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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pelikins

Solo Que Ranked and Win

Pelikins Last updated on February 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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Pros: Cons


Wins 1v1s
Can harass
Can 2v1 a lane
Great farmer
Great Jungler
Can Carry
Large AoE potential
Constant Slowing
Mitgates all incoming damage except for hard focus


No inherent CC
Often banned in ranked play
Fairly weak before level 6
Survivability dependent upon number of targets
Victories are less rewarding because they call you OP

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This is basically just another spin on the guide done by TheUn4givenRage. I've tweaked his build a bit to my liking. Feel free to adjust it to yours and check out his build by following the link below:

This Morde is considerably higher dps (and hence higher survability) at the cost of slightly longer cds and lower move speed.

I find that when I play morde I do very little chasing as I can get in and lay down my damage to get the kill with out giving time for them to retreat. I also feel that by rushing a FoN, having exhaust, and eventually building a Rylai's- I have plenty of MS advantage without ghost ,MS runes, or utility talents.

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The Changes

If you simply browse the build you may not like the changes I've made. Allow me to explain each change and show you the incredible synergy this build has.

First I will list the changes:

Talents: this is the big one. 21 points in offense instead of 21 points in utility. This really helps morde shine.

Summoner Skills: Exhaust taken over Ghost

Runes: Magic Pen Quints (instead of MS), and Dodge seals (instead of hp/lvl)

Itemization: Abyssal Scepter moved forward in the sequence. Randuins traded for Frozen Heart.

Mace of Spades taken at lvl 2, Creeping Death taken at 4

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Offensive Masteries:

Now lets talk about the utility tree. The utility tree is really the most useful for MANA users. Morde doesn't have the blue stuff, so investing in this tree already limits our options.

I'm VERY opposed to the good hands talent as Morde because you are most likely to die in the early game. The penealty time is so low that the talent has little effect. I die maybe once or twice a game. And its usually before lvl 11. Get talents that make it so you don't die in the first place IMHO.

You only get half the effect of perserverence, which makes it not a great talent to have either and we aren't getting sprint or teleport.

Extra xp is nice but killing players and having more lane presence will more than make up for the talent. The red buff is nice on Morde (there is no doubt) but if you have a jungler they will have it on them more often than not. Getting Golem buff as Morde is a jerk move towards your AP carry or mana thirsty support/tank.

So getting into the utility tree as morde is to waste 14 talent points to get 7 that actually matter. It's really not worth it.

But here's a different option:

Why not buff up Morde's early game (where he is weakest) by boosting his early game output? We buff up his AA damage to the point where Mace of Spades Really hurts a lvl 2 champion and all of a sudden you have lane control. Now instead of a gimpy early game you have them on the run. Plus you get extra gold from more last hits since your AA actually hits decently hard.

We do this through the offense tree.

In addition to our normal mage talents to get down to AK, we continue down the tree to get Armor Pentration, 3 additional AD, 4% AS, 5% additonal damage, and 10 AP when bursting someone down. This makes Mace of Spades very threatening and gives a large amount of shield, allows for more last hits and if they really want to force the issue and fight your AA damage is considerably increased plus you have exhaust with cripple.

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Pretty standard skill sequence here. Only difference is Mace lvl 2 and CD level 4.

Your mace is your friend for shielding and harassing. Keep it on CD to keep your shield up and use Siphon as main harass abiity. Mace of Spades also double dips into Penetrations making it very powerful with offensive masteries.

The damage it deals is based off your melee damage (note: not your AD but the damage you would do with a melee swing which includes the bonus of armor penetration). This damage is then converted into magic damage and is cleaved to multiple targets. So, by getting brute force and sunder you increase your mace damage. Havoc double dips as well as it will deal 5% more base melee damage and then increase that damage by 5% when it turns that into spell damage.

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Magic Penetration and YOU!

You basically are stacking magic pen and survivability with this build. And for good reason. The more MP you have the more beneficial each additional point of MP is to you. This is because MR exponentially decays in effectiveness so the reverse is true for MP. Check the simple formula below.


This is the equation for damage dealt (D) where R is the target's resistance, S is the skills base damage, M is the skill's damage modifier for ability power, P is caster's ability power.

A typical hero will have a base spell resistance of around 35. Let's reduces this resistance by 20. Leaving a resistance of 15.

Assuming S*M*P=1 to look at the amount which is bypassed, originally the hero would only take 74% if the magic damage delt to him. 20 more magic penetration he will now take 87% a 13% difference. Now say Morde invests into spell pen runes providing an additional 19 spell penetration.. He now deals 100% of his base damage to the target (he actually will deal bonus damage because the target has -4 MR). Over 26% more damage.

The trend continues in this fashion and the champion can actually take bonus damage if your penetration surpasses the resistance. Creeps have low spell resistance to begin with, so by getting additional spell pen, Morde can farm that much more effectively and when fighting players around creeps you will be that much more shielded by the damage you do to the players and the creeps.

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Item Purchase Order

This is very similar to Un4givens order. I actually origanlly stole it from him when I first bought Morde.

I start with a regrowth pendent because I spam abilities. I rarely get my shield taken off so really the item just replaces the hp I use to activate abilities. I also get a hp potion just in case I take a turret shot or two or have very heavy harass. It also is nice to have at lvl 1 to get lane control. Many times the enemy will force the issue on Mord to try and keep him from the creeps and stay unshielded. If this is the case and its a fair fight (2v2 or 1v1). Pop it early and get to those creeps. When you are able to hit players and creeps with siphon you can't be stopped when you are just hitting players you can.

My tweaks are to get the AS faster (see Runes for info concerning the importance of Spell Pen with Mord.)

It also is an aura debuff which will help out your AP carry considerably as well.

I also still prefer the Omen over FH. The AS debuff is much higer on active, there are also slowing effects involved. I much prefer it over the Frozen Heart.

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Have fun with Morde. He is easy to play and incredibly powerful. In addition, he is one of the few champ in the game who can both tank and carry. This means you can win ranked games even while you are in ELO hell.

Best of luck! Feel free to comment, vote, and make suggestions.