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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pined

Sky Caller Soraka

Pined Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1


As you can see I have built Soraka as dps rather than support. Some of you may think I'm crazy, but just wait and continue reading. Soraka is often overlooked to dps yet she really does have great potential as one.

Early Game

Early game it is possible to get kills depending on who you lane with and against. The first items you want to get are an amplifying tome and a mana potion. You won't be getting your heal until level four, but with early starcall it's pretty easy to harass and keep the enemy heroes away from you, even as much as you standing in front of their creep blocking their xp. Don't be too aggresive though, Soraka is still squishy and can die or get ganked if you're careless. Always be sure if you see someone at about half health or using a health potion to ignite them. It reduces the healing on their potion, gives you 10 ability power, and ends up hurting them more than they heal. While Ignite is on cooldown you can really utilize you Starcall
If you haven't noticed by now the first skill you want to get and max is Starcall, it does decent damage and the more times you continually hit the champions the lower their magic resist gets and the more damage you do to them. You can stand in the creep as well and farm with it pretty easily.
Wait to go back until you have enough money to get a haunting guise and boots. If you have to go back before then don't worry too much teleport is a handy tool for reducing the amount of experience you lose getting back to your lane. It's especially useful if you happen to be solo in a lane.
Your second skill you want to get is Infuse. This skill is really helpful for you being able to maintain your mana pool and keep up the harass with Starcall. Infuse can also be used as a nice nuke and it's especially good for preventing people from casting spells such as Fiddlesticks life drain or Warwicks ultimate. If you need to you can get Astral blessing for your third skill and just get Starcall at level 4 and 5. Just continue to farm minions and hold back your lane, until you hit around level 6-7.

Mid Game

Generally you want to upgrade your boots to sorcerers shoes if you want to, but say they have a lot of cc you will probably want to get mercury treads. The choice of boots is really up to you, but to maximize on dps you want to get sorcerers shoes.
You now have your ult. Here's where it gets a little more complicated. Everybody else is starting to get some items and maximize on their dps meaning you will have to be a little more careful and try to keep your distance while still hitting them with Starcall.
You want to keep a watch out for the champions on your team and be ready to use your ult, Wish, to save your champions if they get into a hairy situation.
This is when you can really start to hurt people. You have 40 magic penetration from items about 10 from runes and the stacking magic penetration from Starcall. What makes Starcall really great now is that you can shred through even tank magic resist and start to hurt them quite a bit. Your magic penetration also gives your allies a little bonus damage, because the magic resist reduction isn't just for you, but for anybody who has magic damaging spells, which is about everyone.
When you have enough you want to get a Tear of the Goddess and start to rack up on your extra mana which shouldn't be too hard. You also want to start going for a Soul Shroud, this item helps you for survivability and is great for team fights due to the passive cooldown reduction and mana regen.
Don't forget even though you are a dps there are skills you need to utilize to help out your team, after all this is a team game. Be sure to keep a constant watch on your team making sure they have some mana and a good amount of health.

Late Game

If you haven't won yet you must be facing a tough team. This is when you really start to bring on the hurt. You are going to want to get some more mana and cooldown reduction by getting a glacial shroud. You should be at about 35% reduction 40% is the cap so you don't need to go straight to Frozen Heart, unless of course you are against some heavy hitters and need the atk speed reduction, otherwise after glacial shroud get your Tear upgraded to an Archangel's Staff. With all the mana you have your ability power will really jump up giving you some awesome heals as well as a very hard hitting Starcall.
If you still haven't won then you will want to finish your Frozen Heart getting that extra bit of armor and mana as well as its amazing passive, 20% reduction to all nearby champions. This will really help you survive by lowering the dps of the enemies a good deal. The last item you want to go for is Zhonya's ring, some people may object and want to get it earlier and you can if you want. I would generally save it til the end because you aren't massing up on ability power more so on penetration. The Zhonya's is your game ender this puts your ability power at a whopping 320 in addition to your magic penetration your going to really be hurting tank and carries alike.

If you have any comments, opinions, or suggestions don't be afraid to comment and let me know, and please, PLEASE if you rate down at least give a reason why.