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Tryndamere Build Guide by The Teddy Bear

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Teddy Bear

Slice, Slice, YOURE DEAD.... True Story

The Teddy Bear Last updated on October 24, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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Hey guys this is my build on Tryndamere, The Barbarian King. This build focuses on just a ton of crit and a ton of damage while criting. This build is NOT the best build that is out there and this is just what if find that works, so please I am human and I make mistakes and I am very open minded to construtive critism.

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What I find that works for masteries is a 21/9/0 tree. And I choose the defensive masteries over the utility ones is for the beginning of the game where this build (and most other ones for tryndamere) tends to suffer and he can get a little defense to keep him going on the lane just a little longer so he can farm those minions and kill those champs.

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For my runes I put:

Greater Mark of Furorx9

Greater Seal of Malicex9

Greater Glyph of Furorx9

Greater Quintessence of Furorx3

All this crit damage = Bing, Bang, Boom, Dead..... HAHAHAHA

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Okay so here it is, 2 Phantom Dancers, 1 Infinity Edge, 2 Blood Thirsters, 1 The Black Cleaver. The two Phantom Dancers cover your speed for the game so around 423 movement speed so you dont need to buy any boots (and the attack speed and crit chance is a extra bonus), Infinity Edge has an amazing AD boost and some crit chance along with and amazing passive which is the reason I have dealt around 1402 damage to a squishy and 1000 to 1100 damage to a tank (or 700 to 900 depending on their armor) the Blood Thirsters have great AD and you'll be able to kill minions in one hit by then so you have no problem with the passive. As for The Black Cleaver, Not bad AD and AS but the reason buy it is for the passive. It is great for those pesky tanks where nothing seems to hurt them. It lowers their armor by 15 three times for 5 seconds so that you can do just that more damage. This build will have you defeating champ after champ in one v. one battles if they dare come near you.

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Summoner Spells

exaustA lot of people say, "Why choose exaust if you already have Mocking shout?" Well what I find helpful is that if mocking shout if on cool down or if they happen to be facing you and just so happen to time it wrong that exaust comes in handy. Although Flash is also a good choice.

Ignite is great for those other AD carries that are just as good as you (in that small chance) or that are just getting away barely even with the help of your Mocking Shout and Exaust.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence. I prefer to max out my BloodLust ability for some great damage and to heal my self fairly often which comes in handy when guarding a turret and there is a bajillion minions. Second, I like to max out Spinning Slash for catching up/escaping and for some of that damage in the beginning. I get Mocking Shout in the beginning for catching up to people who are getting away and help lower the attack against other AD carries. As for Undying Rage, get whenever you can (levels 6, 11, and 16 in case you are a beginner) and also, DO NOT FORGET TO USE THIS, this is what basically makes Tryndamere known and also make sure that you dont for get to use the BloodLust stacks after your done with the battle.

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Pros / Cons


Amazing damage output
Is built for killing
He is a Barbarian
He has one big-*** sword


Is extremely bad early game
Has a lot of expensive items
You have to be patient with this build

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Creeping / Jungling

I only jungle with Tryndamere when I'm low on health. When I have my Blood Thirsters and you have some low health just go into the jungle and build up your BloodLust stacks (your life steal helps of course) and gain health then back to the Fields of Justice to feed your hunger for blood. Also a tip if you are in the jungle and are trying to escape from three enemy champs, use the Baron/Dragon walls to get through using Spinning Slash and use a thin tree wall also works tremendously well for escaping.

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Early Game

Using Tryndamere early game is fairly hard since he extremely reliable on his critil strike chance, which he dosen't have a lot of early game. And try to get the last hit on every minions you see sice you need lots of money and Exp. Points to move up and don't back and be one of those Trydamere's who is 0/11/2 by the end of the game (which I've seen by the way) and epicly fail the whole build. It also helps in the beginning to ask your lane partner to help protect you in the beginning so you can farm minions and just not die(duh). If you are having trouble and are dying somewhat frequently, I suggest going for the Berserker's Greaves to get you started off better.And last of all, DON'T GET GREEDY WITH HIM do not go for the turret dive for a kill it is not worth it and you are not a tank with a lot of armor! I have seen so many Trynd's blow their whole game because of this reason.

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Mid Game

You should have your 2 Phantom Dancers to your Infinity Edge by now and have enough crit to get one close to every other attack. Kill every minion you see! You need the money and the experience to keep going and domionate! And even now that you are about level 12 to 15 you still should not turret dive!

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Late Game

Alright now that you are level 18 you can make turret dives that you know you can do. Even if you die once from this it won't affect you game to much where you are at right now. You should have(or be close to) gettting your last Blood Thirster and on to your Black Cleaver. If you are having problems with tanks who are building Thornmails and other Armor items you can buy The Black Cleaver before your Blood Thirsters if you are having to many big problems. One more thing for late game, you will get focused by 2 or more champs if you have become majorly OP (which is very likely), so ask a tank on your team(if you have one:P) and tell them to try to make them focus them and while they are hacking away on your tank you are slicing away on them picking them off one at a time.

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This is my conclusion to my build on The Barbarian King and I hope you enjoyed it. And I'm still new to making these things and haven't had the time to figure out how to put in pics so if someone could message me how I will go and put some pics in but in the meantime, like I said earlier I am open to constuctive critism and will make changes. So thank you for coming to check out my build on Tryndamere!

9/19/11 made changes to items.
Berserker's Greaves added

10/24/11 added icons and pictures