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Jax Build Guide by Cheezdealer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cheezdealer

So I heard you missed carrying as jax...

Cheezdealer Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction/About the changes.

Hello. I am known as Cheezdealer. As many know, Jax has just got remade. Some are confused, as to what to do now, well, i'm About to show you.

Any good Jax player before his remake would know, that AP was where it was at. every one of his abilities had an AP ratio. however, this is not the case now.

As with the new Counter Strike, comes many other changes, his Counter Strike no longer has an AP ratio, but rather an AD ratio, and a damn good one at that. 0.8 of the bonus AD, plus 10/15/20/25/30 per dodge. Now to some, (including me at first), this may not seem like alot of extra damage from dodging attacks, but you would be surprised. At rank 1 of his Counter strike, when laning, lets say you can get all 6 minions, plus the champion, to attack you while you are able to dodge. WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Thats an extra 70 damage, added on to the base 40, and you have 110 damage + a stun, NOT including the Probable leap strike you did before, and if it was empowered or not. DO REMEMBER THOUGH, that there is armor and MR still, though at that level, most champions dont have insane defence stats.

Another new change, His passive is completely gone, and replaced with a less potent version of his old ultimate attack speed buff. Once again, I, (and most likely many others at first), thought jax was nerfed to oblivion when we saw that. This is the reason why AP began to become so popular, because building your AP up is so cheap compared to AD. Now however, its gone, but you have an attack speed buff at level 1! Which is why I have the masteries and runes that I do, which I will explain later.

One last thing that was changed, His Ultimate active no longer gives him magic resistance from dodge, but instead gives him 25/45/65 Attack Damage and Ability power for 6 seconds. This scales off of 20% of each AD and AP. Mid to Late game, this is a HUGE increase, especially with this build.

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So, Why did I pick the runes that I did? well its simple. Jax now has an attack speed buff from level 1, and does not have to wait until level 6 to get it, its the perfect opportunity to build AD! Which is why I go with my AD marks and quints, to fully maximise the power of this blessing.

As for the defensive, Flat armor is good to have early game, basic attacks can be a ***** sometimes, especially with someone like Caitlyn to lane against. So its good to have that extra bit of armor early in the beginning, to lessen the threat of being over harrased.

For the MR per level, These are overall good glyphs, that every good summoner should have. It provides a good boost of defence later game, and even mid game.

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For my masteries, I pick mainly defensive tree to make it feel like your playing the older Jax again, with the health buff to your maximum health, this thrives with warmogs and Jax's new and improved base health.

Since this jax build is AD, and focuses around getting fed early on, I felt that the excess mastery points were needed in the offensive section. It gives him a little more AD early on, and some armor pen, which lets him really hit hard when he comes in guns blazing at early levels.

If you felt it necessary, you could always go 21/6/3. This does work, and I have tried it, and I like it. But being extra tanky is good.

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There is not too much to say about the items I chose, other than the fact that, well, its AD.

With AD, although you may not be able to hit as hard with your third strike, or your empower, you WILL hit harder with your leap strike, and your counter strike, and with attack speed, you will be able to PROCyour ultimate faster.

At first, I couldn't see myself playing AD Fax, but I learned that it goes well with all of his abilities. Like I said, you may not do as much damage with your ult or empower, but with attack speed/attack damage, you can; A: Proc your ultimate faster. and B: perform a double strike within less than a quarter of a second with empower. Not all is lost, heck, even some gained.

The key thing to Jax though, is the ability to steal life, this comes in handy, no matter what build you are using, either AD or AP. Lifesteal/Spellvamp is a MUST on Jax, which is why i have that Bloodthirster. Not only is it the most AD potent item in the game when fully stacked, but it also gives a quarter of your damage as health returned.

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Why did I choose these items this way?

Well, this speaks somewhat for it, as you can see, my first 3 games, I didnt do to swell, this is because those were my first 3 games as the new jax. In which I tried with my old build. This obviously didnt work, so I then proceeded to play as AD, and this is the outcome.

The build given can be manipulated in many ways. You can build your zeal after your boots, which will give you a nice attack speed bonus for basic attacks, and especially to get your third strike in from your ulty.

You can also rush a bloodthirster, which I would recommend if you get fed enough. The current build up recommends a zeal first, because thats how I play it safe when I use this build.

My boot choice reflects the fact that Jax is already great against AD carrys, especially Vayne, Master Yi, and most importantly to most players, Tryndamere. if jax can pull off his Counter Strike correctly against a fearsome foe like that, well he can utterly shut down Tryndamere.

Keep in mind, The above build is just what I would consider to be ideal for someone trying it. once you get better acquainted with it, you can start mixing and matching items. (especially if you are new to League of Legends.) For example, I put atmas before Infinity edge, but Infinity edge before Warmogs. This is because with this patch, they increased his base HP by alot. By level 18 he would have over 2000 health, (Around 2200 I believe) Which would give him around 40 AD, 45 armor, and 18% critical strike chance. This extra crit chance should be put to use in my mind though, which is why I build Infinity Edge right after the Atmas. The Warmogs at the end is to give him the feel of being that "Tanky, yet very bursty" Jax feel.

For me, I believe it is important to not get another phantom dancer. There are alot of AD champs that shine when they get double phantoms, like vayne, or yi, but jax is not one of them. Champoins like Vayne and Yi rely on their movement speed to catch up to their prey, where as Jax has a very low cooldown gap closer, and with one phantom dancer, he has more than enough movement speed to keep up with most champions.

Long story short, IF you feel that an item should be in a different place, and you feel that you would do better with that item, go ahead! This build is not restricted to this exact sequence, this is just primarily what I have used, and what I have carried with.

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Summoner Spells

Not much can be said about the summoner spells wanted for jax, but I usually use Flash and Ignite. Flash can be used for many things, but it is especially good on Jax, being able to activate your Counter strike, flashing, and THEN leaping onto the enemy is a huge gap closer.

Ignite is overall a good summoner spell, able to shred someone down, or prevent them from healing nearly as much.

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Gameplay -Early Game

Playing with this build early game, is pretty straightforward. You want to try and be in a lane against the enemy AD carry(s), because you can really screw them up with your counter strike.

Begin the game with your boots and 3 health Pots, and continue to your lane, if someone needs help, help them, don't stay focused on your lane before minions spawn.

The great thing about the new jax is if you know someone is in a bush, hit your e before you get into the bush, and waltz right in there. So long as you know that there arent 5 of them in there, always be sure of that, and as long as you are backed up by a team mate or two.


The great thing about the new jax is that creeping has never been easier. Take care, but dont hesitate to get your stacks up on your passive, and start last hitting everything, while trying to keep the attack speed buff. Wait until level 2 to really start harassing, or even killing, getting leapstrike is very key, without it, you have no escape tactic, or no gap closure.

If no one is in the lane, feel free to empower to last hit. Jax haa quite good base mana regen rate, and although empower was raised in mana cost, it is still a very cheap, but very usefull skill.

REMEMBER THIS: The new Jax blows alot more mana than before, dont constantly spam your empower + Leap strike, otherwise you WILL run out of mana, and you WILL pay for your stupidity. Just sit back and creep, dont get too over confident unless you KNOW that you can do your combo and finish him off. (Activate Counter strike, Empowered Leap Strike, hit as many times as possible.)

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Gameplay - Mid/Late Game

With this build, you will notice right after you get your first AD oriented item, (bloodthirster, Infinity edge) that you will be doing alot more damage. And slowly, you will start feeling like you were the good ol' Jax again. your sustained burst will increase, and your natural tankyness plus the runes and masteries will kick in.

Teamfights will start, make sure that you DONT initiate, though you are tankier than most carries, YOU ARE NOT A TANK. Let another initiator do that, and after they are all caught up in the fight, (or after a second or two) activate your ultimate, and your counter strike, and make a GIANT LEAP OF FAITH into some enemy face. Proceed to proc your empower and jump around them. As long as you have been doing this right so far, I GARENtee you a kill, if not more. Your stun will $^#& them up good. if you can stun 3 of them, you have most likely secured your team the battle. (Maybe not the match, but at least you won this time... eh?)

Its times like this where its good to have maxed out your counter strike first, the decreased cooldown time will make it so if people start running away, they wont get far.

Wards are a key thing, and with this build, you mostly always have an open slot. So do your team a favor, do YOURSELF a favor, by placing wards. Because remember, Jax CAN jump on wards, or other things like Heimers turrets, or Shaco's Jack in the Box. This will save your *** more than you think.

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Pros / Cons


Great sustained damage
Fast attack speed to proc ulty
synergizes well with leap and counter strike
Getting close to 4k health when using warmogs.
Great early game killing power


Does not make use of his AP ratios sadly, (cannot hit as hard with empower and third strike)
lacking super nuke burst (like old jax used to do)
Lacks the ease of healing half health with spell vamp. (which I used to always do)

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Creeping / Jungling

When you find yourself in a lane, and theres no one around, GO AHEAD! its okay to quickly farm some fast gold with empower. The mana cost has increased by a third, but its still somewhat cheap of a spell to use, especially to last hit, or proc your third strike faster.

As for jungling, I will be making another build shortly after this one is done, and it will be focused on jungling with Jax.

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As you can see, AD jax isnt that bad after all!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have fun playing your brand new AD Jax!