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Irelia Build Guide by TheMipe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheMipe

Solo Top Irelia, NP just nerf

TheMipe Last updated on September 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi there! Welcome to my Irelia Solo Top guide. I main solo top, so here is a guide of my favorite champion in the top lane.

Irelia is a very funny champion that has a mixture of mobility and sustain damage, a very good duelist and pretty funny to watch her farming with Q.

Her passive makes her one of the best champions to get of CC, wich is very good at the late game stage, with this ability she's an awesome diver/initiator. The hardest part when playing Irelia is her early levels, but she can be very effective at level 4.

This champion works very well against almost all matchups. She can farm under the turret pretty easily and it makes her always good at the mid/late game, just farm up and get the items so that Irelia can Pentakill every fight.

Irelia is most known because of her awesome mid game, she's the best mid game solo top champion. If she snowballs in the early game, at mid game it is very easy to pwn the enemy team.

The perfect jungler for her is an agressive jungle play, she can easily dive de enemy and cc him with her E. This combined with the Jungler's help she pwns top lane.

If you're new with Top Lane Irelia is a very good champ to start.

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This Rune Page is very good trade damage and receive it. As I said before Irelia is a very good duelist and with the runes help she can win almost every trade.

E got Armor Pen. Quins to reck the early armor that the enemy gets, but you can always adopt the Flat AD Quins.

I got Flat AD on marks to have a good trade damage, but if you adopt the Flat AD Quins you can always adopt Attack Speed marks, wich makes her the Queen of the Duels at Early Game.

The Seals and Glyphs need to be always those that I use, if you don't use them, you will get pwned in lane against every matchup.

There are some situations where you need to change the Quins, if you're against Rumble you will need MR Quins to not get recked by his hauting guise/abyssal scpeter/sorc boots build.

Remenber that your damage comes from Auto Attacks so AD or Attack Speed is the priority.

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Summoner Spells

The Summoners spells are the basics. As a Top Laner, Mid laner or AD Carry (some cases) you will use the Ignite/Flash combo.

Flash for scaping from ganks or some vital situations, it can be used to chase the others too, you can always use Flash + Q to get to your enemy.

Ignite it's very important too, it deals damage (at the early levels the damage is very good) and destroys the sustain from your enemies.

Alternatives are Teleport and Ghost. Teleport is pretty good if you have a good communication with your team, you can teleport to bot and Gank, you can split push lanes at late game and it makes you very mobile.

Ghost is an alternative to Flash because it is a better spell to chase than flash, still it's not very good if you're getting ganked. Some Stun or Snare can block you.

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There is not a lot to say about masteries when it comes to Irelia, if you're up to the competetive play just see Wickd owning as Irelia with 9/14/7 page. But you can change it to 9/21/0 if you feel that it works better.

If you're feeling that you're going to own just pick 21/9/0 mastery page and Pentakill every fight.

As I said there is nothing to say about masteries.

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This is one of the most importants chapters in the guide.

The item build is one of the most importants factors to see if you win or not the game and the lane.

Start always with Boots + 3 pots, you can change if you're against Wukong, Renekton or Riven to Cloth Armor + 5 pots.

Your first trip to base is to buy double doran's blade and 2 wards, if you can't get wards, just get 1 blade. WARDS ARE VERY IMPORTANT!!! BUY THEM ALWAYS!!

Farm very well, it isn't a problem as Irelia to farm so farm well to get a lot of gold. Ask for your team to be aware for drake.

Then you'll buy the boots, merc threads are the priority, but if you're getting raped by some olaf, wukong, riven, etc. just bring ninja tabi. If you're already 7/0 just by berserker greaves and pentakill. You have some exceptions when it comes to buy against AP tops like vlad, swain or rumble. buy 3 null magic mantels and make them become merc threads, wits end and GA.

At this point finish tri force and start to build GA to be not afraid of dying in those late game teamfights, your objective in team fights it's to kill the enemy carries and receive all the skills so that they waste their Cool downs on you and you get back with GA.

Build Wits End to get more damage because wits end + hiten style owns the enemy.

Now the build depends on the enemy team, if they have some heavy AD build Frozen Heart or Randuins Omen. If they have a lot of AP damage, build Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil, but if they have a mixture or you're team already has Frozen Heart and Randuins build Warmogs, it makes you very tanky and OP.

Build Bloddthrister, in fact you can build it earlier, like from the wits end, you could change it for BT, but building it now it's not a problem. BT is a very good item to combine with Irelia's Abilities Sustain and it gives her a good amount of Damage.

Do your enemy team have a lot of tanky guys with tons of HP? Build Madrezs Bloodrazor.

If your experient just build what you think is good in those late game items (BT, Warmogs).

There are some tanky items that you can use on irelia: frozen heart, randuins omen, force of nature, banshee's veil, warmogs and Aegis of the Legion.

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Irelia has a lot of ways to farm.

Use the auto attacks to farm as usual but if you can't reach the minions Farm with Q (bladesurge), make sure to get the last hit on the minion so that the cooldown is refreshed.

Your ulti has a very low cooldown wich another ability to farm waves. Use it only when you're low at HP or if you want to push, also just use it when the minions are in a straight line. Find an angle to use and farm the most minions possible with that ulti.

At late game when you're pushing out lanes use your Q, W and Ulti to clear the wave easily. Again make sure that Q gets the last hit to get consecutive minions in less time and it makes a very cool view for the others when you're farming like a ninja.

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At Teamfights make sure that you're tanky and try to fight only when you have GA up so that you can dive without problems.

Playing as Irelia in fights it's juts a matter of having balls to go deep and dive and go 5v1, so that you get all the CC and Cooldowns and your teammates rape them, IMPORTANT! you can rape them too, just own them one by one starting with the squichies a.k.a. damage dealers.

When you're fighting make sure that you have your W alaways up if you can, don't be afraid to waste your skills, just press every Q W E R and fight, oh an a very important tip too, be intelligent when your fighting, don't try to kill something that it's already useless or dead by your teammate or ignite, chase the important thing. Kills Squichies win Fight. But don't let your teammates behind.

To own in team fights you need to farm a lot because irelia its nothing without farm. So FARM FARM FARM!!!

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In conclusion we can say that irelia is one of the safest picks ever and that she is a very good tanky diver champ.

Tri Force And GA makes irelia perfect and she can snowball very well if you know how.

Take your time to learn and practice, be patient and FARM FARM FARM!


So Irelia is the sustain damage ninja champion that Pentakills eveyone, just ask Wickd!

Hope you enjoy it!

Will update it when i find something to change!