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League of Legends Build Guide Author 49Jews


49Jews Last updated on October 3, 2012
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Twitch + Taric


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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Twitch is without a doubt the heaviest early game damage. He takes practice but once you get used to his play style you'll not only be able to 2v1 your bot lane and with practice you can easily 3v2 and potentially 4v2, you can also snowball hard enough to deny mid/jungle/support/ad carry based on the route you choose. This play style is aggression other wise known as BALLS DEEP ^_^. If you are a passive farmer this guide is not for you. Your job as this twitch is to not only roam but continue denying your lane, picking off the enemy jungle, denying mid, and making your team enjoy free elo. I've dominated in games with many platinum players just because of the aggressive play style, it forces 4 man ganks in your lane but with a taric as beefy at the one in this guide its possible to come out positive as long as he stays near you with his aura. I will go in depth show you math and do the theory crafting for you to show you the max deeps you can possibly have... ON TO THE STATS

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You have taric in your lane there is no need for any critical armor, instead you can replace it with damage. The way I play every game.Twitch at level 1 will have 52+17+3 ad. +17ad from runes and +3ad from masteries totaling 72ad at level 1 with a 1.96% crit chance rounded up to 2% (riot rounds up just has diminishing for the biggest difference from a whole number). 4 armor seals and 2 armor glyphs evening out to +7 armor exactly, you only lose 6 armor but getting so much more potential damage and since taric gives you +10 from shatter so early its worth it to let it go for more damage. 7Crit chance glyphs give you +1.96%

Your total stats will be from spawn will be...
AD = 73
Armor = 30
MR = 32
ArmPen = 6

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Your attack damage is 99% of the time going to be higher than your opponent, your goal early game is ensure you have them on their toes, attack them when you will take the least amount of damage from creeps and at the same time hit them during their period of last hitting. What I mean by that is attack them when they try to last hit a creep, positioning is the key here, dont allow yourself to fall to a bad position and get cc'd. the last thing you need is to die in lane for a fail attempt at harassment. After boots buy 2x doran blades, or if you are confident enough to get fed as you roam you can buy 3 doran blades and greaves for heavy dps as you build your way to level 6 for a rediculous burst.

level 6 stats with Twitch + Taric
3 Doran blades, Greaves
121 AD
66.84 Armor

I will not count tarics damage into the equations below just the buffs he'll give twitch.

60base dmg +25 (+0 From ap) and (+13.5 From ad) per stack of deadly venom
Expunge MAX DMG: 291 Not counting the auto attacks needed to stack the poisons
this means that if the enemy allows you to get 6 stacks of poison on them
-taric shatter you might as well ignite then and expunge and follow through because you will kill them if not take 100% control of the lane.

**WATCH FOR VISION WARDS** counter them with another vision keep 1 bush always clear so you can stealth escape or stealth recall with 10 health if needed :D

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Laning with Janna

-Janna makes harassment very easy for twitch for example:
she comes into lane with 20% cdr that means every 8 seconds she can shield you giving expunge up to 75more damage at max stacks, not counting the 50 ad you can benefit from using your ult picking up some nice long range kills.
-twitch is slightly squishier than most other ad champs making janna's kit extremely nice for saving your life or to keeping you at a safe distance for you to nonstop auto attack
-a nice selection of cc to counter champions with hastes and enough to disengage almost all losing fights or giving you enough time to come back and possibly pick someone off for trying to hard in your lane
-the play style of a janna with 20% cdr at level 1 is what makes it capable to 2v3 and 2v4 with proper focus fire and balancing out who needs the most stacks of poison for an easy kill

-auto attack the enemy champion at the same time he tries to last hit
-get 1 more auto attack at the same time janna throws her tornado giving you 2 stacks total
IF KNOCK UP SUCCEEDS = throw a venom cask and use janna shield to expunge auto attack again giving 5 stacks of expunge total then expunge them for 125% (150% if you have 6 stacks) of your current ad a nice chunk of damage for little effort
IF KNOCK UP FAILS = try again later :D but as for now just continue last hitting and attacking the enemy when he last hits

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Laning with Taric

Since you have a taric with you there is no need for armor penetration besides the mastery +6. Taric has 10 armor reduction built into his kit and over time furthers into 30 armor reduction. Not many people know but armor reduction stacks into the negatives, depending on your game whether you get fed or not you can usually have Black Cleaver quite early into the game. giving your total kit around level 9-11 to have 75 armor reduction, Not counting the 10 reduction from exhaust. When you're ganked depending on the situation and cooldowns you have most of the time you can turn and instant burn someones flash using taric shatter ult with twitch's venom cask and expunge

-Taric's ult alone gives you 30/50/70 ad and ap at levels 6,11, and 16.

-Keep in mind that expunge is scaled both on ad and ap. 150% ad and 120% ap
giving twitch a 6 stack damage buff of 45 from ad and 36 from ap.

-Expunge does physical damage so you can see how taric's armor reduction and ult will give you ridiculous damage at 6.

-Both ults together will give twitch:
LEVEL 6: 50ad and 30ap = 111 bonus expunge damage
LEVEL 11: 78ad and 50ap = 177 bonus expunge damage
LEVEL 16: 106ad and 70ap = 243 bonus expunge damage
as you can see those are just stat bonuses based on skills so lets say we added a black cleaver and you're level 11 and taric just has 2 gp 10 items and boots

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Laning with Sona

100% situational based on skill and who you're fighting.
pretty simple just do what you do with taric lol poke once at 3/4 health burst with double ults

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Creeping is easy after 2 doran blades you can auto attack each mage minion in a spawn and throw venom cask and expunge them for the kill. Also taking into account of the aoe of venom cask you can also hit each melee minion twice and expunge them for kills.

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Over all this guide will be continuously added onto as time progresses. I've been playing twitch against 2k elo and its still too easy, his damage is highly underestimated and with a decent support or a duo que support its already gg once you can confidently 2v3 most situations and 2v4 after practice

Feel free to comment on what else you would like to be added ^_^


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