted the ratio is pretty low but it gets more powerful with every hit on the same target And it's free. :)
Command-Attack: This is Ori's main ball moving ability. It's pretty simple, the ball will move where you click. 2 VERY important things to remember when using this skill: first, the ball will move from its current position to the place you choose. it does not always come from you. if the ball is past someone it will move in a straight line to where you click. And the ball does not move instantaneously, if you left the ball all the way behind you, it will take a while for it to catch up, pass you, and go on to the place you told it to go. Always lead the person you are trying to hit accordingly, this will take some practice. Second, The Ball can see things in bushes. that little eye sticking out of the front isn't just for decoration. if you are unsure of where an enemy is, throw it in the bush to ward and see if they are there. This will help in both playing defense and ganking.
Command-Dissonance: This will be your main chasing, running, damage and intimidating skill. It has an aoe movement speed zone that speeds up allies and slows enemies, and does damage to enemies in range on activation. Note that the spell is cast from the ball, not form Orianna herself. it makes running away a breeze and will let you speed up the whole team to chase. also, you can throw the ball in the middle of an enemy group in a standoff and leave it there, letting you do extra damage to enemies who get too close to the ball on the way in to save a dying turret. alot of enemies fear the ball for this and it will let you separate enimies in good situations.
Command-Protect: your least important skill to level but a very important skill to pay attention to. the most inexpensive skill mana-wise and what lets you survive most of the time. its passive makes whoever you shield get a noticable boost in armor and MR and will put a shield over them based on your ability power. while this seems simple, it is the skill that requires the most thought. you need to throw it on the guy who is being focused the most to give him the shield to live, and you need to now when to use your ult and W in conjunction to do the most damage. Also, it is important to use it in combination with your other sills. if you throw the ball with Q and then shield some one in another position, the ball will have much better movement and damage than either of the two individually.
Command-Shockwave: Your ultimate, the team mover, the combo destroyer. It pulls everyone in range a set distance towards the ball. it works like a Singed flip or any other character's pop-up. it will disrupt channeling spells and it will cripple the enemy's combo. used in conjunction with your W skill, this attack does massive damage as well. pulls everyone to the ball and damages and slows them after that. Note again that the skill will come from the ball, so if it is in a bad spot, being tied to an ally who runs away or left in a position to save mana, you will need to position this shot well. It has a pretty big range, but a slight delay.

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I go with flat AP and magic pen runes for a strong early game. it allows Orianna's basic attacks and skills to do extra damage and keep enemies away and maybe net a first blood. Also i pick up mana regen seals because orianna's spells have such a short cooldown that it is easy to spam and run out of mana. I get the regen runes the way i do so that i can have a good regen early as well as late game.

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This bulid utilizes sheen in conjunction with her low cooldowns and her ability to tack her AP on her auto attack to do more damage, the items here will give you AP, attack speed, burst damage and some good secondary effects as well, Plus, the early items anre cheap and ca be completed without a perfect farm. Malady and wit's end, along with sheen will make your auto attacks come alive with damage. if an enemy is in range, hit him with your Q and hit him with an auto attack. to his surprise, he loses another bar and a half of health from the auto attack. Plus, with the speed modifier of your W and your passive and guinsoo's damage increase, you can chase him down and stack harder and harder auto attacks. just remember to time your skills to meld with your sheen/lich bane every 2 seconds for maximum damage. Also, if your team needs you to play Support, don't hesitate to buy a soul shroud and an aegis in good positions as well, they both benifit her immensely without sacrificing TOO much of her build's ability.

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Again this is my first build so tell me what you think and what i can improve on. your feedback helps me make improvements and make better guides.