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Vi Build Guide by Smartest2

Jungle platinum

Smartest2's Diamond Guide to Carrying Solo Queue With Vi

By Smartest2 | Updated on March 28, 2020
88 Votes
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beautylove | October 31, 2018 1:54pm
I really want to do this build but you know what they say about 2 phages right?
Is TF and BC really worth doing?
Draktar in BC's place does not get any better?
Smartest2 | November 2, 2018 8:57am
Hey beautylove, it is definitely a little less gold efficient to get both phage items, since the movement speed passives don't stack. However, the reason you get BC is to burn through larger amounts of armor, and the reason you get triforce is for the amount of damage it gives you. If you'd rather build a different damage item, I'd swap the trinity not the black cleaver. Black Cleaver just stacks too well with vi's w, you blow up any tank. The big con of trinity is that it's expensive, but it will give you the biggest damage spike out of all items from the 200%AD sheen proc alone. I'd recommend sterak's over both yomuus/duskblade, the offensive stats you gain from it with the massive shield and flat hp just make it too good of an item for bruisers right now. You don't really need the lethality on Vi. Think about why Irelia/Jax are so scary late game, vs a squishy ezreal with triforce. Beefy + damage scales really really well.
Moijn | October 11, 2016 1:11pm
Really cool build, does tons of damage. Just 1 question. Is it worth it to swap your Stalkers Blade - Warrior for Youmuu's Ghostblade in the lategame? (If you are full build ofcourse.)
Smartest2 | November 1, 2016 6:45pm
Hey Mojin sorry for the late reply! You definitely can, it's really a case by case scenario. Sometimes the slow can be useful, and sometimes yommuuus is nicer. They both give good stats. You may even consider a frozen mallet or LW instead. Just try and gauge what would help you win! you may even pick up another tank item!
TooTallFor69 | September 8, 2016 11:45am
What are your thoughts on strength of ages for a mastery? I know that obviously tlords gives more burst, but SoA gives you some bonus health while you are building damage items. Just curious what your thoughts are, thank you
Smartest2 | September 11, 2016 3:30pm
Hey TooFallFor69 sorry for the late reply! Vi is in a place right now where she can be very tanky and dish out lots of damage. But there are primarily 2 ways to play her. Either you go burst off-tank, or you just gank 24/7 and go primarily tank. You need at least 6 points in the cunning tree for Runic Affinity. Due to the way masteries are currently set up, it's better to just put 12 in one tree and 18 in other, so you end up putting at least 12 into cunning and take dangerous game. Now the main reason I take Thunderlord's Decree is that I like to gain the extra attack speed from Fury, and I like the 8% damage increase you end up with due to Double Edged Sword + Bounty Hunter. Keep in mind that I also have a very offence based playstyle. If you take 18 points into Resolve and pick up SoA, you only really gain some extra armor and magic resist, and a bit of extra health (~+350 total after stacks). This will reduce both your early game clear time, as well as reduce your overall damage output. However if you plan on going full tank Vi, that would be a good mastery tree line to go. I hope that answers your question somewhat. Feel free to ask about anything else!
TooTallFor69 | September 11, 2016 9:59pm
That doesn't "somewhat" answer my question. It fully answers it and I really appreciate you not only getting back to me quickly, but also writing a detailed response. Also, even though this guide does contain a giant body of text, it's 100% worth reading through. I've learned SO much from this guide. It has not only immensely improved my jungling(especially early game and clear) but it has helped me improve my overall game/map awareness as well. And since Vi has been one of my most played champions for about two seasons, so I'm a little judgmental about Vi builds. I have had "my build" for a long time, which typically consisted of an early hexdrinker(subbed for a later game steraks if no ap), then triforce and full tank, and I learned that squishies were cake but tanks were not and I COULD carry, but it was incredibly difficult at times. But with this build tanks are practically squishies, carries still go splat, and you have huge carry "potential"(but really you're gonna HAVE to carry those scrubs.) Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you and this guide, and thank you so much for making me a better player.

I apologize for rambling so much, I'll get into the important stuff now.

What are your thoughts on after the guardian angel passive is used? Do you keep or sell? And if sell, then what should you pick up? Also, I'm curious if zz'rot would be a viable item once the GA passive is gone, since it gives same-ish stats and a nice active

Do you think selling your boots in the super late game is a good idea?
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