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Tryndamere General Guide by Gorgepappa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gorgepappa

Slay and get slayed. Top lane build

Gorgepappa Last updated on March 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Guide Top

King tryndamere slay and get slayed at its prime

Guide Top

Damages is goods... 4 turret kills is oks... and the deaths shoulda been a

Guide Top

Picture above

As you can see its pretty cools... You can win even if your team sucks... As you can see i got 14 assists, and thats not good.. I bet they were 14 KS from my evil teammates..
Anyways... this is how it looks everytime i play a match... and if you follow this guide.. You can be the prince tryndamere.

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Goods and Bads

+ Great at early game
+ Really fun to play
+ Super high damage
+ High pentkill chance
+ Possibility to win a game alone, with slaying everyone or just smashing down all their turrets.

-Someone might think you are to OP.
- You are weak against CC, if someone snares or stuns you when you have popped your ulti. Your gone

Altogheter its lots of fun and you will win most games if you learn to do this right.

Guide Top

Slay and get slayed early game

This build is all about killing everything you see... And i promise, none can be so decisive to a outcome of a game as a slayer tryndamere. Even if you choose to go first in a teamfight and ulti and deal imense damage to everyone and make your team win the fight. Or if you decide to wait and go in later to pick up the easy tripple kills. Even if you know it will result in a death. Steal every kill you can, and tower dive whenever someone has low hp. WIth your ulti and high movement speed you can easily catch the free kills, and you can often survive a turret dive.
After the lanes you should have like 5 kills and 3 deaths and loads of minions...
The Statik Shiv is a good item for both the crit chance, attack speed and movement speed. All of these are important for this build, and the passive is also great for dealing some extra damage to champs aswell as it makes you a great lane pusher...

Guide Top

Mid game

Now you shoulda already have the dorans blade,berserker greaves and the statik shiv. Now build the phantom dancer, this may sound wierd because when you look at your stats you see the great lack of AD. But you deal quite some damage anyways... With your rage filled up you will have 100 % crit chance with the phantom dancer and statik shiv. And it takes lots of AD to double your damage like the 100 % crit chance does. When you have the phantom dancer go straigth for the infinity edge.
The infinity edge will give you the extra crit damage, and the AD you need.
I suggest getting rid of the Dorans Blade when you are buying the BF-Sword because your bags will be all filed up. As soon as you have these items in your bag. Berserker Greaves- Statik Shiv- Phantom Dancer-Infinity Edge, you will have loads of damage. Your burst damge is so high that you can kill anyone within your ulti time.

Guide Top

Late game

Now you will be able to deal some pretty sweet slaying... You might even be able to go in a 1v2 fight and come out with the double kill alone. Now you can choose almost any item you like to fill up the 2 free slots. I suggest a maw of maltorius because it gives you some magic resist, and it actually gives you loads of AD when you are at 1 hp in your ulti.. It grants AD per 2,5 hp you lack or something. So its pretty nice for tryndamere.
For the second item you could go with a Ravenous Hydra to land the penta kills. Or a blood thirster for the extra 1v1 damage.

Guide Top

Pushing lanes and downing turrets like a true slayer

While you run the lanes, all you need to do is spin over the minions and the statik shiv will do the rest... A pack of minions is killed quickly. When it comes to the turrets you can take them down faster than most other champs. Your attack speed is almost at 2.0 and you take them down pretty fast. Another factor in this, is that you are actually great at soloing turrets because of your ulti.
You can see the inhibitor turret is on 50 % hp, and then you can run all the way up to it with your movement speed. And solo the turret, and you might even take the inhib before the enemies are able to recall and focus you. Keep hitting tower or inhib until you die, waste your ulti for this. Getting down a inhib is worth a death.

Guide Top

Team Work

Is not tryndameres way...
You are able to 1v5.. so why should you put your life in the trust of some polski noobs?
Go solo whenever you can.

Guide Top


Follow this guide and realise your dreams... I know it looks fun.. And it is...
And BTW if you only want the large amount of kills and 0 deaths... Just dont play stupid and do lots of foolish ****. For *******... you can always pop ulti, spin away and run with your 430 movement speed away from everyone, and never die. With this tactics, you wont be able to break the 100 kills in one game records of mine...


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